I finally opened an indoor hall on the 30th in Greater New York! And I just want to quietly eat crab noodle dumplings, super hot sesame buns, unforgettable Peking duck and crystal elbows

Starting on September 9th, the people of Greater New York finally finished their outdoor dining and can eat in the dining hall!

Because of the severity of the epidemic in Greater New York, the opening this time is still conservative, only allowing 25% of the indoors.Different diners have different views on open indoor dining, but anyway, Greater New York has fallen a step forward!I heard that the outdoor dining area will also become a new scene on the streets of New York. The restaurant will allow outdoor tables to be opened in all seasons, which is also the new normal during the epidemic~


Let the wind and rain outside, policy changes, and before the end of the epidemic, there are still a large number of cautious friends who continue to choose to stay at home.

Come and see what we all eat while hiding at home? ⬇️

light meal

【Three meals a day】Crab noodle dumplings


To say what snacks can represent Shanghai,Crab Powder Steamed BunCertainly have the right to speak.

One serving of food, while eating the juicy dumplings and the deliciousness of crab meat, it is no wonder that the crab noodle dumplings can go from alleys to the world.

But now that the epidemic is increasing, it is not so easy to want to eat authentic Xiaolongbao.Fortunately, Weee! There are fried Nanxiang Xiaolong Tangbao,The salty, thin skin of pure meat, the key is really bursting juice!

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[Wei Quan] Popping Sesame Buns

Important note, yestrue!of!meeting!burst!Pulp!


The sesame taste is very fragrant and strong, butThe sweetness is controlled just right, Will not get tired.The steamer can be eaten in 10 minutes, which is convenient and quick.


It can be used as breakfast or afternoon tea,Especially suitable for families with children,Those who like the taste of sesame must not miss it.


Picture from customer feedback on weee official website

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【Target】Shizuoka Red Bean Milk Melaleuca Cake

Speaking of "thousand layer cake", you only know Lady M? Target touched layer cakeLearn about.


Rave reviews on Weee!

This is the first place in Taiwan’s dessert industry,Various stars rushed to check in and taste.In particular, its red bean milk layer cake is made with the best red beans and traditional methods. The ratio of red beans and milk is perfect, the taste is smooth, the taste is sweet, the cake has distinct layers, and the taste of ice cream.Now 8-inch cake, only $23.9.It was really enjoyable to have a piece after early autumn afternoon.


There are also hand-picked biscuits, red bean sesame balls, fried code noodles and various snail noodles. All discounts are available~ 5 minutes a day to get a meal. It's that easy in Weee!

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Shou Kang Selected Candied Dates

You can eat it only during the harvest season in September

And the sweet and crisp fresh dates

This early autumn,

Weee! Bring you the latest and mature California farm

Shou Kang Selected Candied Dates

The taste is excellent, not to be missed!

Shoukang candied dates are not small,

The skin is smooth and shiny

Thin skin and thick meat, crispy taste, rich juice

Sour and sweet, just right

And Shoukang candied dates are famous for their sweetness
The fruit is medium to large, oblong in shape, white and green when mature.
There are often bonuses on the front sun surface, ocher red light,
The skin is thin, the meat is crispy, the juice is rich, and the sweetness is strong.

This fresh date,Fresh and crispy

It also has high medicinal value and is known as "the guide of a hundred medicines"

Rich in nutrition, neither cold nor hot

Contains various amino acids and vitamins needed by the human body

The uncrowned king of vitamin C

The vitamin C content of jujube per 200g is as high as 500-XNUMXmg

Is 70 times the vitamin C content in apples!

Crispy, juicy, sweet and delicious fresh Shoukang dates
One by one, I can’t stop for the delicious season
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South American White Shrimp

As a delicacy that is popular all over the world, shrimp can find classic and historical dishes in different food cultures.

White shrimp from Ecuador, South America, has tender meat and sweet taste. It is frozen directly after being caught on the boat, so the taste and nutrients are almost the same as that of fresh shrimp. It is the first choice for shrimp.

Weee! are all based on grabbing, hahaha.

Head shrimp, shrimp oil and shrimp fat are preserved, whether it is boiled or braised in oil, it is delicious.PresentOnly $4 at 15.99lb, It is so cost-effective.

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Small clam

Spicy clams are delicious that you can't help but lick the shell after eating the meat.On summer nights, the food stalls on the corner, a plate of clams, and a few bottles of beer can make a summer's memory.

As a neighbor of Korea, it is also a low-fat delicacy to use clams in the soup and add some tofu kelp to taste.

The clams taste sweet and have a slight seafood flavor, and they are easy to cook.Now 2lb small flower clams can be obtained at 5.59. Spicy stir-fry or soup is up to you.

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Boneless Crispy Carp Fillet

Crispy CarpWhether it is hot pot or porridge, it is all memories from hometown.

When I was a child, my grandma would always remove the thorns intimately. Now I am far away from home, and I rinse one at a partyBoneless crispy meat carp,It can also subtly relieve some homesickness.

A serving is only 9.99,Appropriately thin and crystal-clear fish fillets, the soup is boiled and taken out in eight seconds. It is still the familiar soft ligament and crispy taste, and there is no worry about fish bones, which makes it more enjoyable.

rave reviews on weee!

In addition to these, there are cut-off eel, snail meat, Fuzhou balls, whether they are in the sea or in the river, you can find them in Weee!

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【Hometown】Crystal Elbow Flower

Crystal pork knuckle is made from lean pork and pork skin to make ground meat, and then steam it.Low oil content and light taste.As a traditional stewed dish,It not only has the effect of beautifying and beautifying, but also can be used for wine and food.It is a delicious, nutritious and delicious supplement for all ages.

Now in Weee! Buying hometown brand crystal elbow flower,12oz is only $4.69,When you are too lazy to cook, a crystal elbow flower is delicious and easy.

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Taiwanese kiss sausage

No matter which city, snack street or food court, it is not difficult to find "Taiwan Sausage".This kind of warm and delicious street food, lying one by one in the sausage machine, is fragrant, shiny, and extremely attractive.


The taste is salty and sweet, fat and thin. One bite, the oily aroma and meaty aroma burst out together. That satisfaction is truly incomparable.Now this delicious bite can be eaten at home,And only $3.99.


Bake it and eat it directly and return to China in a second; the slices are fried with the greens, and the vegetarian flavor is immediately blessed.

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Frozen Peking Duck

If you eat a roast duck outside, there will be no more than a few dozen.The epidemic is at home, and I am idle, so it is better to buy one and do it yourself!

Weee! You can buy an authentic frozen Peking duck for only $13.99.Once baked in the oven, cut some cucumbers and some sweet noodle sauce to moisturize!

If you don't want to bother, just cut it into pieces to make beer duck or make soup, which are good ingredients for reducing dryness and temperature in autumn.

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Red Cherry Pork Ground Meat

Sakura Red Sakura pork is derived from Basak black pig. It has a delicate and juicy taste without the smell of ordinary white pork.No hormones and antibiotics,Not only the taste is good, but also safe and secure.Now Weee!Hongying pork ground pork,Only $4.29/lb, It can be fried, stewed, and fried pork chops are also very good.


Red Sakura Dolphin

For friends who like to go to the kitchen, his family also has the following meats on sale.

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Weilong gluten

How can I get less of my Weilong gluten!From snacks to large, classic flavors that cannot be replaced.

It is clean, hygienic and chewy, soft and not greasy, it tastes spicy and delicious, and it is a little bit sweet, one by one, it can't stop at all.Place an order at Weee! for only $0.49 per pack,Boss, give me 10 packs first!

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Nongshim Prawn Crackers

Another childhood memory.Nongshim Shrimp Crackers, using high-quality fresh shrimp as raw materials, are salty and spicy in the mouth, with a rich shrimp taste, and they don't feel greasy.


Conscience price,Only $1.19 on Weee! At this price, I really can't afford to lose, and can't be fooled.

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【Lanfang Garden】Hong Kong Style Mandarin Duck

The editor's favorite, recommended by the devil Li Jiaqi, as long as you see it in a Chinese supermarket, it is basically a rhythm of 10 bottles.


The tea has a strong flavor and a fragrant milk flavor. The ratio of coffee, milk, and tea is just right. What is rare is that it is not sweet and greasy.Drinking it after chilling is not only happy, but also refreshing.Learn about the must-have items for work!


In addition to mandarin ducks, his milk tea is also worth a try!$2.49


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【Itoen】Sugar-free original green tea

It is not only sugar-free, but also contains no preservatives. It is brewed with tea leaves, sweet and fragrant, and it tastes super thirst quenching.


The taste is pure, like freshly brewed tea.Most suitable for little fairies who want to lose weight but can't stop their mouths.


 Picture from customer feedback on weee official website

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The weekly specials are here, remember to pick up the cheap ones

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What can I buy in Weee!


🥬Seasonal fruits and vegetables,🦐Meat and seafood

🍰baked pasta, 🍹snacks and drinks

🎀Beauty and health care, 🍚Grain and oil seasoning

🥣 Daily necessities, 🥚 custard and soy


Weee! Yes

√Hometown food that knows the Chinese stomach best

√The most trendy world delicious

√The most comprehensive one-stop shopping experience

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Finally, attach a buying guide

Unused friends,
Hurry up and use Weee!

Writing, editing | Jiang Ziya

* This article is a food promotion article.
It does not represent the position of eating goods, it is only for transmission and reference,
Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

Where can I find delicious food during the New York epidemic?

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