You can have morning tea without going to Chinatown. How about the Houston Tang Tea Garden? | One Dim Sum探店

Since I wrote the closing summary last time
Enthusiastic readers told us
It is said that the chef of Tangchayuan
QuitOne Dim Sum
(Review the article and poke here👉Tang Tea Garden, a cow with a mouth,
Pangni BBQ, Asian restaurant...Inventory of those restaurants that quietly leave Houston in 2020)
Searched with curiosity
This restaurant in Mid-Town
It's exactly the same as Tang ChayuanPumpkin Ball!
On the left is Tangchayuan, on the right is One Dim Sum
It can’t be said that it doesn’t matter, it’s exactly the same
So decisively
Go to the shop with the camera on your back!

The urban structure of Houston is amazing
City centerNot as good as in big cities like New York and Chicagobustling
insteadSomewhat depressed
AndMidtownIs a magical area
Interesting little shop and restaurantVery much
Many young people in Texas before they got married and moved to big suburban houses
Is the happiness spent here(single)Time

Drove to the door, in the small square unexpectedlyParked full

It turns out that the other side of the square is Gyu-KakuHorns

No wonder parking spaces are so tight

Compared with the traditional Cantonese teahouse, this shop is more decoratedModern and concise

The guestsA few tables scattered

Mainly Chinese and foreigners

Look at the menu again

Traditional morning tea + fusion new dishes

Just as they position themselves

"We serve Dim Sum and

Classic Chinese dishes

with a creative twist"

It's a pity one of the signaturesPumpkin puffNo more

Can’t compare with Tang Chayuan

But we tried a lot of traditional or innovative dim sum

Divided by performanceThree echelons

Come togetherLet's see how this store performs


The author's single experience, for reference only

Pork Shrimp Shaomai $7

The classic tradition that can’t go wrong, styleSmall and exquisite, ShrimpSweet and delicious, You can also feel the joy of the embellished roe popping in your mouth~


Fried rice noodles with shrimp $7

Soft rice rolls, crispy fried dough sticks, and springy shrimp, The taste of each ingredient has been achieved!


I added a pinch to the shrimpFungus, Adds a bit of crunchy texture and freshness, delicious!


Black Pepper Beef Crisp $8

Although the name is only one word away, it is different from the black pepper venison crisp of Tangchayuan. The closer version may be on the menu.Barbecued Pork Crisp


It’s amazing when you put it in your mouth, the skin is really super super crisp, almostBreak at the touch!The black pepper sauce has a strong flavor, but the catch is that the sweet fragrance has a little sourness (a bit like the taste of Lee Kum Kee black pepper sauce?)


Fresh and crispy shrimp dumplings $6


The shrimp dumplings are very cute,Pink gradientThe skin is very beautiful~

Shrimp dumplingsCrystal clear.Skin is complete, It's off the pad with a light pick, but I like itClear skinMore flexible.ShrimpFull of particles, I have eaten delicious shrimp dumplings~

⭐️so so⭐️
Golden Sea Prawn Ball $7

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍The shrimp ball part is delicious,It's very hot,LargeShrimp plump.FleshyVery Q bomb, It is very satisfying to eat.

The point of deduction lies in this flashy look, which has a perfect sense of ritual, but it will drop scum everywhere.The bigger problem is the garlic sauce at the bottom,Too salty, AndStrong ginger flavor.If the sauce diminishes, this dish is still recommended.


Steamed chicken feet with black bean sauce $5

Phoenix ClawTender and boneless, It is very tasty, the degree of fat of the chicken feet is just right, not greasy, quite satisfactory.

🚫Not recommended🚫
Crystal beef dumplings $6


This is an unplanned dish. The glutinous rice chicken that was supposed to be wrong was turned into a cage of beef dumplings. It looks lovely, but the taste is confusing and full of mouthfuls.Only salty, The sweetness and beef aroma are nowhere to be found, so I do not recommend it here.


Pan-fried Vegetable Meat Bun $6

This dish of eye-catching green small buns is said to be fried but stuckA little oily and a little dryThe awkward state of the oily skin is a little greasy, and it will not be included in the repurchase list.


🚫 Controversial🚫
Black caviar and enoki mushroom dumplings $8

The highest unit price of this steamed dish, I ate it, but my colleagues in the same industry liked it very much.


The problem is that the top preciouscaviar.It’s different from the crispy caviarSoft and waxy, It melts in your mouth as soon as you sip, but the wife is too fishy!


Maybe because I don’t eat sea urchins, I can’t bear the warm gift of the ocean. People who like sea urchins may like this dish~


Service quality

I don’t know if the epidemic has affected restaurant operations

From the first dish to the whole dish

It took 45 minutes

There are also cases of missing and wrong dishes


In general

Compared with the traditional morning tea shop, this shop

More expensive.

More ingenuity.

Innovative cuisineThe chance of stepping on thunder is also higher.

butThe signature dishes are still remarkable.

If you live close,

Tired of eating traditional morning tea again,

If you want to try new tricks,

You can consider this store.

Store information card

🏠 shop

One Dim Sum


510 Gray St Suite D, Houston, TX 77002

☎️ Phone

(346) 293-9188

🕒Business hours

11 am-8pm daily

Closed on Monday


(I.e.Takeaway (I.e.Takeaway (I.e.Dine

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