Exclusive debut in Los Angeles, the juicy cherry is here! There is also $0.99 cod, up to $50!

I heard that God cannot be everywhere

So created mom 👩🏼

When it comes to being a "mother"

She tried her best for each one

365 days a day without pay, 24 hours on standby

The most dedicated CEO in history is her!

The warm spring light slips away inadvertently🌈

Time never stops, but love never waits

Countdown to Mother's Day!

Are you all ready to give mom a gift?

Thank you moms for your hard work

Weee carefully selected good things + discounts on great benefits

🤟Help you to spoil mom with strength🤟


Lucky pumping coupon

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0.01 RedemptionGreenland Seabass

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Weee's current Mother's Day gift list

There are practical items, but also sweet and delicious

There are high school and low prices, so you can buy it according to it 🤩

Good goods arrive the next day, free delivery

Come and shop at Weee

Let's GET ✔️ a new way to pet mom


Big Juice Cherry

Cherry returns, Weee exclusive debut!

The latest wave of cherries this summer is finally here! ! !

The flesh is relatively large and the taste is thick
Plenty of sweetness and plenty of juice
The juice that flows out is also very rich

Big and sweet

And fragrant, plump and juicy

Farm test,

The sweetness is as high as 18.3~

Everyone is welcome to taste!

The efficacy and effect are even more incredible~

Can contribute to the production of hemoglobin

Plays an important role in body metabolism

Often eating big cherries can prevent anemia, anti-aging, and slow down cell aging  

Can also whiten
, Smooth wrinkles
Its juice contains a lot of carotene and phosphorus~

Babies with acne-prone faces can eat it more

Because it has the effect of dispelling dampness and reducing inflammation, preventing acne, redness and purulentness~

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Slightly Hot Hill Apple Crisp~ 

When it comes to"Slightly Hot Hills"

Probably no one doesn't know~

Many celebrities endorsed it

😍Can sell 2000 million units a year

200 million people visit the store every year

There are a lot of pineapple cakes in Taiwan

Many small shops make their own is also delicious

But perhaps the most exquisite is the hot hills

Currently in Taiwan, Shanghai, Japan,

Hong Kong, Singapore and other places have their own stores~

Come and enjoy this pleasing display~

The aroma of edible apples

Tart and sweet taste with shortbread crust

Pure natural classic delicacy!

Gently break it open, the stuffing inside is ready to come out
Go down

👉Sweet and sour, strong fruity aroma

I don’t feel tired even after eating 3 or 4

Shortbread during chewing

Let the tip of your tongue and teeth feel

The freshness and sweetness brought to you by apples😏

Also catch up with a special offer35% off

For only $25.99 (original price $39.99)

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Hokkaido Air FreightLe Taocheesecake

Today’s new LeTao seasonal desserts have just arrived by air!

Can't buy elsewhere~

The color is too spring too 🌸

It’s good to see that I can’t bear to take a bite.

Season limited + super limited edition!

Hokkaido Air FreightOriginator of Cheesecake-Letao

Fired for 22 yearsHokkaido god-level desserts.Originator of Japanese Cheesecake——LeTAO, its double cheesecakeSell ​​one every 10 seconds, Is simply a myth in the cheesecake world!

LeTAO cakes are made byThe original cold chain from Hokkaido came flying.Original cheesecake or chocolate cheesecake, two flavors one by one!Newcomers can deduct $10 from their first order,The discounted price is only $39.99 , Free shipping if you buy one directly.Enjoy the lowest price in North America!

Limited LeTao Cheesecake

Hokkaido strawberry flavor

12cm 1

$ 49.99

LeTao’s cheesecake is known as a classic that can never be surpassed.The limited LeTao cheesecake is naturally not to be missed!Los AngelesStarting!

When strawberry meets dessert, it looks good and delicious. There is no way to refuse!Just looking at the value of the face is enough to fall!Obviously you can win by face value, but you have to use the texture and taste to make people amazing!

The cheese and cream are delicate and smooth, blending with the sweet and sour strawberries in the mouth, with distinct layers and special sweetness.

In addition to the limited strawberry flavor,

There is also classic original flavor and chocolate flavor

 LeTao Original Double Cheesecake

Every 10 secondsJust sellOneGod-level cheesecake!

The originator of Japanese cheesecake

You must check in to HokkaidoLeTao Double Cheesecake

From foreign confectionery shops in Otaru, HokkaidoAir freight to the U.S.!

Grab to bring you deliciousness in the first moment!

Scan the code to buy now

LeTao Chocolate Cheesecake

With LeTao Signature Double Cheesecake

Equally classic

LeTao Chocolate Double CheesecakeDon't miss it!

Only in Weee!Exclusive sale!

Japan Air Direct

Don't hesitate to place an order when you see it!


Buydeem health pot

A health party that loves tea and soup

A must-have health pot with comprehensive functions and high cost performance~

Give it to mom on Mother's Day, it looks good and the quality is good

It's not expensive to walk, mom must like it😄

You can also add one by yourself, one-click soup, porridge and tea

Worry and time

✅It is not only a health pot, but also a temperature-regulating kettle

Multi-block water temperature optional to meet different brewing needs

✅Can boil, stew, and steam

Super delicious, one-click to achieve, three meals a day are not heavy

✅Smart touch operation, intimate details, easy to use

Touch it, delicious food at your fingertips

✅ Produced by Beiding, can withstand everyday use

The materials are selected globally, and the entrance must be safe

1 health pot with 5 tops, with TA

No matter how busy your life is, you can also keep healthy 🤩~

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【Alice boutique flower shop】

XNUMX% discount for sending flowers, no shipping, no service fee

Pre-order flowers for Mother's Day to be delivered to your home

Small bouquet-pink carnation

Flowers from $1.99, $19.99 to $99 are all available,

The above price starts from 4.29 days

Can go down toXNUMX% off

Little brother and sister Weee will bring you home,

Order for mom

(Reminder: The delivery range of flowers is limited. If you can’t see the code after scanning the code, it is likely that the delivery of flowers has not been covered, so let’s look at other gifts)

 ⬆️Scan the code to buy丨Send mom a gift⬆️


Target mango panna cotta

If you have eaten

Rich flavor brown sugar pearl mille cake

Why not change your taste

Try the fresh flavour 🥭 pancake layer cake

0.03 centimeters of rock okonomiyaki crust

Stacked layer by layer with light cream~

Add plump and juicy mango panna in the middle

Mix it with the whipped cream in one bite

Layers of soft and sweet, mango panna cotta is sweet and refreshing

Overall very fresh and refreshing

The feeling of happiness is simply overwhelming 😍!

 ⬆️Scan the code to buy丨Send mom a gift⬆️

Direct double red envelope for newcomers

$20! ! !

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For reference, it does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.
Does not represent the position of this platform.for reference only.

❤️ Hope everyone is healthy

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