Eggcellent! We discovered the secret to making eggs at McDonald's…

Everyone must have eaten McDonald's breakfast, but have you noticed that the eggs in Egg McMuffin and Bacon, Egg $ Cheese Biscuit (bacon, eggs and cheese muffins) are actually different?Watch carefully:

Eggs in McMahon are round; eggs in Bacon Egg Cheese Muffins are folded into squares.

So the question is, why does McDonald's make eggs into different shapes and types?Are eggs not tasty enough on their own?Will different practices affect the taste of each breakfast item?

McDonald's eggs "pornography"

On Saturday, a TikTok blogger who identified himself as a McDonald's employee posted a video showing how folded square eggs and round eggs are made in the McDonald's back kitchen.

The square folded egg looked golden (perhaps due to light and filters), filling the appetite and reminiscent of tamagoyaki.The round eggs seem to stick to the pan, but I have to admit that they are absolutely fresh, and the eggs are just taken out of the box.

The blogger also said the difference between the two, that is👇

Folded eggs are pre-made and can be heated after unpacking, while round eggs are cracked and fried in a mold.

In a short period of time, the video has reached 1530 million views and has now doubled.

You must know that on TikTok, it is serious content that does not go out, and fancy secrets spread thousands of miles, especially about chain brands, no matter what, as long as the news is revealed, it will be fried.

No, after watching the video, many people are both angry and shocked, McDonald's, you big-eyed guy!He actually made so many flower heads on the eggs! !Next time I buy breakfast, I'll have to reconsider! ! !

For round eggs and square eggs, their respective supporters also stand on opposite sides. It seems that the public is right and the mother is right.But as of now, McDonald's officials have not officially responded or commented on the video.

To be or not to beRound or square, that is the question

So, since a folded square egg is a "cooking bag", can it still be eaten?

The person who asks this question may want to know two things: First, are there any other ingredients in addition to the egg liquid itself?Second, will the microplastics in the packaging enter the eggs?

These two questions have not yet been answered, but some people claiming to be current and former McDonald's employees on online forums have made their own comments and explanations:

"To make a round egg, the shell is directly cracked on the oven and put into the mold. The square folded egg is made by freezing the egg liquid in a large box in advance, and then reheating it in the oven." ——One A three-year-old McDonald's employee

"In the 80s, at McDonald's, we were hand-frying folded square eggs. Pour the egg mixture into a large container, beat it well, and pour it into the oven machine until it's cooked." --- McDonald's Workers

Out of curiosity, I also specifically asked my boyfriend's sister.This American girl, who was self-reliant through work-study programs, had her first off-campus job as a part-time job at a McDonald's near her home.

She said that the square omelet was indeed made by hand at that time, and she had made some of it herself. After seeing the video, she was a little surprised. It turned out that it has been changed to pre-made.

"It's not that I don't understand, McDonald's is also changing fast," she said, who has now become an urban beauty professional woman.

Turning around to answer the previous question, is it better to choose a round omelette when ordering breakfast at McDonald's?

Let’s just say, if you’re looking for fresh protein, go for round eggs; if you still like the texture and texture of a square omelet, or simply think it’s better with muffins, then you’re done.

What happened to eggs at McDonald's over the years?

In 1977, McDonald's introduced its first nationwide breakfast menu, which included hot cakes, sausage, egg muffins, scrambled eggs, hash browns, Danish, orange juice and coffee.Everyone pay attention, the eggs on the propaganda posters are also round.

With the change and development of time, in the brief history of fried eggs at McDonald's, there are a total of 5 different cooking methods for eggs:

Round round omeletteScrambled Scrambled eggs

Folded Square Folded Eggs

White protein

(that is, pure egg whites, usually served with breakfast sets)

Sausage egg scramble Sausage Scrambled Eggs

(for serving with tortillas)

Some say the round omelette is the only fresh egg at McDonald's because sooner or later you'll end up with a few shells out of your breakfast.

In order to prove that their eggs are indeed fresh, Mac Danlau once held an event, when customers go to the store to order food, they can ask the clerk to take out the eggs and take a look.

But everyone almost got it, don't be like the big brother below, ask the manager to see the eggs when you enter the door. .

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