shock!The scariest thing is coming, Amazon launches 1 layoffs plan


According to the latest information from the Wall Street Journal:


On November 11, Amazon launched the largest layoffs of a major technology company this year.On its intranet, employees have said:


“No one is safe”….



Amazon plans to cut 1 jobs

This is the largest round of layoffs in Amazon's history.


In an email to his team, Amazon chief Dave Limp said he was pained by the layoffs.He promised layoff compensation for affected employees who did not find transfer opportunities within the company.


But to many of those who received the email, his comments did not offer much comfort.The way Bezos handles it is neither like Musk nor like Xiao Zha.He was quiet and unfriendly, which was unexpected to employees.


According to Amazon's financial report for the third quarter of the 2022 fiscal year, in the first nine months of this year, Amazon has accumulated a loss of US$9 billion.In the fourth quarter, there will be even greater losses.Under such a business winter, the company has no other choice but to lay off employees to survive.

Many people think that the layoffs of major factories have basically ended.Chances are, however, that this is just the beginning.




Layoff storm spreads across industries


Last week, California's Silicon Valley experienced major layoffs.same underperformingTwitter is saddled with nearly $130 billion in debt.

As a result, Musk has had to repeatedly issue stern warnings that employees must work 80 hours a week and reduce office benefits such as free food.



In addition to the big technology companies in Silicon Valley, they are shrinking their recruits and reducing people.The giants of all walks of life have actually been hit by the recession.

According to CNBC's Nov. 11 news, Disney, the nation's favorite, notified company executives that mass layoffs were about to begin.



Due to the recession and inflation, Disney decided to freeze hiring and cut some jobs in an effort to bring its Disney+ streaming service to profitability.



However, this layoff storm isn't just affecting Disney.


According to reports,The "leaders" of various industries in the United States are laying off workers, including retail giant Walmart, famous bank Citi, and technology industry-related Boeing, AT&T, Oracle, Comcast, Salesforce, and more.



The number of layoffs and recruitment freezes is as high as 10!The latest financial reports of many companies showed huge losses and had to make layoffs and freeze hiring decisions.


Is the United States experiencing the second major shock since 2008?Dear friends, this winter, be sure to take care of your wallet.I hope this tsunami-like recession won't make everyone's life too hard.


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1.1 layoffs!Chinese in the Bay Area urgently set up a mutual aid and self-help group, fast forward!

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