LA buy food to get free Hawaiian tour for two?The favorite Peony Kyoho grapes and peaches are freshly listed, and there are 3% off wool waiting for you

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Swift Sliced ​​Pork Ribs

$25.99 $19.49

25% off

Hin is a big pack, you can eat three or four meals.

The meat is very fresh, braised pork ribs, sweet and sour pork ribs, Zhenjiang short ribs, pork rib soup...every day, I change my taste.


Black beauty

$7.99 $5.59

30% off

【Yumei】Black Beauty Watermelon, A full five or six pounds.


South American White Shrimp

$16.99 $13.59

20% off

Champmar Frozen South American White Shrimp

The taste is crisp and elastic,Thin shell and thick flesh

The color is natural and bright,It tastes delicious and not fishy


Jack&King's Pickled Fish Fillet (Catfish)

$10.99 $6.59

40% off

Use high-quality catfish with secret sauerkraut buns.Simply simmer and eat, the taste is smooth and tender, spicy and sour.

(Picture from Weee! User posted a list)


Beijing yogurt

$33.99 $25.49

25% off

Mellow taste, rich milk fragrance, sweet and sour taste,

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Unlimited fresh goods, LA's first batch

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From the farm to Smile Taiwan Kyoho Grape

Peony Korea's giant peaks are here


Thinking day and nightGrapevinecoming!

Smile and Peony Bay are the most delicious and big-name brands of Jufeng

Direct delivery from California farm, super fresh😍

Jufeng, which arrived this weekend, is now on shelves

7.31-8.2 Delivery ~ Hurry up and grab it!

👇Look at the praise first👇

Peel off Kyoho's skin

Squeeze grapes into your mouth in one bite

🍇 "Sleep", the whole fruit slips into the mouth

The sweet and sour taste is deeply rooted in my mind😛

Jufeng not only looks good

The taste of eating is also very beautiful

Crispy, tender and meaty 😍~

It tastes like a strong flavor of rock sugar and milk

The sugar content is as high as 20 or more⏫

Every bite is really sweet~

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Shoukang Peach


Net Red Shoukang Peach(I.e.

Selection of Shoukang Farm

The top export Japanese-grade golden peaches😉

Sweetness is as high as 16-17, sweet and juicy

Rich fruity aroma, rich peach aroma

It's another sweet summer accompanied by peaches

🉑Sucked peaches✅

The light pink juice is dripping 🍑

The plump peach flesh rolls on the tip of the tongue and turns into sweet peach juice

Savor the seasonally limited seasons👉🏻 Aroma

In the scorching summer, come a juice overflowing,

Sweet and fragrant peaches💁

Feel the sweet and original peach juice in one sip

The heat is gone, and sweetness rushes to my heart

The sweet peach scent diffuses between the lips and teeth

Pink and sweet white peach

In summer, it’s perfect for making desserts/teas

Cut the soft peach into pieces and add to the tea

It tastes delicious while replenishing water, 0 "belly" burden! 😎

The refreshing Q-bomb peach jelly is also a super refreshing summer way to eat

Duang~work this cup of summer~

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More discounts on weekends

[8.7-8.9] There are more special offers on the 3-day weekend!

12 items are on special offer, so slow~

Leshi] Big Wave Potato Chips 

Spicy flavor 70g a pack

$2.29  $1.89

17% off

【Lanfang Garden】

Authentic Hong Kong Style Stocking Milk Tea 

Open the lid and drink 280ml 1 cup

$1.89 $1.39    

26% off


Rose Red Bean Paste Mooncake 

800 g 1 box

$49.99 $34.99

30% off


9 scallion rolls 

11.3oz 1 bag

$1.99 $1.59

20% off

3.5 mini watermelon 5 – 1lb

$4.99  $1.99

60% off

1lb fresh garlic moss

$6.99 $3.49    

50% off

【Happy Fish】

1 pack of 6 scallops with garlic vermicelli

$4.69 $3.28

30% off

Strictly selected ground black pork meat 

1 lb/pack

$5.99 $5.09

15% off


5lb 1 bag of top grade special rice

$6.99  $5.59

20% off

【Lee Kum Kee】Seafood Soy Sauce 16.9oz 1 bottle

$2.99 $2.09    

30% off


Active snail whitening mask 

10 pieces in 1 box

$9.99 $4.99

50% off

【Golden Bird's Nest】

Organic Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar (Original) 

8oz 1 bottle

$4.99 $2.99

40% off

Beauty black technology

Believe that the age of stars has now become

One of the "Unsolved Mysteries of the World"

There are few collagen wrinkles on my face in my 40s.

Why did years let them go with this pig-killing knife?

yes!! Except for some medical beauty

"Some high-tech beauty equipment"

It is also their secret weapon to keep their youthful appearance!

是 的


This beauty device can be called "the No. XNUMX selling in Asia"

It can be said that all the stars have a good heart! ❤️

Why is refa favored by celebrities?

Because it has a unique platinum rolling ball design,

360 degrees caters to the complex curves of the face,

Designed with micro-currents similar to bio-electrics,

Push-pull skin sports massage, easy face thinning, lifting and firming.

Recover the metabolic function of skin cells,

Stimulates the increase of skin collagen.

The main attack is face-lifting, lifting and firming,Remove nasolabial folds,

Including swelling, massage lymph and other functions.

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"ReFa Carat Ray Double Ball Roller Wave Beauty Apparatus"

This star has a ReFa Carat Ray, with platinum shining bright light, beautiful and delicate lines.

This is also the most classic one!

The roller with a 360-degree depiction structure can perfectly fit the facial curve, feel comfortable, and is a good helper for lifting the face and removing edema.

I don't know if you have used refa or watched its use video. After using it, you can really see the difference with the naked eye. After one face is lifted, the other half of the face looks crooked.

The effect is stable after 3 weeks, especially obvious 👇🏻

"Refa caxa ray facial beauty instrument 126g"

The star contestant who has been on countless shows in Taiwan is this ReFa caxa ray. Its sophisticated design can fit the lines of the chin and face, and it can easily and effectively massage the entire chin and contour lines.

Nowadays, medical cosmetology pursues contour and plasticity, and it makes the face become more lined without knowing it, and it is more youthful and vigorous. This refa can also tighten the lines at home!

Its rollers can strengthen the chin line, and after massage with kneading, it can improve the edema and make the contour line more obvious.

You can also gently roll up and down the nasolabial folds and eyes to relax the skin and muscles in these areas and slow down the generation of fine lines.

Please move your heart 💓

The password for girls to keep their age at the moment may be called


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