The world’s top strawberries [Fukuoka Hakata & Alesuki Strawberry] LA limited sale! The stars are its fans


U.S. Emperor's tallest and most delicious fruit


Only this!Cover your wallet







Do Not Stop Eating

It's so cute and love, and some fruits!

Who is the celebrity in the fruit world?


If there is a C position in the strawberry world?

That must be Nissan Fukuoka strawberry

Each plant only leaves a few fruits

Each is carefully nurtured and matured

Look at the current major Internet celebrities and stars are chasing TA

For example, Edison Chen is a loyal fan of it
Suned more than once 👇

Do you really want to eat? !

Worried about not being able to buy such high-quality strawberries? !

Come to Weee!Look

Super new products brought by air freight


Big red strawberry, light snow strawberry

South African Lychee, Pink Pineapple


Delicious fruits in the pink series
It's both festive and healing

Because the price is relatively high, the quantity is small

This time we quietly entered dozens of copies


Do Not Stop Eating And Laughing




miss you

Cute love

Only eat


Fukuoka Hakata Strawberry🍓

Bright and lovely strawberries,

Just like the first peach blossom in spring.

Pleasant fruity fragrance

Sweet and sour taste

Make people want to stop

Speaking of the king of strawberries

Strawberry controllers must be able to think of it

Hakata Sweet King "AMAOU"

Hakata Sweet King "AMAOU" (あまおう)

Is a famous strawberry in Fukuoka Prefecture

The biggest feature is that the head is big enough

The weight is about 1.2 times that of ordinary strawberries!

The sweet taste blends with the right acidity

Exudes the characteristic rich fragrance of strawberries

Relatively firm flesh is juicy and delicious

Called the best of strawberries

The name of Hakata sweet king "Amaou"

Derived from the Japanese word "AKAI(あかい)",


"OOKII (おおきい)",

The first word of "UMAI (うまい)" is combined to mean "color red" and "round shape"

"Big size" "Taste good"

The combination just has the meaning of "the king of sweet strawberries"

Full of strawberries, craftsmen hope it can become

The best strawberry

Good wishes

Price: $29.99/1 pound

Scan the QR code to purchase and deliver it to your door!





miss you

Cute love

Only eat


Light snow strawberry

Recently super hot light snow strawberry

Known as the "white rich beauty" of strawberries

When White Strawberry was first launched
A small box can be fried to 700 RMB!


Without going out to eat the sea and drink the waves

I actually found a super high-end specialty store

Light snow strawberries are limited daily!

This is so beautiful!

Smell it, it's the taste of money!

Want the same blush number! !

Strawberries are so girlish, and the fans are bubbling!

Appearance crystal transparent

Vaguely revealing pink, as light as snow

That girl can refuse!


Compared to red strawberries
The sweetness of white strawberries is even higher

Peel and pulp present a beautiful pale pinkish white
Strawberry flavor is strong, you can smell it without opening the lid

And the taste of white strawberry is extremely rich


Moisture and clear snow white with a touch of pink
Cut white strawberries, the whole body is as white as moon
Full of moisture, thin fruit fibers are faintly visible


In the first bite, there is a faint peach flavor
Then there is a very strong strawberry flavor

A strawberry can taste the taste of peach
Some people say that they also have a touch of coconut/caramel


The strong strawberry flavor bursts in the mouth
Even the throat becomes smooth and sweet


Now you can eat it in the U.S.
Fresh white strawberries shipped by air from Japan!


Price: $42.99/1 pound

Real Japanese air freight, cold chain preservation throughout
Ship it directly to you upon arrival


Scan the QR code to purchase and deliver it to your door!




miss you

Cute love

Only eat


Costa Rica Pineapple

Come out after a thousand calls

Costa Rica's "Good Nong" Pineapples Popular in the World

Freshly landed on Weee!

Treasures from Costa Rica, "The Kingdom of Pineapples"

Costa Rica is located in southern Central America
10 degrees north latitude, 84 degrees west longitude
The Caribbean Sea to the east and the North Pacific to the west
Blessed geographical location
Brings the most suitable subtropical climate for pineapple cultivation
Excellent environmental conditions and long planting history
Brewing a unique high-quality pineapple
Pink and tender flesh

Interprets unique charm

Plump pulp, rich juice

Take a few bites in a leisurely afternoon


Not only cute

And it tastes great!

Sweet and juicy, delicious and sweet

Every pineapple picked from the tree

From the moment I left the branch, I decided where I was going

Fresh and delicious delivered to your tongue

Elegant and sweet aroma and taste

Soft and dense, rich fruity aftertaste

The scent is full of sunshine

Price: $32.99/pc

Scan QR codePurchase and delivery




miss you


"One ride Hongchen concubine laughs, no one knows that it is lychee"

Lychee has been the most delicious fruit since ancient times

The juice is full and the meat is thick


You can still eat fresh lychees from South Africa this season

Happiness can't be more than that ❤️

Limited first release, even faster to eat!

Price: $18.49/2 pound
Scan QR codePurchase and delivery

Pink Lemon

Pink lemon is a variant of Ukulele lemon

So it has the appearance of yellow and green variegated stripes

Pink lemon has a unique appearance and taste

Very suitable for daily diet

It is also very suitable for barbecue food and cocktails

Scan QR codePurchase and delivery
Rose apple

The "pink girl" in the apple world rose apple

The unique style of sweet and sour with strawberry lemonade

Vibrant pink pulp

Crunchy and juicy

Price: $16.99/3 pound

Scan QR codePurchase and delivery!
Chilean Golden Apricot

Gold with tender powder, smooth and bright and beautiful, extremely beautiful

And more attractive is the sweet and sour taste

Put it aside for more fragrant and softer waxy

Price: $11.49/2 pound

Scan QR codePurchase and delivery! 

What can I buy in Weee!
Seasonal fruits and vegetables.Meat seafood

Baked Pasta.Snack drinks

Beauty care.Grain and Oil Seasoning

Daily necessities.Custard Soy

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