Seattle Pumpkin Science | Pumpkin? Squash? How to eat 8 common varieties?

As soon as autumn enters each year,

But the lovely pumpkin is about to enter thousands of households

Became a symbol of harvest and a symbol of autumn

Then,Pumpkin farm,

Every doorCarved pumpkin lanternCan you eat?

Have you ever noticed

Under their cute appearance

The hidden true identity may be zucchini..? ?

Pumpkin and Squash in English are called pumpkins.

What is the difference between them?

Today, the team will take you all the pumpkin compatriots from North American supermarkets!

Decorative pumpkin

Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Use : A classic pumpkin for Halloween, mainly used for autumn decorations, to make pumpkin lanterns (Jack O'lantern)This is the farmThe most common pumpkin, Yellow oval, thin skin.When making pumpkin lanterns, first take out the pumpkin seeds from the heart.After careful scrubbing, use a sharp knife to carve the desired shape along the lines.Finally, put a candle in the center of the pumpkin to be scary at night! .

practice : mainFor decorationThe reason is itsThe flesh is not delicious, it is good to scoop out the seeds and roast them.

Ornamental Gourds

 Decorative gourd

Use: The colorful appearance of this pumpkin is very attractive and decorative.They are strange lookingOnly a few dollars on the farm, Piled at home on Halloween is very fairytale.Not onlyEasy to grow, after drying, it can be stored for a long time. butNot suitable for consumption.

Edible pumpkin

Kabocha Squash

Japanese pumpkin

Use: Mainly used for food, yesThe most common pumpkin in Asian supermarkets.Very in line with Chinese tastes.

practice: Because of itSoft and creamy texture,Whether it isSimply steam, cook, stew, or make pumpkin pieAll are delicious.Japanese Tempura and Korean BBQBoth are good choices.

 Spaghetti Squash


Use: The flesh is as slender as pasta and gets its name.Slimming pumpkinPlayers. spaghetti squashVery low starch content, It will feel full when eaten.Friends who lose weight can try to use it instead of staple food.

practice: After cutting, placeIt can be eaten after steaming.Friends who don’t lose weight can tryScoop out the pulp and sprinkle with chili oilOh!

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash

Use : Butternut squash isMost commonly used to make pumpkin soupVariety.First, it is relatively large, with a long belly, and secondlyThe melon flesh is golden and delicate,andThe sweetness is also relatively high.It's best to eat in the late autumn and early winter. The skin becomes firm, indicating that it is mature and sweeter.

practice: Thin skin, raw melon cut and peeledMake sweet soup or roast itThey are all delicious!

 Cheese Pumpkin

Cheese Pumpkin

Use: Cheese squash has a long history in the United States and is aHeirloom varieties, Is also a member of the Cucurbitaceae.The cartoon shape is very cute, but the skin is thick.Although it is used for food, the most difficult thing is peeling. Varieties like cheese pumpkin can beat many peelers.

practice : The meat is thicker and very sweet.You can make the pumpkin into a bowl, stuff it with ingredients and roast itOh.

Caribbean Pumpkin 

Caribbean Pumpkin

Use: Caribbean pumpkin is also called Calabaza, which is similar to pumpkins grown in the United States.The thick skin and bright orange flesh are alive and wellAn enlarged version of zucchini.Add some spices toMake the pumpkin main coursevery good.

practice: Soft and sweet taste can bePut less scotch bonnet pepper(scotch bonnet pepper)orMilder jalapeno, Are good choices.The Caribbean pumpkin curry is a must!

 Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Use: Usually only 2-4 pounds, yesThe most eaten pumpkin variety in Americans.The taste is sweet and the shape is small.Their pulp is stronger than carved pumpkins,Not so gluten.

practice: Used to make variousPumpkin desserts, snacks, and even canned pumpkins.

I hope this little science of pumpkins can help you. Mom no longer has to worry that I won't choose pumpkins!

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