Good news for the Labour Party! [Jincheng Lanzhou Ramen] Newly launched super value special lunch set, and limited-time foodie benefits~

Dallas UniqueAuthentic Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant, 在Three months agoCaliforniadrive toAfter Dallas, the popularity has been very hot!

After I visited the shop last time, I learned that there are so many kinds of Lanzhou ramen!No wonder the Californian friends keep pushing this restaurant, it is the most authentic Lanzhou Ramen restaurant around!



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(The restaurant from Jincheng, beef noodles and potato chips, milk mashed grains, every bite is the taste in memory!

Three months have passed in the blink of an eye, and I can't help but want to eat the most authentic Lanzhou beef noodles!Listen to the friends mentioned – the process in the store has been optimized,Fully upgraded service menu, the dining experience has skyrocketed

The squad is comingJincheng Lanzhou Ramen] Taste all the popular dishes and bring them to everyoneLatest's store visit report, there are also limited-time foodie benefits~


Food benefits

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You can get a tea egg!


Lanzhou noodles

Knead now and pullThe ramen is the quintessence!The back kitchen ramen master cooks the noodles on the spot, very fresh!The noodles are strong and tough at the entrance. I have to say that the taste of hand-pulled noodles is different!

Ramen also hasUniversity asked~Lanzhou Beef Clear Soup Ramen has【China's first], a bowl of authentic Lanzhou ramen is actually very particular 🌟One clear, two white, three red, four green and five yellow 🌟

The clear soup base is garnished with white radish, and then topped with a spoonful of bright red oil and spicy pepper, gently stir the top layer of coriander and diced beef, and you can see the yellowish and smooth ramen, a bowl of ramen is like thisGood looks + good taste!


🌟Lanzhou Beef Ramen Small Class🌟
In Lanzhou, authentic ramen is put indiced beef, rarely seen beef slices.Dallas【Jincheng Lanzhou Ramen】Continuing the authentic Lanzhou ramen style, each bowl of ramen is added withdiced beef, but the extra single-order meat is sliced ​​meat (you can sell it for two in Lanzhou~)


Maybe you don't know yet,It turns out that there are so many types of Lanzhou ramen!- Capillary, fine, second fine, chive leaf, small wide, large wide, buckwheat edge and normal width.Xiaobian beforeEat onlyover a.Sosee the storevariousthickness, shaperamen, what a surprise!

A whole dough is transformed into various shapes of ramen under the skillful professional ramen techniques of the master. I really want to give the master a thumbs up!


Special lunch

For those who work in the surrounding area, who is not ready for lunch in a hurry, but is unwilling to eat fried chicken thigh burgers every day. 【Jincheng Lanzhou Ramen]Recently, the small partners who are dedicated to the surrounding work have addedLunch specials,It has to be said that it is the quickest and most delicious choice.


bowlScentThe Lanzhou ramen, with delicious tea eggs and a plate of small kimchi, meat lovers add some beef slices,Delicious and nutritious fast!





Hot and sour noodles

Friends with heavy tastes, come here, this bowl of fresh and spicy sangzi noodles isMust order!The ingredients are very rich, including diced meat and various vegetables, which have high nutritional value. The taste is sour and spicy. When you are hungry, eating such a bowl of noodles will satisfy your taste buds and stomach!


Oil splash

If you don't want noodle soup, try this authentic bowlOil splashBar.The wide surface is covered with fragrant red chili powder, and you can smell the very fragrant taste when you serve it on the table.The noodles are so tender and smooth, you can't stop one bite after another!




Spicy Cashew + Spicy Beef Tendon


Good ramen partner –Appetizer!This time, the team tried two cold dishes recommended by the store.Spicy beef tendonSuper tough, tasty and chewy.



Spicy cashewIt is a must-order special cold dish in the store!Cut the waist flower into uniform thickness and match it with the secret red hot pepper. It tastes delicious and has no taint at all!TasteSoft and delicious, it goes well with the strong ramen.Such a tempting plate is served on the table, who doesn't feel greedy after seeing it.Especially in Da Cun, this cold dish is rarely found on restaurant menus.




Hot pot meat


Who said that there are only noodles in Lanzhou Ramen Restaurant?Also tastes greatSmall stir-fry!The most memorable part of the editor is this oneHot pot meat– As a classic appetizer, the ingredients are green and red peppers, green garlic, tempeh, Pixian bean paste, and the pork with the skin is fat but not greasy. With garlic sprouts, it can kill three bowls of rice!


There are also pot-wrapped meat, spicy fried chicken racks, etc.Classic Northeastern Cuisine, and a super mealDry pot seriesOh ~



Jincheng Niangpi

When it comes to Northwest classic food snacks,Stuffed leatherMust have name!The store has recently improved the taste of this dish. It used to be mainly vinegar and garlic juice. After constant and subtle adjustments, the taste is slightly sweet. After being drizzled with sesame sauce, it has a different taste. It smells delicious and tastes even better. Unforgettable.



Inside the storeDecoration stylestill the same as beforeSimple and elegant style, as small as a table and a chair, as large as a decorative mural, revealing a sense of sophistication everywhere, it can be seen that the boss has put in a lot of effort!



This bowl of authentic Lanzhou beef noodles, no matter whatOne personstill isfriends family reunion, BothA great choice for delicious and affordable.Xiaobian finish this bowl first!Waiting for you to share delicious food~


Food benefits

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You can get a tea egg!

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