American dumpling battle, which flavor is the king of dumplings?

In addition, Yamibuy, 99 Ranch, Weee, FreshGoGo, Panda Takeaway are also available.

There are also many offline purchase channels, and you can buy it in general Asian supermarkets:Changfa Supermarket, 99 Dahua, New World Supermarket, Great China SupermarketWait…

If you haven't eaten "Zhenwei Dumplings", we must take care of this local treasure pasta that has been repurchased countless times⬇️

Healthy selection of raw materials

As the nationThe first Asian food manufacturer to obtain the international food quality and safety certification ISO 22000:2005 issued by NQA, True taste is the guarantee of product quality.

All products areManufactured by a USDA-approved manufacturer and certified Kosher and Vegan, the whole family can rest assured to eat!

Easy to make and varied flavors

true taste

When it comes to Zhenwei, we have to mention its best-selling dumpling wrappers.

The dough is thick and smooth, not easy to break, even a novice can easily make all kinds of dumplings or siu mai.

In addition to dumpling wrappers, Zhaijia can perfectly make noodles with various flavors.

Whole egg wonton thick noodles are suitable for fried noodles, super-grade egg noodles for Hong Kong-style fried noodles, and instant oil noodles for fast-food instant noodles, a must for office workers!

Since then, the real taste is in hand, and there is no need to worry about cooking anymore.

More than 30 years of local Chinese brands

Since its establishment in Chinatown, New York 30 years ago, Twin Marquis has gradually become the most respected Asian food brand in the United States through strict quality control.

Play all kinds of noodles at home, and you can eat the taste from your hometown even when you are overseas, so as to comfort your Chinese stomach.

What to eat tonight, Zhenwei will help you decide

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