Southern Milk Roasted Chicken, Sweet and Sour Five Willow Fried Eggs, Secret Pork Hand Lo Mee...the favorite Cantonese taste of the old glutton can also be eaten in Los Angeles

The most amazing thing in Los Angeles,

Probably this city,

You can always taste the good taste from across the ocean.

At the beginning of Hua Deng, I asked again every day,

What are we eating today?

They all talk about private kitchen side dishes, welcoming guests behind closed doors,

But Xiangji’s private kitchen,

Gives the gluttons more opportunities,

Yipin authentic Cantonese taste.

Cheung Kee


Private dishes


Delicious and delicious


The smell of wine is not afraid of the deep alley,

No, Tuantuan and friends,

Because of the recommendation of a hardcore foodie friend,

I came here especially, although it looksUnremarkable,

But those who concentrate on making traditional Guangdong cuisine:

【Xiang Kee Private Kitchen】

Neat and clean environment, the smell of food,

For todayPlanting grass experience,are you ready?

  Spicy Leek and Pig Red Soup  

As the saying goes,

Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy~

So today’s private kitchen experience,

Start with this bowl of smooth leek and pig red soup

Cheung Kee’s pig blood is tooTenderNow!

I actually feel like eating tofu flowers,

The soup is full of leek aroma~

The air is so bad recently,

A bowl of pig blood soup for removing dust is too satisfying!

  Signature Southern Milk Roasted Chicken  

Cheung Kee’s signature Southern Milk Roasted Chicken,

The aroma came over as soon as it was on the table.

The color of the chicken skin is golden andEspecially crisp.

Specially select yellow-feather chicken with full gravy and tender meat.

Bite the crispy chicken skin,
Chicken outSeductive juice.

Very tasty!Just salty.

If you give me a good show now,

I can eat slowly all night~hehe~

  Sweet and Sour Five Willow Fried Egg  

You must try the sweet and sour fried eggs with five willows!

The edges of the egg whites are friedCrispy.

The burnt scent makes people enjoy it~

The sweet and sour sauce penetrates from the burnt honeycomb edge,

Inside isFlowing Egg, The egg yolk will flow out after you squeeze it!

Just take a bite and trust your taste buds,

You will be conquered by this secret good taste immediately!

  Bamboo Floating Skin Pot  

Bamboo Floating Skin Shao Cai Claypot is a very classic Cantonese cuisine.

There are pork liver, cabbage, fish balls, fried pork skin,

The smooth bamboo sticks, the elastic floating skin,

The liver is not fishy at all, butVery tender and fragrant.

A pot full of ingredients,

Sucked enoughThe broth is delicious.

It tastes soft and delicious,

It's definitely warm heart and stomach~

  Fried Stuffed Peppers  

Fried stuffed pepper is definitely one,

Cooking that the novices in the kitchen can't reach,

Wrapped in thick fleshy green peppers,

Specially seasonedFresh pork filling.

It’s not very spicy, but the aroma of green pepper and sharp pepper,

It will definitely make you unable to stop one bite at a time!

  Flavored pork ribs baked in tin foil  

Compared to the grilled ribs thrown directly on the baking tray,

This tin foil grilled ribs is more meatyFresh.

More meatyStrong, The moment the tin foil is opened,

The aroma rushed out!

Especially potatoes, potatoes absorb the aroma of ribs,

You can eat a small oneRich taste.

It becomes very tasty after roasting+frying+frying,

A bite of soft potatoes is so delicious~

  Secret Pork Hand Loo Noodle  

First of all, the weight must be emphasized!

The pig hand gave too much!A bowl full!

And cooked very wellSoft wax.

Every bite is soft skin and tendons.

The salty and sweetness is just right, the aroma will not disappear for a long time at your fingertips~

  Prawns with Salt and Pepper  

Salt and pepper prawns crisp to the bone,

Still that sentence, the weight is too touching!

Add Xiangji's special salt and pepper to taste,

Shrimp shellCrunchy.

ShrimpFresh elastic teeth.

Just smell the aroma and cry!

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🏡 Xiangji Private Kitchen Address:

644 W Garvey Ave

Monterey Park CA 91754 

(Next to Sham Tseng Roast Meat)

☎️ Xiangji Private Kitchen Tel:



Of course, those above must be ordered,

Have eatenNever stepped on thunder!

Then I tried the followingNew dish~

Especially the friends from Guangdong,

It really depends on this meal to relieve homesickness!


  Braised pork with bamboo shoots and fungus  

It is said that you must eat for the wedding in Guangdong~

I often eat pork belly with dried bamboo shoots,

But this is the first time adding fungus,

Streaky fat and thin,Fat and not greasy.

With so much material, it's really good.

Although it is dried bamboo shoots,

But it was handled very well,

It's very thorough and tasty, not dry at all,

It's crunchy.

  Fresh pork offal on iron plate  

It’s really the first time in my life.

have insidePork liver, pork belly, pig small intestine.

The taste is not fishy at all, it is very tender and slightly sweet,

Perfect combination with the slight spiciness of green pepper.

Come on the iron plate, creak and scent,

Go to the scene to experience the open meal! 

  Big Bone Pot with Radish  

Guangdong's soup is really well-deserved!

The whole body is warm after taking a bite of hot soup.

Big bones outWhite soup.

Put the sweet radish on it, the portion is huge,

It’s great to pack and go back to the bowl of noodles after eating!

  Shacha Beef Soaked Pig Red  

The second great dish with rice,

Must be shacha beef soaked pig red.

Salty and spicyShacha is particularly fragrant.

A spoonful of stewed beef,

Here's another pork red with extremely tender chopsticks.

Stir in the rice~tsk~ drooling hahahaha

Of course, Xiangji also has "local snacks" that only the Guangdong friends know about, such as:Hometown Shuiyuanzi, hometown sweet and thin support.There are also hand-made Teochew fish balls and dry-fried Niuhe which is very cost-effective.

Then I summarized theSannen: pig blood, pig liver, roast chicken. As a truly qualified foodie, I think if it is not an experienced chef, it is definitely not that good.

👩‍🍳 About Chef Cheung Kee

The chef of Xiangji Private Kitchen has been engaged in restaurant cooking for more than ten years. He has worked in Jinghua, Meizhou Dongpo, Fengcheng and Sanhe restaurants.Study traditional features carefullyCantonese cuisine culture, I know that Cantonese cuisine has the characteristics of clear, fresh, refreshing, tender, and slippery. It is good at small stir-frying and requires the right heat and oil temperature to maintain the best taste and nutrition of fresh ingredients.You will surely taste a unique taste!

Of course, as a new recommended good taste,

Of course the team must give everyone a benefit!

Food welfare time

Of course, during the opening period, there will be special promotions for foodies!

Show this article and scan the QR code of Cheung Kee ➕ friends,

A one-time purchase of more than $50,

Free half a gift【Secret White Sliced ​​Chicken with Ginger Sauce】.

Spend more than $100,

One extra gift【Secret White Sliced ​​Chicken with Ginger Sauce】.

(While supplies last) 🐓🐓🐓

🏡 Cheung Kee Private Kitchen

(I.e.Address: 644 W Garvey Ave

Monterey Park, CA 91754 

(Next to Sham Tseng Roast Meat)

⌚️ Business hours:

Wednesday-Monday 11AM- 8PM,

Closed all day on Tuesday

☎️ Phone: 626-782-7094


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