Over 20 minus 15, over 40 minus 30? The New Year of the Los Angeles Dryer, crayfish rice bowl, fried skewers, chicken stew, and spicy hotpot are waiting for you!








Recently, with the emergence of mutant viruses, Dr. Fauci, who was reinstated,It is strongly recommended that everyone wear a double-layer mask, Or overlay a layer of fabric masks on medical surgical masks. At the same time, some experts have called for the time to buy the highest quality KN95 or N95 masks to more effectively fight the virus.

Facing the epidemic that is still raging,

It seems that the life of our house has to be extended.

After a year of home life,

Fortunately there are rice balls!

Overbearing rice ball takeaway super full reduction️

Over 20 minus 15 ️Over 40 minus XNUMX

Don’t worry about the raging new coronavirus,

An Anxinxin can eat cheap and delicious food at home!


San Gabriel

【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

The collision of North and South cuisines,

It's not just fusion.

The spark of passion

It is definitely the happiness of our foodies.

Saliva chicken with dumplings,

Crayfish rice bowl,

Maocai is always beckoning with happiness~

Xiao Yi's Fried Skewers


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

A LA Treasure Fried Skewers Restaurant.

There are many varieties of skewers, and the quality is not bad!

The special dip is his secret weapon!

Definitely make you enjoyable!

There are also burgers and other snacks in the shop, recommended!

Cooking fire dishes & pizza


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

As a Chinese and Western restaurant,

The pizza is mixed with the sweetness of eel,

The stimulation of Maocai completely opens up the taste buds.

In addition to being greedy by the country every day

Musang King Pizza...perfect!

Jiang Hu Mao Cai


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

Freshly purchased ingredients every day,

Wash and pack in bags,

More than a dozen kinds of vegetarian dishes and soy products,

The beautiful color makes the strong Sichuan and Chongqing wind

Add a touch of freshness.

Authentic Chengdu local stir-fry ingredients,

The craftsmanship learned from the teacher is constantly improving and upgrading,

Insist on frying the ingredients yourself to ensure quality,

It is precisely because of this ingenuity,

Diners have the opportunity to feast on their food.

The hot ingredients plus the prepared sauce,

The infusion of each seasoning bursts out new flavors,

Poke straightSoup baseIs the soul of Maocai,

48 Chinese herbal medicine + 9 different oils

Served with sesame seeds,

Let the red oil taste delicious

At the same time, there is no shortage of health and health.

Whole prawns, crispy belly, plump large intestine.

The variety is sweet and not spicy, crab sticks and other meatballs.

Crisp lotus root slices...all meet here.

There are many treasures and side dishes waiting for you to discover!

Dingwei spicy hot pot


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

You don’t need any reason to like spicy hot pot

Mix and match of hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, oil,

Rich and layered flavors;

Family and friends sitting around

Lively together.For Ding Wei

The green pepper and chili are all shipped from Sichuan

The smell is very positive.Variety of ingredients, attractive color

A bowl full of enthusiasm brings a sense of happiness!

His meat and seafood are super generous

A large portion.The amount of meat is absolutely sufficient

Paradise for meat lovers!

The most important thing about side dishes is the variety!

It won’t be boring to eat,

Like a treasure hunt

The taste and nutrition are particularly complete!

Macho Fried Rice


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

There used to be such a bowl of rice,

Eating it makes people feel sad.

The exquisite ingredients are only to match a bowl of excellent rice

Let the Chafan people eat happily.

In addition to the basic version, there are also kimchi fried rice,

Exclusive version of fried rice, remembering the king of kings.

Ruiya Mommy Kitchen


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

As a "central kitchen"

Eat safe and healthy.

From the signature chicken pot to all kinds of bento,

The menu changes every day.

Let three meals a day have meat, vegetables and soup~

Ruiya street food stalls


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

As a "central kitchen"

Street food stallIt takes a bit of real effort

And eat safe and healthy.

There is also the signature chicken pot with rice

It was really a beautiful meal.

Seven Seven Rice Noodles 77


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

This bowl of powder

From the taste buds to the bottom of my heart.

The thick and pure soup base makes the rice noodles delicious in every bite

In addition to a bowl of fragrant beef noodles,

bowlSpicy Beef Noodles in Red Soup.

From the soup base to the side dishes are so comfortable.

Red Soup Spicy Rice Noodles

Fat intestines are clean and thick, with soup base

Just the authentic taste of hometown.

Chengdu old stove hot and spicy


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

Authentic Butter Mala Tang,

Mellow taste, spicy and delicious.

Rich ingredients, meat and vegetables!

It’s perfect for ordering a pot at a party,

Share with friends hot!

Spicy enough and enjoyable!Pure Chengdu flavor!

and alsoAuthentic Chengdu snack-ice powder.

The powder is brewed by the store itself.

The ingredients above are very rich.

The refreshing taste is super suitable for eating with Mala Tang.

Whether it’s meat or seafood,

Strictly selected quality, fresh full marks!

Youyi Village Nourishing Quanniu Restaurant


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

Pork Ribs Rice

Nourishing Oxtail Soup

Tomato Beef Brisket Soup

"It's good for the body and good fortune!"

The sirloin is very tender,

The stewed oxtail soup is particularly tasty and not too greasy.

Pork ribs are particularly rich in rice, and they are moderately fat and thin.

All his cattle are premium beef.

Try it now!


San gable

【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

motto tea cafe

San gable

【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

More customers


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

Shanlitun iron pot stew

Rowland Heights

【Fulfill 22 minus 15】



【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

Foshan Private Kitchen


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

798 Food Square


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

37.2 Degree Tea 


【Fulfill 22 minus 15】

Invite friends to use the rice ball takeaway

Inviting more, not capping

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