Heavy!"Amazon" in Asian supermarkets enters Vegas and each person will give $10 red envelopes!

💥 Energetic strikes ahead!💥



Heavy news!Absolutely reliable!

Today there is a solemn official announcement~

Weee is now available all over the United States!

Safe and delicious

Fresh and healthy

Great value and affordable

Convenient and fast

Never leave homeYou can eat delicious food at home~

Never leave homeYou can enjoy benefits at home~

Weee’s company is absolutely indispensable!

Who are Weee?

The first stop of Chinese life Weee!

Since its establishment in 2015, Weee! has rapidly grown intoNorth America has the most visits and the highest turnoverOf

Asian and Hispanic fresh food e-commerce,

And has completed a total of more than 4 million US dollars in financing,

Currently in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Washington, Houston, Austin, Dallas and Chicago, etc.

Introduce fresh food delivery service,

The nationwide direct mail service was launched in May of this year,

NationalYou can buy Weee's food.

In the next 3 years, Weee! will accelerate its expansion,

The delivery map will be spread across important cities and regions in the United States and Canada,

Provide better service to more new and old customers.

Know everyone's needs best ~ know everyone's stomach best

👏 Hometown food that knows the Chinese stomach best
👏 The most trendy front-line world delicious
👏 The most comprehensive one-stop shopping experience

Weee, founded 6 years ago!

It is already the first choice for Chinese people to buy food from the east and west coasts of the United States.

People don’t want to go to Chinese supermarkets and Asian supermarkets anymore,

Even Xu Jinglei is a user of his family.

(Old Xu ins flop likes)

Weee is now available all over the United States!

Official resource distribution, low price,

Good quality, no reason to return and exchange goods are guaranteed after sale!


💕Weee's heartbeat welfare is coming

Good value It's too hard to stay unmoved

Take you to unlock the "luxury car" posture, come and get exclusive surprises

Keep up with the pace and rush

Full of newcomers $35 off $10

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There are a lot of good things Weee

Today Weee has another wave of "ecstasy" delicacies

Fill your stomach in one go!

Get ready for your trolley and car to follow me!

Foodies!Please stay! ! !

New Products

Regarded as a delicacy by countless foodiesIchiran Ramen.

Everywhere I go, it will trigger a queuing frenzy~

You can eat it at home now!

Ichiran is a ramen shop originating from Japan

Only make one kind of ramen

The store has become a must-visit attraction for tourists to Japan

In 2013, the first overseas branch opened in Hong Kong

Created a continuousLine up for 7 days and 7 nightsGuinness World Records

Longest queue time

need4 hours to eat a bowl of ramen

"Kangxi is Coming" also has a guest saying

In order to eat a bowl of orchids, I made a special trip to Japan

Ichiran Ramen has many celebrity fans

Zhao Wei, Ruby Ruby, Lin Junjie, Zhang ZhilinAre all its hardcore fans

It’s a pity that Ichiran doesn’t have many ramen shops

There is currently no store in the mainland

The U.S. only has stores in New York

Every time I see everyone go to Japan

Only for envy...

However, this time Ichiran "comes" to the United States

 In order for everyone to taste it without going out without queuing 

 Yilan is on saleBag version of ramen 

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Yilan's unique recipe

 1. Rich soup base 

A secret sauce blended with more than XNUMX ingredients

Thick, whitish but not greasy, full of collagen

It's scented before it starts

 2. Special noodles 

Very good taste

You can control the degree of softness and hardness according to your preferences

 3. Yilan Chihong Secret Hot Noodle 

It’s a must-do, it’s invincible when paired with pork bone ramen

Add a variety of materials to mix and reconcile

Only now has the wonderful balance

You can mix it with barbecued pork, eggs or shredded wood ears, green onions

This is a bowl of ramen where you can drink up all the soup

The cooking method is also very simple:

Boil water and cook the noodles over medium heat.Boil hard noodles for 2 minutes, normal cooking for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, soft noodles can be cooked for a while according to your preference.After the noodles are cooked, add the soup sauce bag, stir well, and turn off the heat when the soup boils again.

One rand's unique noodles are soft and elastic

The secret soup is the taste you have never drank anywhere else

Such delicious ramen can now be eaten at home~
Moreover, the certification of so many food bloggers is really super high with the degree of reduction eaten in the store!

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Fan Weixiang Hengyang Braised Powder

↑The happy planet of fans, you can’t miss it ↑

The fan is the homesickness of a Fran

 In the stewed noodles, each vermicelli is white and fat lying in the clear soup

It seems dull, but a large chopsticks can be picked up

Swish into your mouth, every noodle sucked up the full juice

👄Slippy, bouncy👅

It’s savory when you tear it open
Especially after heating, the fragrance is more intense
Mix it with sesame oil in rice noodles.

Brine provides fragrance
The sesame oil makes the rice noodles smoother again
Not only fun, but also full 🔥🔥🔥
Absolutely the taste of Fran's hometown!

The powder of this braised powder is moist powder, it is hard to cook well
It doesn't taste like gum👧🙌
The taste is mainly based on the solid marinated noodles
Mix and eat with peanuts, and occasionally chew one of them is quite fragrant
The capers and dried radish are more sour and spicy.
Those who like braised noodles must try it!

Hengyang Braised Powder

Scan the code to have it instantly

Yuan Xian Spicy Hot Pot Noodles

Needless to say, the taste of the base of Yuan Xian's spicy hot pot noodles
The taste of authentic hot pot base

Don't look at this pouch
It still has the characteristics of strong Sichuan fragrance and spicy bottom taste
Plus the sweet potato flour is flexible
The tendons are smooth and delicious

Vacuum packaging, cooking directly without soaking
More convenient, enjoy the original flavor!
😝The silty Q is soft and glutinous, strong but effortless
It becomes crystal clear and transparent after being fully cooked
Full of spicy and enjoyable soup

Suck it into your mouth
Hot and spicy, soft and waxy, smooth and delicious
It makes people want to stop
If you don’t know what to eat today
Why not have a bowl of simple and delicious hot pot noodles?

Can't stop hot pot powder

Scan the code to have it instantly

MYOJOFlat sauce Nightclub fried noodles

Repeatedly listed as the top ten best instant noodles of the year~
Humanized brewing design,The taste of the sauce is plentiful
I didn’t buy a few more packages and felt a loss~

ThisJapanese MYOJO Yakisoba Noodles in Ippei Sauce
Highlights of the mustard egg yolk flavor
It’s mustard mayonnaise, the stimulus of mustard
Plus the smooth and rich egg yolk
And the nostalgic yakisoba sauce

The packaging alone is very attractive
Each noodle contains 3 packs of seasoning packs
They are powder bag, soy sauce bag, salad dressing bag🙈

Put the powder bag and soy sauce bag in, and finally squeeze the salad dressing
Good-looking, don’t want it, super appetite~😙

Top 10 nightclub fried noodles in the world

Scan the code to have it instantly

⚠️True fragrance warning⚠️

Second wave ~ 88% off snacks


Aroma nuts, fresh preserved fruits, various cakes
Snacks you want
HereAll have😜

Wang Yibo’s endorsement in Iraq is really delicious

Redefining fresh snacks👸

With Laiyifen💫
Inject a "freshness" into your life
Are you ready?Buy with Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo invites you to taste delicious food online

Double happiness

Come and get the same money from brother to Yifen

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Good shop

A variety of small snacks
Come to replenish yourself with energy!
Snacks nuts, dried fruits, dried meat...

And it's all hot styles😻

Adding a shopping cart with your eyes closed will not step on thunder! 👯

Don't get tired of eating too much!

Colorful Best Shop

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As Weee who knows everyone’s stomach best!
Recently, a batch of snacks full of our childhood memories have been put on the shelves!

Big white rabbit toffee

The white rabbit toffee is really not greasy from snacks to most!

Whether it is held in the mouth to let the milk fragrance slowly dissipate,
Still chewing to feel its chewiness and mellow sweetness,

They are all my favorite toffee in my heart ❤

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Pu Ke Zero Net Red Melissa

Mai Li Su is really a snack memory of the post-90s childhood!
The outer layer of fragrant and sweet chocolate is wrapped in crispy maltodextrin filled with vacuum micropores~

"Kaka Kaka" chewing in the mouth is really screaming~
One bite is really hard to stop!

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Cuihong Series

In the minds of many spicy stars,

"Cuihong" has become synonymous with spicy oil!

Their red oil mixed vegetables is simply the savior of the handicapped party!

Cold red oil saliva chicken, red oil chao shou, red oil cold pork ears...
Even boiled vegetables with two spoons of this red oil taste delicious~

There are also dried chili noodles that are necessary to eat hot pot before!
Now I find that everything tastes delicious, such as lo-mei, vegetables, skewers...

Kuaishou Bobo Chicken Seasoning Pack,

Vegetables, meats and soy products are cooked and thrown in ~ lazy love!

It’s really okay to eat every meal~ it's super sensational~

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Famous in the countryBeiding SeriesAlso on shelves!

Retro morning mist green spitting driver

The whole body of morning mist green really looks so comfortable~
All stainless steel material and solid and easy to clean!
Not only is the appearance high, but also the width of the grill can be adjusted, 7-level baking mode can be selected,

There is even a special defrosting and heating function!

It’s so happy to be able to eat hot bread that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside~

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Beiding health pot

The classic of Beiding product classics-health pot!

A collection of beauty and practicality, comes with 9 modes,
Whether it's making soup, stewing bird's nest or making tea and porridge, there are exclusive fire conditions!
Just put the ingredients in, and the pot will warm your heart and stomach~

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Beiding Universal Steaming Stew Pot

This super summer mint light green is also so good!

It integrates 6 functions such as fine stewing, quick steaming, yogurt, disinfection, thawing, and complementary food.

There is even a timing function up to 18 hours,

Comes with dozens of recipes, healthy and delicious, it is a must-have artifact at home!

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Jiang Hudong Same Style Korean BBQ Plate

Realizing barbecue freedom at home depends on it!
It is super convenient to use and clean,

Improved a great sense of happiness in life!

There can be steamed eggs and cheese corn kernels in a circle around the grill plate.
Everyone rushed to eat in the store before,

Now you can get it easily at home!

And has drain hole design

Can avoid eating too much fat

Can be used directly on gas stove/cassette stove

With it, you can eat the same Jiang Hudong at home~

Korean barbecue party together!

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Jiuyang Soymilk Maker

In the domestic soymilk machineCarry the handle—— Joyoung Automatic Soy Milk Maker!

High-speed grinding, plus multi-stage intelligent cooking function,

The finished soy milk tastes really rich and mellow!
AndNo need to filter, You can make an appointment for time and temperature,

It's so convenient!

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Joyoung Noodle Machine

If you love noodles, it’s really great to have a noodle maker at home!
Hand-kneading is prevented throughout the entire process, and the noodles are automatically awakened~

The finished product and traditional hand-rolled noodles have a high degree of reduction,

There are no additives for gluten gluten!
It even has the function of making dumpling wrappers~

Long press the QR code to buy directly, the quantity is limited, and the newcomer will get $10 off

Okay, that's all for today's sharing

Scan the QR code below to add to the order group, which is more cost-effective

Keep paying attention to weee~

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