Bookmark now! The 2022 Los Angeles Super Beautiful Festival Lighting Show is here!

2022 is drawing to a close,
After the long epidemic,
Light shows, big and small, are back!
Tidy up for everyone today
[Luo's Super Worth Check-in Lantern Show Collection]
It is very good to take pictures and check in, date and walk with the baby,
Hurry up and go shopping in the holiday season!


Christmas in Color





April 11st-March 25st, 2023

5: 30pm-9: 30pm



 Raging Waters Los Angeles 
101 Raging Waters Dr. San Dimas, CA 91773



holiday road

LA's new light show, with oversized walkways and food trucks.




11 Month 25 Day - 12 Month 30 Day


$ 24.99- $ 39.99 

Free for children under two years old


 King gillette ranch 
26800 West Mulholland Hwy
Calabasas, CA 91302



Hikari Light Festival


11 Month 25 Day - 12 Month 30 Day

4:30 pm-10pm

(Closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) 

$ 20- $ 30

Free for children under two years old


Tanaka farms

5380 3/4 UNIVERSITY DR, IRVINE, CA 92612


Who doesn’t know this farm in Irvine, there are too many activities throughout the year, picking strawberries, playing with pumpkins, watching the lights and riding a minivan to see Santa, go now~



LA Zoo Lights: 

Animals Aglow

While visiting the lights while rua small animals, there is a canopy of colorful lights. There will be special events on November 11th, check the official website for details.




April 11st-March 18st, 2023 

$ 34-39

2-12 years old $27 

Free for under 2 years old


 Los Angeles Zoo 

5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027



Christmas night

Beyond the film, those who love to take pictures should not miss it.

Christmas shops are mostly open on weekends.Santa also makes an appearance on weekends.Check the official website for specific times.




April 11st-March 4st, 2023


$ 9- $ 24 

under six free


 123 Farm 

10600 Highland Spring Avenue Cherry Valley, CA 92223



Winter Fest OC 2022-23

The ice and snow world in the lights.Lots of activities, including ice skating.




April 11st-March 25st, 2023


$30+$3.99 handling fee

3-12 years old $25

Free for children under three years old


88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA

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