Food Squad

The most influential food recommendation and lifestyle community in North America

When we were young, we were eager to explore the outside world...
When we grow up, we start to miss the familiar smell of rice...
Later, we searched for the taste of home in the vast crowd...
We are the food squad, let you who are in North America find the familiar taste.

High Flow
WeChat Official Account
WeChat community
Message interaction
7 million +
Quality cooperation
Promotion case
1.6 million+
Media matrix
Cumulative pageviews
160 million +
Active fan users
High-quality cooperation promotion case
100 million
Cumulative search on the palm map
Food Chronicle
"Los Angeles Food Squad"
Established in the everyone group
Foodie drawn
The first Los Angeles foodie map
And established the Bay Area Rudder
Chihuo has launched its own website
And successively established Seattle, Vancouver,
New York, Boston, DC sub-rudder
Food shop is online
Food truck stalls
Held the first Foodie Asian Restaurant Week
And established the Toronto sub-rudder
Chihuo established the Atlanta branch rudder
Original hand-painted food map released in multiple cities
Chihuo held the first Chihuo Food Festival, Chihuo Night Market
Released the most powerful tool to search for restaurants in North America
And founded the Mini Program Hot Pot Festival
The discount mini program "Rice Meal Ticket" is launched
Created the first public news account "The Big Bang Theory in Silicon Valley"
Chihuo created a public news account with a wider coverage
"Los Angeles 24 Hours" and "North American Jet Lag Party"
Create a series of live events
Set up a Canadian branch
Set up branches in Toronto and Vancouver
In March 2018, the food squad held the first brand food festival in Los Angeles
In 2016, the food store was officially launched
After the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, a brand new series of webinars on the catering industry in North America was opened and hosted.
In 2020, when the epidemic hits, the food squad opened and hosted a new North American lecture hall
In September 2018, the food squad held its own food night market for the first time
In 2014, the food squad spent 2000 hours drawing the first Los Angeles food map.
In the face of consumers living in isolation and cooking at home during the epidemic stage, the food squad has opened and hosted the series of [Chow Canteen]
In June 2020, the food squad joined hands with the US version of Taobao to open the Taobao live broadcast channel
Some cooperative brands
Part of the cooperative media
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