Jackie Chan's latest action comedy "Dragon Horse Spirit" is coming to Chicago!

The action comedy "Ride On" will premiere in North America on April 4 (Friday)!
Action comedy "Ride On" is directed and written by Yang Zi, starring Jackie Chan, Wu Jing, Liu Haocun, and Guo Qilin; co-starred by Yu Ailei, Joey Yung, An Zhijie, Xiaoshenyang, Yu Rongguang, and Shi Yanneng."Spirit of the Dragon Horse" brings you not only funny moments, but also a series of wonderful action scenes, which will make you nervous, exciting, happy and excited!
The action comedy "The Spirit of the Dragon Horse" is a sensory feast full of laughter and excitement, plus surprises and adventures!
In the movie, Lao Luo, played by Jackie Chan, wants to train his beloved horse Chitu to become a dragon and tiger martial artist.In the process of "one man, one horse" on the set, it also showed the hardships of the profession of dragon and tiger warriors. They did the most dangerous and difficult moves, just to bring the most exciting visual experience.Jackie Chan, who has been in the industry since he was 8 years old, also has a deeper understanding of Dragon and Tiger martial arts, "This name represents a kind of honor, and it also means that we have to put in more effort than others."
The whole group of actors interpreted the perfect performance with dedication and dedication, and they will also fall into an unprecedented crisis.Only they can overcome all difficulties!Let us step into the theater together to witness the brave and adventurous spirit that the movie wants to express, and see how they end up in the movie.AssociationHow to achieve the most complete victory!
The movie "Dragon Horse Spirit" combines passionate action, funny, and touching plots, allowing the audience to experience the shock of multiple emotions at once!Jackie Chan's veteran martial artist Lao Luo, with a unique original story theme and Jackie Chan's unique performance style, allows the audience to see a brand new interpretation again!
This movie is not only an action comedy, but also a movie about family, friendship, responsibility and courage, which is moving!It will be released in North America soon, and it will be done and cherished.
Today, Well Go USA has once again introduced strong films into the mainstream market of North American theaters. The action comedy "Dragon Horse Spirit" will be accompanied by two superstars, Wu Jing and Wu Jing, and will bring you a wonderful audio-visual feast!The rhythm of the plot is well controlled, and the accuracy makes people feelAdrenaline spikesa feeling of, and the moving soundtrack will definitely make you tense and experience unprecedented movie-watching excitement!
电影Not only the wonderful and funny action scenes of Jackie Chan and Wu Jing, but also the wonderful plot. Jackie Chan and Wu Jing filmed the opponent scenes with tears in their eyes, paying tribute to the spirit of Dragon and Tiger Warrior.In "The Spirit of the Dragon Horse", Jackie Chan and Wu Jing acted in the same frame for the first time. This cooperation is not only surprising, but also emotional.
As representatives of the two generations of dragon and tiger martial artists, they have a deeper understanding of the spirit of dragon and tiger martial artists.During the hands-on scene, Jackie Chan and Wu Jing had tears in their eyes.Jackie Chan said frankly, "Some dialogues really moved us, theseThe dialogue that comes out is actually a process we have experienced before, so when we talk about sadness, there will be tears in our eyes."


OurWhat kind of wonderful cooperation the two actors will have in the movie is really exciting.North America April 4th (Friday) Let us look forward to the release of this movie!

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