The top ten school districts in the Los Angeles area in 2023 have been released, don’t miss these places when buying a house in a top school district

When buying a house in a school district, you generally need to focus on the quality of the school district, word-of-mouth, housing prices in the location, appreciation potential, etc.


Today, the technology real estate company Flyhomes selected the "2023 Best Public School Districts in the Los Angeles Area” The list selects a few cities that you can focus on when buying a school district house in the Greater Los Angeles area.


I hope it can help you who want to buy a school district house in Southern Canada in 2023, and provide some references for choosing where to buy a house.

 Summary of the corresponding housing market situation in the school district 

(School district ranking source: Niche, house price data source: Redfin recent local house price median)

Taking into account multiple factors such as the number of schools corresponding to different school districts, the number of houses, house prices, and popularity, in this article we will focus on sharing according to the median price of housesSeveral popular urban school districts and cities that are popular with Chinese families and have high cost performance, to provide some reference for friends who buy school district housing.

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Arcadia is one of the most upscale residential areas in the Chinese West District of Los Angeles.Especially popular with Chinese families.

The median house price in Arcadia in January 2023 is 1 million, compared with the same period last year, when the house price was hot, the price has dropped.

It has been selected as the "Most Suitable City for Raising Children" by Business Week in the United States, and has been awarded the title of the most suitable city for raising children in the United States for many years. It ranks first in California and fifth in the United States.

Good education and economic conditions make the residents here generally more qualified, and the community environment is also very safe. In addition, the well-equipped district and high-quality teaching resources cover the entire elementary, junior high and high school stages, which is particularly worry-free for parents.

There are 6 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 1 high school in the Arcadia school district, almost all of which are A+ rated.

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In 2022, in more than 10,700 school districts in the United States, Arcadia Unified has multi-yearIt has won the title of the top 1% of the best school districts in the United States and the top 1% of the best teachers in the United States.

Among them, Arcadia High School, in addition to being selected as a national blue ribbon school for many years, has also been rated as the top 30 public high schools in California all the year round. Its teaching level and student development are very eye-catching.

Because of the blessing of excellent school districts and the continuous influx of high-quality middle class, the future development of Arcadia is full of vitality.

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 South Pasadena 

South Pasadena is a distinctive city in Los Angeles. It not only has an excellent geographical location, but the whole city is quaint and full of strong cultural atmosphere.

The local educational resources are exceptional, and there are many A+ schools in the area.The recent median home price in South Pasadena was $119 million.

Compared with other school districts, South Pasadena has a special geographical advantage: it is only a 15-minute drive from DTLA, and the city light rail passes through the commercial center.Surrounded by businesses, life is extremely convenient.

In addition, South Pasadena is also adjacent to the world's top university, California Institute of Technology. It is 15 minutes away from USC and 20 minutes away from UCLA. Therefore, the academic atmosphere and cultural atmosphere here are particularly prominent compared with other cities.

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There are 3 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school in the South Pasadena school district, all rated A+.

The basic education in the South Pasadena School District is remarkable, and the Gifted Program they carry out has also been selected as one of the top ten high-quality Gifted Programs in the Greater Los Angeles area for many times.

South Pasadena Senior High is also ranked among the top high schools in California, with excellent grades: the comprehensive evaluation of the school’s academics and faculty is 9/10, and its featured subjects are English, mathematics, and physical education. It is very well-known in California.

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South Pasadena is excellent in terms of location and conditions, and it is especially suitable for families who like to enjoy the convenience of the city.

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Irvine is located in the center of Orange County, California, which combines the advantages of all modern cities, and Irvine advocates a multi-ethnic and inclusive urban development plan,Therefore, it is especially favored by young Chinese families, especially new immigrant families.

This is one of the three emerging cities in the Los Angeles area planned by the California government.Recently, the median house price in Irvine is 126 million. Although the price of houses in the school district has been rising every year, compared with other excellent school districts, Irvine is still a more cost-effective choice for buying a house, so it has attracted everyone’s attention in recent years.

The Irvine Unified School District has always been at the top level in the rankings of the national education system. It is the best school district in Orange County, and it is only a 15-minute drive from UCI, the university that Chinese Americans like.

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There are 43 primary and secondary schools in Irvine, covering the entire K12 curriculum, and have won more than 70 California Outstanding School honors. There are 19 schools in the school district that have won the title of American Blue Ribbon and 7 schools that have been selected as California Gold Ribbon.

All elementary schools in the Irvine School District follow the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which define what students in each grade from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade need to master.

The high school resources in the Irvine School District are also excellent.There are a total of 5 high schools in the school district, 4 of which were selected as A+ California Distinguished Schools and American Blue Ribbon Schools. This level is outstanding even in California, which is rich in educational resources.

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In particular, Northwood High School is a 9-point high school. It ranks very high among public schools in California and even in the United States. It is now ranked 14th among public high schools in California.

 Final Thoughts 

The school districts mentioned above are all excellent.But when buying a house in a school district, you should realize that the school district scores and rankings often change. There are two main reasons:

First of all, the scores of schools in the school district will change as new elements are added (some elements have nothing to do with student growth, such as local housing prices, ethnic diversity, etc.), or the weights of existing elements are adjusted..Moreover, different ranking and scoring websites have different scoring standards. Buyers are advised to make multiple comparisons and use the school’s official website as the standard;

Secondly, in recent years, parts of Southern California, such as Irvine, have developed rapidly as new cities, and the influx of foreign population has caused drastic changes in the resources and sources of students in many communities..This in turn affects the school's future academic performance, overall score, etc.

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*Data source: Flyhomes, Niche, Redfin

Data statistics are as of March 2023, 3.

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