Just today!Zhou Xingzhe Toronto Station Entry Guide


11/11 Zhou Xingzhe World Tour Toronto Station

⚠️Attention to all⚠️

Zhou Xingzhe world tourToronto Station

only left最后80 tickets

Zhou Xingzhe World Tour Toronto Station

【Notes for viewing performances】

Zhou Xingzhe world tour

Toronto Station

Ticket customer service

Customer Service No. 1

Customer Service No. 2

Customer Service No. 3

🔥Last 80 tickets for sale🔥

Please be patient, the customer service lady will reply one by one

phone call




😊 If it doesn't work, you can call it several times

If the line is busy, it means that someone is vying with you for tickets😺

Show time

Nov. 2022, 11

Theater admission at 6:30pm

The show officially starts at 8:00pm

Performance location

Canada's largest soft-seat performing arts centre

Meridian Hall

1 Front St E,

Toronto, ON M5E 1B2


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