Explore the new store | The team invites you to try it for free!Houston's Liu Yishou is finally open!$30 all-you-can-eat per person


Fire all over the country, popular in North America, the famousChongqing Liu Yishou Hot PotFinally arrived at Monkey Village!!!How could the greedy captain let go of such a good opportunity to visit the store?Immediately send a first-hand shop inspection report~

Remember to watch at the end, there are also fan benefits for the foodie team! 🎁

Liu Yishou's location is in Houston's Chinatown

heartlandDunhuang Square

In-store environment

Upon entering the door,Simple atmosphereThe decoration style won the heart of the team captain!Bright lighting makes people feel happy,

Add a touch of coziness with warm orange seats.

The paper pads under the tableware are also intimate

with various ingredientsbest cooking time.

In this way, you will not be afraid of undercooked or overcooked ingredients.

保证Experience full score!

On each table and beside the table, there is a metal texturemulti-layer vegetable rack.

Also put a hand sanitizer intimately,

extra points for details,clean and hygienic~

There are also two different tables available in the store, one is the same size as the mandarin duck potCauldron.

One isone servingOfSmall hot pot.

However, the table seats for the small hot pot are limited.

If you have special needs,

Remember to tell the staff in the store in advance~

dish price

Liu Yishou Hotpot Houston branch uses

Self-service plus a la cartePattern,

per capita$33You can eat right out of the wall!

Swipe left or right to view the menu

all on the menuunmarked priceDishes

all included inSelf-helpIn the range.

The price marked isSingle Pointdishes~

Friends can order according to their own preferences and appetite.

After all, (whispering with the lid on)

The buffet is enoughAssortment.

It's a bit difficult for the squad leader to choose.

as long as$3.95Also all you can drink.

no matter howThe anti-spicy artifact-Soy milk, plum juice.

or variousfresh juice, can be any point.

Hot pot bottom

Liu Yishou's pot bottom choices can be described as rich, there are eight kinds:

Butter, clear oil, mushroom soup, pork bone soup,

Tomato, pork belly chicken, tom yum goong, old duck soup.

This time, the team leader chose the mandarin duck pot.Spicy Butter+Sour Radish Duck Soup.

The "Q version of calf" butter in the hot pot,

It is definitely a cute burst watch and a camera tool!

The taste is authenticChongqing steamboattaste!

Hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant,Not a single word!

And it will become more and more spicy after eating, the more you eat, the moreEnjoy!

Recommended by the managerSour radish old duck soup pot, the squad leader must be strongly Amway!

"Can drinkthe bottom of the hot pot",

Really amazed the squad leader——

old duckRich and nourishingwith pickled radishSour and spicy.

Not only the soup is delicious, but also the original flavor of the shabu-shabu.

Recommended matchbean productsrinse!Double the deliciousness~


meat dishes

Swipe left or right to see more

Liu Yishou's meat dishesReally superrich

Only you can't think of it, you can't click without you!

The team leader also risked gaining ten pounds this time,

I've tried dozens of them for you!No thunder at all!

 Snowflake Beef & New Zealand Tender Lamb 

The first thing to try is

Hot pot must order-Fat cattle and sheepNow!

The top plate is Snowflake Fat Beef,

The following is New Zealand tender lamb,


Roll it in the butter pan, it's too fragrant!

 Hairy belly 

Hairy bellyIt is also a must-order dish for hot pot!

Liu Yishou's hairy belly didn't know what magic he cast.

Even if it's been hot for a long timeCrispyIncomparable!

 Spicy beef 
What left a deep impression on the captain is alsoSpicy Hand Cut Beef.A must-have for heavy-flavoured stars!

Although there are tips for cooking time,

But it's common to forget the timing when talking with friends about the rise.

Captain is no exception~

No matter how long you cook the spicy hand-cut beef from Liu Yishou's house,

The entrance is still the sameFresh and smooth~


 Smooth pork neck 

pork neck meatmost activea part of

Fleshysoft bomb, fat and thin,

It's really invincible for hot potTender~

 Fried fritters and shrimp slippery 

Fun and delicious!

FrittersAdditionShrimp slipPut the two hot pot tops together,

How can there be a reason why it is not delicious!

 Spicy Bullfrog Legs 

Liu Yishou can still eatBullfrog!really moved to cry

pre-seasoned bullfrog legs,Spicy and fragrantSucculentexquisite.

Low-fat and high-protein is not afraid even if you eat a lot!

 Flavored Beef Tongue 

Beef tongue is also a must for the team leader to eat hot pot.

Liu Yishou's beef tongue was sliced ​​thinly and evenly.

Shabu Shabu is not onlyFreshalsoNot tired~

 Hand cuttlefish balls 

The squad leader himself does not like to eat meatballs (too big!),

But it was still in the hands of Liu.Hand cuttlefish ballsStunned.

HorseshoeThe addition of not only increasedCrunchyTaste,

It makes the whole balls refreshed!

And the meatballs are deliciousless starchOh ~

 milk duck blood 

Fresh thick-cut duck blood, put it in a pot and boil it,

TasteFresh and smooth.Q bomborTaste!Butter pan is perfect~

Cooked snacks

In addition to hot pot products, Liu Yishou also has

There are also a variety of snack skewers,

The taste is also great!

 Black Gold Crispy Pork 

One of the must-order dishes,ChunkyThe crispy meat is sprinkled with gold dust,

Beautiful and delicious!Shabu-shabu dipping dishcan~

(Note that Liu Yishou has two kinds of crispy meat,

Black gold needs a single order, and the country small crispy meat is included in the buffet~)

 Brown sugar glutinous rice cake 

As the saying goes, after eating salty, always have something sweet~

Brown Sugar Ciba is here!

Just look at the pictures to see how great it is

skin friedGolden crisp.

The glutinous rice cake inside is stillSoft and glutinous.

with thickBrown SyrupVery satisfied~


Just forward this articleSend a copyA la carte snacksBrown sugarOh!

 Chongqing ice powder 

Hot pot comes standard!This ice creamToo much material!

sprinkled on topHawthorn slices, raisins, watermelon, winewine.

After eating the spicy hot pot, come full cup, super satisfied!

(Ice powder needs an extra order~)

The above is the whole content of the team leader's visit to the store,

Really tried a lot!

I can't eat more, or I will be injured at work 🤦🏻‍♀️

You are also welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area.

What is your favorite Liu Yishou dish?

Let each other plant grass~

Squad Exclusive Benefits

Food squad pleaseFree hot potLa! 

【🎁Welfare 1】

The team brought Liu one-handed delivery 2 free trial quota,

Comment below this article, and the first two who get likes will get it!

(The article will be closed within one week after the article is issued, and the winner can use it within one month)


【🎁Welfare 2】

Also, just needForward this article to the circle of friends.

In-store consumptionComplimentary one a la carte snack brown sugar glutinous rice cake.

Let's act quickly~


Store information card

🏠 store name

Liu Liuyishou Liu Yishou Hotpot

📍 Address

9889 Bellaire Blvd Suite C-309, Houston, TX 77036

☎️ Phone

(713) 239-0929

⏰ Business hours

Mon-Sun 11:30-23:00

(The kitchen stops taking orders at 22:00)


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