Immediately the video conference meal has not been made yet? The take-out has to wait for half an hour? Rely on it to save my work week

Although I learned a good cooking skill this year,
But the dinner on weekdays always becomes the number one problem in our family
As a dual-income family in the Bay Area
My teammates and I got up in the morning and got busy until 12 noon
I found that there was nothing in the refrigerator and I could eat it right away
Why does it take more than half an hour to order takeaway delivery?
Look at the calendar again at 1pm and there will be a meeting
(It’s the kind that must show up and not fish.)
In a hurry, I quickly cooked a bubble and faced it.
Shared my hard lunch with a colleagueRear
BentocartThis website,
I clicked in and found that I could arrange a week’s meal,
Don't worry, just need to arrange!
Can't you wait?Welcome to scan the code first to see what's delicious
Bentocart websiteFirst Experience

You can order dishes from different restaurants at once

The first thing that surprised me was that inBentocart's websiteYou can order food from different restaurants at one time, so you don’t have to worry about which one to order, so you can satisfy your desire to order a favorite dish from one family and deliver it at the same time~
Even a long-distance restaurant can also be delivered, such as the Internet celebrity restaurant in San Francisco, you can eat it at home~ and alsoNo Sales tax!

Can be booked in advance for a whole week of delivery

Secondly, Bentocart has the function of planning a week's diet."Brick movers" families like ours often forget the time to eat when they are busy. They will order takeaways when they are too hungry, and they will have no appetite when they arrive!So arrange a week’s meal at one time~delivered on time~you can eat on time without entanglement!
 BentocartFirst experience of takeaway 
BentocartThere are so many businesses~
Family members want to eat Cantonese food, I want some spicy food!
Korean food looks good, and the bento is also delicious,
So we ordered dishes from four different restaurants~

About delivery

BentocartThe order and delivery time of the meal is divided into two periods:
Meals can be ordered from Monday to Wednesday and delivered on Thursday
Order food from Thursday to Sunday and deliver it on Monday next week

After ordering, I will continue to work~BentocartVery considerately, a text message reminder was sent 15 minutes before the meal was served, and there is also a tracking page with a map attached, so you can see where the rider is in real time.

About packaging

OnBentocartThe food placed on the order is cooked and cold when delivered to the home and needs to be heated by itself.But the packaging is very tight, using two layers of bags, the outermost layer is the kind of insulation, and there is a layer of paper bags inside.Because all the meals are cooked, if you are too lazy to order every day, you can order more, take out the food to be eaten first, and heat the others directly into the refrigerator~

About takeaway food

Give everyone a wave of our hearty dinner~🍚

Roast Duck

Harborview Hyatt Place
Kaiyuehui’s grilled duck has crispy skin and a thin layer of fat underneath. It is delicious with tender duck meat!The duck itself is already very tasty, and a little bit of sauce will give it a little more sweetness
The red sauce is plum sauce. The sweet and sour sauce is more appetizing. This kid likes it very much~ The black sauce is sweet soy sauce, which is a classic match~


Image source: Dan F. (@Yelp)
Daeho everyone should eat it often. The meat is rotten and soft, and it can be easily peeled off the bones.The sauce is the common Korean hot sauce, which is a bit sweet in the spicy.Rice cakes are also delicious.If you eat too much, you will get tired, you can eat it with the pickles they send, and you can eat another bowl!
In fact, I want to eat Daeho before the epidemic, and I often have to line up for two hours.Now with Bentocart, some Internet celebrity restaurants can be delivered directly to your home, and you can eat whatever you want~
In fact, there are already a lot of Standard servings. Two people can eat at least two meals.It also comes with two servings of white rice (friends who want to lose weight can choose purple rice), and the rest can be ordered directly from other restaurants. You don’t have to think about ordering staple food from each family~
Welcome to scan the QR code to order food 👇
The work meals for this week have been arranged

9 box bento

For the 9-square bento at Delica, the C-position is of course meatballs.The outside is slightly charred, and the inside is a soft mass.It seems that horseshoe (water chestnut) was added, adding a bit of crunchy texture to the meatballs.
The one with the deep-fried skin didn't really reveal what was inside, but it was soft inside and had a bit of milky flavor.Red sushi with shrimp meat inside (it tastes a bit like crayfish meat).
The purple rice sweet tofu skin sushi is quite satisfactory, the tofu skin is the sweetness of Japanese sushi, although this nine-square bento has nothing to recommend, it is generally good~


Chuan Yu
Chuanyu’s Griddle Pork Intestines are still good~ It’s different from the Griddle you have eaten before. The thick tempeh flavor and the crispy skin of the Pork Intestines.It is recommended to finish eating after the first heating, and it will be a bit hard after the second heating~
Overall, I was very satisfied with this meal today~ The best thing about this platform is that you can order different restaurants at the same time~ Although it was cold when it was delivered,BentocartThe dishes on the menu are selected in cooperation with various restaurantsA dish that does not affect the texture or taste too much after heating!People who move bricks give three meals a dayBentocartIt's a good choice~ and inBentocartOrder isSales tax freeYo~
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Welcome to scan the QR code to order food 👇
The work meals for this week have been arranged

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