New York Spring Must-Eat List | Hairy Crabs, Guancha Cookies, Mengniu Pure Zhen, Handmade Musang King Durian Pizza is here!

The weather is finally getting warmer,

The tender green branches and buds can gradually be seen on the tree.

A warm breeze came,

Only to find that there is a breath of spring everywhere.

This season is most suitable for outing,

As a professional cook,

How can outing without the company of delicious food?

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Weee brings a variety of new spring products: Japanese desserts, Chinese desserts, and delicious seafood such as hairy crabs waiting for you to discover!

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Such a good wool is not white or white!

Hairy crab

All kinds of hairy crabs have officially landed in Weee!

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Plump sticky waxyCrab paste,Cotton thick and deliciousThe crab roe, and thatWhite as mutton fat jade, The tender and sweet crabmeat... just think about it and drool!

Thirteen Fragrant Hairy Crabs, Spicy Hairy Crabs, Clear Water Hairy Crabs

There are so many flavors, don't miss it.

The original fresh-water hairy crabs, when you open the crab shell, you can see a lot of crab paste and crab yolk that are overflowing. With a bite, the delicious and thick taste makes people hard to believe it is a frozen crab!

The thirteen incense, which is made by grinding thirteen kinds of Chinese herbal medicines into powder, is one of the essential seasonings in the kitchen.Used to braise and cook hairy crabs, and bring the crabs that are so fresh that they lose their eyebrowsA touch of warm fragrance of Chinese medicine.

Spicy hairy crabs exudesStrong butter milk aroma, The spiciness is moderate, and people who can’t eat spicy dry rice can eat it with confidence.The spicy flavour is accompanied by the strong umami flavor of the hairy crabs.

You can still pay attention to the remaining soup after eating.Pour it on the noodles and wait until the noodles are full of the soup,Take a sip, full of fragrance.

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Mengniu Pure Zhen

image'Milk sat on the slide'The same Mengniu Pure Zhen yogurt series has officially landed on Weee!


The taste is light and the mouth is smooth.The sweet and sour taste is accompanied by the rich milky flavour. Whether it is eaten alone or accompanied by fruit cereal, it is a delicate meal to enjoy.

Red grapefruit flavor

Sweet and sour, full of VC, pleasant fragrance, smooth taste, moist and moist, make people fall in love with one bite

Mango Cheese Flavor

The plump and juicy fresh mango is added with rich cheese, and behind the sweetness there is a thick cheese salty fragrance.

(Fedor on Unsplash)

Red dates wolfberry flavor

Red dates with wolfberry, the most healthy match!

Rich jujube fragrance, exactly the same as the jujube yogurt that I drank when I was young!

(Mona Mok on Unsplash)

There are more flavors, inwww.sayweee.comWaiting for you to discover!

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Naisue no tea Naisue sparkling water white peach flavor

The beauty of the bottle alone makes me unable to resist the desire to buy!

Not to mention it is my favorite fruit milk covered tea——Nayuki's teaThe fruity sparkling water is out~

After drinking, the taste is really online!

Open the lid and there will be fine bubbles and water dropletsRich and sweet white peach flavorBashing~

The peaches are full of fragrance and full of air.

0 sugar 0 fat 0 calories, I declare it is my happy water this summer!

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Pear cream lollipops under the tree/hawthorn lollipops

Spring is here, summer is not far away...

Ganfanren Xiaobian’s weight loss plan is on the agenda again!

Rely on this lollipop to continue your life when you are greedy!

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What, you said you can’t eat sugar for weight loss? NONONO, this lollipop usesIsomalt, Is an excellent substitute for sucrose, starch sugar and other sugar alcohols!

Low calories and no strange sugar substitutes and fake sweetness.After ingestion, blood sugar and blood lipids will not increase!And it's the same style as Wang Yibo! !

Want to lose weight but are afraid of being greedy?Buy it!

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Japanese Chikodo Half-cooked Cake Cheese Cake

This little cheese cake has been popular for more than half a year, but the popularity has not diminished at all.

I found it to live up to the reputation-because only Hokkaido's independent milk source is used, the rich milky fragrance spreads between the lips and teeth, the gentle aroma of cheese is soft and long, and the soft and tender cake is delicate and light. Burden~

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Handmade Musang King Durian Pizza

Durian lovers please stand up!!No longer have to look at the countryMy friend, I can also eat durian pizza in the United States!!

Top-quality Musang King durian pulp,Soft and tender like eating milk cake, With full of brushed mozzarella cheese, salty and sweet interlaced, it will feel bursting after a bite!Don't be too satisfied!

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Guancha Almond Pistachio Matcha Nougat

Using American pistachio, Japanese matcha, French butter, Madagascar vanilla and other ingredients from 7 countries, theThe delicacy of the whole world gathers in a small candyFor you.

The bite is crispy at first.As the candy melts, the fragrance of milk and tea gradually spread in the mouth.Chewing, the nougat becomes sticky, soft and sweet, and the pistachio is crispy, adding a tempting nutty aroma.

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Guancha Shuangcha Xiaohua Cookies 

One bite, crispy and crunchy, melts in your mouth, you can finish a box if you are not careful.

Matcha floret cookies, using Guancha’s customized baking grade matcha "Luming", Luming matcha is added with expensive natural seaweed ingredients ~ the sweetness of butter cookies and the bitterness of matcha harmoniously blend, the tea is rich in fragrance, and the taste is delicate. Premium taste!

Earl Grey Black Tea Little Flower Cookies, selected British royal family Earl Grey Black tea, uses fermented black tea from India and Sri Lanka as the tea base, supplemented by bergamot oil flavoring, fresh and not greasy, so you can't put it down!

The original butter-flavored floret cookies are made of French imported presidential unsalted butter. The rich milky fragrance instantly fills the lips and teeth when you eat it. The tip of the tongue is lightly pressed and melted with one squeeze, wonderful~

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[MIKAWAYA] Mochi Ice Cream

Matcha mochi is wrapped in a soft and glutinous mochi coat outside of the delicate and fragrant matcha ice cream.TasteSticky and soft, sweet but not greasy.

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The strawberry flavor is so matte and tender that you can see the strawberry particles clearly.Eat upWaxy waxy soft, sour and sweet, rich in fruit aroma.

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In addition to the items mentioned,

Onwww.sayweee.comYou can still find...

Soft shell shrimp that is tender and sweet, fried and eaten with the shell

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JapanNational fish shadThe fattest chin meat,

Thick, soft and rich in fat.

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Popular souvenirs from TaiwanXiaopan Cake Shop pineapple cake,

The outer skin is crispy, and the inner filling is sour and sweet.

You can taste the unique fiber feel of pineapple.

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And Grandpa Cherry’s Southern Date Walnut Cake,

Date fragrant with the special nutty milk flavour of walnuts,

The taste is waxy and sweet,Old and full of flavor.

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Apple pear

Aina apple pear is a super-sweet pear variety introduced to Japan.Have been calledThe sweetest Japanese pear!

Aina apple pears are slightly larger than ordinary pears and can be held in one palm~

The most special thing is its pulpTranslucent white, crispy, sweet and juicy.It's sweet and moisturized in one bite, just like drinking pear juice~

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There are many more, waiting for you to taste one by one...

What are you waiting for?

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Don’t go to the supermarket queuing with fear,

No need to carry big bags in the cold wind,

Weee came to deliver the supermarket to your home.

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