LA Getaway Forest Cabin Experience | A Weekend Trip That Goes Away

Love nature, want to get close to nature,
It’s probably human nature,
Living in the city every day,
Sometimes it is inevitable to want a little peace,
So there isGetaway House.
Can stay away from the city temporarily,
First choice for short-term vacation this fall weekend!

🏠Getaway House 🏠


  • It is a small holiday cottage far from the city, with holiday bases in the following cities in the United States: Atlanta, Boston, DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York (East/West Catskills), Pittsburgh and Cleveland, Portland.

  • The base is usually located in the woods with beautiful scenery and quiet environment about two hours' drive from the city.

  • The number of wooden houses on each base varies, and each wooden house maintains privacy and independence, allowing people to keep a distance from others and enjoy quietness and natural scenery.

  • Each cabin has a kitchen, toilet, bathroom and air conditioning, but WiFi is not provided.

  • The price of Getaway House in Los Angeles is usually $200-500/night.

  • Getaway House can be accessed through the official websitehttps://getaway.houseMake a reservation.




When we arrived at Getaway House, it was about four in the afternoon.

In the woods near Big bear lake, the trees are still very verdant, the tall and straight pine trees rise straight into the sky, and the ground is full of fallen pine cones and dry branches.

Ms. Hu Xiaojiu got out of the car bouncingly, actively moved all the wine into the room, and then told me, come to fight!

She meant to drink me to death.And I, multiplied by ten, are not as powerful as her alone.

Seeing this, please don't get me wrong, we are not two women who are frustrated in their lives preparing to kill themselves.

We just want to give our lives a pause, in the lonely woods, facing the autumn sky, the bird whispers in the woods, and the disappeared WiFi, we will be drunk.

In life, in the workplace, we are accustomed to rushing forward, we can't stop, we can't give ourselves a retreat, we must never move forward.

But the accumulated emotions always need a way out.

It is not to escape, to escape is the choice of the weak.We just want to pause, as stated in the card of Getaway House, Refresh and recharge in your usual environment.

Modern people, even if they just walk, how far can they go?Driving for two hours is probably just right.

We depart at two noon and we don’t know the destination until twelve., This is the mystery and surprise that Getaway House gives us.

Compared to setting off to an established destination, the unknown journey is obviously more exciting.

With the deviation from the city, people become more and more excited.


There are actually many rooms around, all with different names.

But each room is surrounded by trees, and the location is also very clever, so you can't see each other.But everyone is looking for silence, no one will bother each other.

We sat on the chairs outside the door and started drinking, listening to music, and dancing.Because there is no gaze, you can have no scruples and be very free.

Only the sunlight shining through the layers of branches and leaves, from a certain angle, looks like the light of Disco, dazzling and dazzling.

Buenos aires means "beautiful air" in Spanish.Some people and things can actually be started again without going to Buenos Aires.

It just needs a little time, just be quiet.

Watching the surrounding trees change from green to oily green to green, we circled the campsite before sunset.

I found a row of rooms facing the cliffs and valleys, beautifully nostalgic.We finished the last half bottle of plum wine there.

I told Hu Xiaojiu that this is simply a place for dating. You should bring your younger brother or younger sister to face the cliff and talk about love.

Hu Xiaojiu said, you can also bring your little brother and little sister at the same time.

This... as long as you are happy.

The moon rose and hung on the tip of the pine tree, too bright.The woods became more silent and quiet.

We play cards, do math problems, drink, sing, and dance in the room.Don't worry about the sound insulation effect, and don't worry about disturbing the neighbors downstairs, because there is no downstairs.So you can indulge.

That whole side of the unblockable glass makes people feel like sleeping in the woods.

Before I fell drunk, I took one last look outside. For the first time, I felt that the dark forest made me feel so reassuring.



The next day I woke up amidst the singing of birds and sunlight, a bit of a sunrise.

The sunlight in the city may be too twisty, but the sunlight in the forest is bright and hearty.Under this kind of shining, no one is immune.

Can only get up to take pictures.Checking in for souvenirs is essential for modern people.

Of course, if we don’t do our best to take pictures, there are probably only these pale and empty texts at this moment. How can we use the fullest enthusiasm to get away from everyone.

Since we came back, many friends asked various questions curiously.So before the end of the article, we have also sorted out some loving tips for everyone.


Remember to bring more wine and food, Within half an hour's drive around, nothing can be bought.Of course, the mobile phone still has a signal, but you can choose to force the power off.


Can make a fire, But not on the day we went;Can BBQ, But the raw materials should be brought with you;Can also cook, But the kitchen is very small and can do only limited; a small amount of food and drinks are provided in the room.

It's time to getaway



There are many insects in the forest. Although there are insect repellent devices, they are stillIt is recommended that you bring your own medicine to prevent mosquito bites.


Bring a Bluetooth speaker.It seems to be in the room, but we used the built-in one, so we are not sure if it provides a Bluetooth speaker or a radio.


There are dice and playing cards in the room, There is also a booklet teaching you to play various games.Of course, if there is wine, these are basically useless.


Keep quiet outdoors, Because everyone is really quiet, even if you drink too much, it’s best to only make noise in your room.


The largest floor-to-ceiling glass in the room has no curtains, There is no cover, can not be closed, but we like it, it is precisely this.


Has a toilet and can shower, The water temperature is low;There is a small air conditioner, which can cool and heat, The effect is not bad;There is a refrigerator.

It's time to getaway


Book in advance, the sooner the better, and now it's basically finished in November.


Panshan Road is not easy to open, Everyone is driving carefully.When approaching the camp,Look for the entrance, Please slow down, so as not to miss it.


It's time to getaway

Then I hug you, and the summer is over

From the outskirts of the night of grace to the urban daily life that begins again

On the way home from a gallop, I saw it

Fireworks rising into the sky across the hill

-Nomura Kikazuo

We leave and come back, everything is the same

that's nice

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