New York Treasure Dessert, No. XNUMX in Unlimited Repurchase! Have a high-profile afternoon tea at home

The weather is getting hotter

It’s time to put on a nice little skirt and have a beautiful afternoon tea~

What is the most important thing about afternoon tea?

Of course it is dessert!

(Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash)

Cheesecake, tender peach

Chinese desserts, sweet drinks

There are so many afternoon teas [essential food]

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Love Me Sweet

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Love Me Sweet from Canada is the handle of Japanese cheesecake.

Double Matcha CheesecakeThe milky aroma has a strong tea aroma, moderate sweetness, and a slight salty taste of cheese and the bitterness of matcha.

Oreo Double CheesecakeA touch of crispness is added to the creamy and silky texture.The sweetness has the slight bitterness of chocolate, and the milky fragrance has the unique chocolate bitterness of Oreo cookies.The taste is rich, sweet but not greasy.

Original Japanese Double Cheesecake, One bite, delicate taste, rich cheese and milky aroma, sweet and salty, like eating cheese on an empty mouth.

NewSea salt milk cheesecakeIt has captured the hearts of many dessert lovers!

The rich milky aroma and soft texture of the cheese cheese, coupled with the fluffy French vanilla sponge cake and the delicate and light Chanteca sea salt cream, the salty taste of the sea salt better brings out the sweetness of the cake~

and alsoOriginal TiramisuCan't miss it either.Tiramisu has a delicate and mellow taste and melts in the mouth.On the basis of the rum aroma, a touch of cheese is added.The top is densely covered with cocoa powder, bringing a slightly bitter, rich chocolate aroma.

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"Peach" you like

Summer starts with the smell of peaches

Weee!'s White PeachIs the first darling of summer

I got a heavy hand, round and cute

Peel off the thin skin,

A matte and tender fragrance immediately radiated

Take a bite,

The rich sweet scent filled the mouth, and the juice dripped down his arms.The delicate, white flesh melts as soon as you sip in the mouth

这 是"Taste like melted butter"

The peaches are still crispy when you get them, remember to let them soften before eating~

(Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash)

Flat peaches eaten by the Queen Mother.

You can eat it in the U.S. too!

Grew up in California's bright sunshine, and then carefully selected and delivered to hands.Each flat peach is shy pink, full and round, and cute and fluffy~

Peel off the pink skin, it is the crystal clear and white flesh.

Take a bite and the sweet peach juice flows into your mouth,

The mouth is full of rich sweet aroma~

Yuanji Forest White Peach Flavor Sparkling WaterBrings the summer peach bomb: every bite is the gentle and sweet fragrance of peaches, and the fine bubbles explode in the mouth, fresh and refreshing, like a bite of an iced peach.More importantly, 0 calories without sugar!I won’t get fat if I drink much~

The same brand also launchedYuanqi Forest Burning Tea Peach Oolong Tea, The sweet peach scent and the slightly astringent tea scent are blended together to make this cupSugar-free 0 cardsThe peach oolong has a refreshing fragrance and a sweet aftertaste.

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Chinese time-honored brand knowledge and taste

Zhiweiguan is a century-old brand in Hangzhou. It was originally created by Sun Yizhai. He also inscribed the phrase “stop by knowing the smell, get off the horse after smelling the fragrance” and named it.

Today's Zhiweiguan is not only a restaurant, but also offers a lot of fast food, snacks and drinks.You can also buy more than a dozen kinds of [Zhi Wei Guan Wei Er] from Weee! in the United States.

Let's take a look at this firstBlood Glutinous Eight Treasure RiceIt can be eaten after opening the bag and steaming in the water for a while. The eight-treasure rice made with blood glutinous rice has a nutty milky flavor, and the texture is soft and sticky and chewy.The sweetness of the eight-treasure rice is just right, the bean paste inside is delicate and soft, and the bean flavor is rich.

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

Look at this againGreen Tea Stuffed Longjing Pastry, Is a major specialty of Hangzhou.The taste is crispy and fragrant, and it melts in one sip.Not sweet but full of green tea aroma.

and alsoMa Xin Youth LeagueThe skin made of wormwood is fragrant and glutinous, and the fragrance is tempting; the sesame seed filling wrapped in it has a thick fat fragrance.It's like a large thick-skinned sesame dumpling with a wormwood flavor.

Finally his homeJade lotus paste flavored egg yolk cakeDon't miss it: The puff pastry has a light milky fragrance, the lotus seed paste is dense and sweet, and the egg yolk is a fat bomb. It is a big oily and shiny ~ with distinct layers and fragrance on the lips and teeth.

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)

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Beijing's old brand Arctic Ocean

It’s not the high temperature that brings the city into the summer

But when people open a bottle of soda

🍹🍹 That sweet scream~~~~~

Speaking of the Arctic Ocean, it has long been deeply rooted in daily life

👭💏 that sweet orange smell

Is a lingering childhood memory

Now, Arctic Ocean has launched multiple flavors

Red wine, passion fruit, lemon

Strawberry Fruity Soda Soda...



The bubbles are full and it tastes very refreshing

Passion fruit has a very sweet aroma;

The smell of red wine brings the illusion of drinking champagne;

Original soda soda is suitable for people who do not like to drink Mercury:

Dense bubbles dance on the tip of the tongue

Give a mouthful and return to Gan

It will make you fall in love with drinking water~

Wouldn't you have a glass of the Arctic Ocean in the hot summer?

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Weee! Who is it?

We Are Weee!

Weee!, the first stop of Huasheng Fresh Food, since its establishment in 2015, has rapidly grown into the largest and fastest growing Asian fresh food e-commerce in the North American market, and a leader in the industry. In 2019, Weee! delivered home delivery 7 days a week in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, becoming the first Asian fresh food e-commerce company with "Next Day Delivery" in North America. At the end of 2019, Weee! successfully landed in Los Angeles and became the first choice for Chinese grocery shopping in the Los Angeles area in just 3 months. 🥬

Weee! has now become the most visited Asian fresh food e-commerce company in North America with the highest turnover, and has completed financing of more than 3 million US dollars.In the next three years, Weee! will accelerate its expansion, and its delivery map will spread across the 3 most important metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada.

To sum up, Weee! is the largest Chinese life fresh e-commerce platform in North America!

Place an order at Weee!, and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to your home the next day!

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A variety of Chinese delicacies, Internet celebrity products from all over the world

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All kinds of delicacies are delivered by air from all over the world to feed you~

Whether it is freshness or cost-effectiveness, they are all leveraged!

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