Kumamoto/Alesuki Strawberry, the Japanese air freight that people in the Bay Area steals, returns! 2020 Christmas must-eat Jumbo Crab/Blue Crab freshly delivered

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2020 finally enters the countdown,

For this year of no reluctance

What should it end with?

Christmas 2020 must have a sense of ceremony

Say goodbye to the hated year

Friends in the Bay Area,

Let the delicious come cheer you up

Let us have more courage when we are full,

End 2020~

Then come and see Weee!

What should I eat for Christmas 🎄?

Imported Japanese Kumamoto strawberries and light snow strawberries,

The best online celebrity Australian mango,

Missing dumplings for the winter solstice

There are also all kinds of delicious crabs that can be put on the table

Heal all negative energies and restore vitality.

Do Not Stop Eating And Laughing



Cute love

Only eat

Kumamoto strawberry

How obsessed the Japanese are with strawberries,

You can see one or two by looking at Kumamoto strawberry

🍓Japanese air freight Kumamoto strawberry🍓

Direct world top!

Don't blow or black, just look at buyer reviews👇

Simple and rude, four characteristics:

Red, round, big, sweet

The middle part of Kumamoto strawberries is rich in juice,

Taking a bite, the thick strawberry flavor burst in my mouth,

Even the throat became smooth and sweet.

The strawberry flavor is strong and can be smelled without opening the lid.

After all, it is the packaging of Kumamoto 🐻


After eating this batch, I have to wait for next year ~

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miss you

Cute love

Only eat

Fukuoka Hakata Strawberry🍓

Bright and lovely strawberries,

Just like the first peach blossom in spring.

Pleasant fruity fragrance

Sweet and sour taste

Make people want to stop

Speaking of the king of strawberries

Strawberry controllers must be able to think of it

Hakata Sweet King "AMAOU"

Hakata Sweet King "AMAOU" (あまおう)

Is a famous strawberry in Fukuoka Prefecture

The biggest feature is that the head is big enough

The weight is about 1.2 times that of ordinary strawberries!

The sweet taste blends with the right acidityExudes the characteristic rich fragrance of strawberries

Relatively firm flesh is juicy and delicious

Called the best of strawberries

The name of Hakata sweet king "Amaou"

Derived from the Japanese word "AKAI(あかい)",


"OOKII (おおきい)",

"UMAI (うまい)"The first word of the combination means "color red" and "round shape"

"Big size" "Taste good"

The combination just has the meaning of "the king of sweet strawberries"

Full of strawberries, craftsmen hope it canbecome

The best strawberry

Good wishes

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miss you

Cute love

Only eat

Light snow strawberry

Recently super hot light snow strawberry

Known as the "white rich beauty" of strawberries

One is nearly 3000 yuan? ! ?

Without going out to eat the sea and drink the waves

I actually found Weee!——Limited supply of light snow strawberry pie!

This is so beautiful!

Smell it, it's the taste of money!

Want the same blush number! !

Strawberries are so girlish, and the fans are bubbling!

Appearance crystal transparent

Vaguely revealing pink, as light as snow

That girl can refuse!

The flesh inside the strawberry is white

Smells faint

It tastes lighter than ordinary strawberries

The sour taste is not obvious, but the taste is more sweet

The moisture is comparable to peaches~

Light Snow White Strawberry was originally introduced

Fruit Growers in Nara Prefecture, Japan

After more than 20 years of research and development results

Different from traditional red strawberries

Crystal clear watery white surface

Faintly pink

Like a girl's tender red cheeks

Rich aroma

It feels like being in love with a bite.

Light snow strawberries are different from ordinary red strawberries

Its pulp is almost zero fiber

The skin is very thin

So it doesn’t have too many impurities

It has a smooth taste

"SoSweet" that will make you bite after eating

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miss you

Cute love

Only eat

Australian Mango R2E2

The golden yellow Australian mango is famous all over the world

Is the best mango that can be found on the mainland

The golden appearance releases a sense of elegance

Recognize unusual quality only from appearance

The juice is sweet as honey and the fragrance is very strong

The meat is smooth and delicious

Go down

Mouth full of mango fragrance

Australian mango with large pits

Sweet and rich, unforgettable

The biggest feature-no fiber

Selected Australian imported premium Australian mango

Mango is rich in vitamin C,

Protein, carotene, etc.

And essential trace elements

(Selenium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.)

The content is also high

Australian mango is known as the "king of mango"

 Winter is the season of high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases and arteriosclerosis

And most people have dry skin

Mango contains a lot of vitamin A

Vitamin C and minerals

It has a clear gastrointestinal, anti-cancer and moisturizing effect

And whitening skin

For the prevention and treatment of hypertension and arteriosclerosis

Also has a good effect

Its core can also be used as medicine

Can detoxify, eliminate stagnation, and lower blood pressure

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Eat dumplings on the winter solstice

December 12st is the winter solstice of this year

There are more than one delicious dumplings.

no matter howGold Medal Miss Dumplings.

Whether it's TaixiangSpanish mackerel dumplings

still isMiss dumplings, dumpling king

Weiquan dumplings, Shandong fennel dumplings

You have everything you want!

Eat dumplings and glutinous rice balls during the winter solstice:

Pasta snacks + custard and soy products 

Extra88 off

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And very good value

Egg, milk, tofu

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Net red cylinder duck dog rice buns

Delicious early,

Xiaohongshu has long been a hit~

This little sweet potato is also bought from weee

Now it's blown up~

pc: Xiaohongshu Tomato Rice Noodle Foraging Diary

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Delicious Japanese Okonomiyaki

Otafuku Seafood Okonomiyaki

Japanese vegetable pancakes are a kind of folk delicacy in Kansai, Japan.

It’s also part of Osaka’s food culture,

Representative of pasta culture.

Full of shallots and special soy sauce sauce,

The taste is not greasy, the taste is balanced,

Plus carefully selected cabbage,

Meat and seafood also add a lot of highlights to Okonomiyaki.

This is very easy to do

Put the Okonomiyaki package into a 1000W microwave oven for about 4 minutes

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🦀️Crab Crab Crab🦀️

Actually in North America

Because of the existence of the treasure crab

You don’t have to envy any domestic crab dishes

Regardless of the original steamed juice,

The crispy fried crab in the typhoon shelter,

Hearty spicy crab,

A stocky treasure crab,

Can push the taste of the dishes to the extreme

The Jumbo Crab is an authentic North American "souvenir", so kind as neighbors,

Comes with the warm and pure ocean fragrance of the Pacific Ocean

Never need to spend a lot of time to capture and transport

And losing the original taste is definitely a benefit for North American foodies

Called the "bodybuilder" among crabs,

The Jumbo Crab moves super fast "xiu~",

Five pairs of strong and powerful legs

Let it go in and out like a hurricane. It is a "violent general" among the crab catchers

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Blue crab 

The delicious Maryland blue crab is simply the American hairy crab

The yellow female crab is even more addictive

Every fall is the time when the blue crab meat is the most fat.

It is very fresh by air freight from Maryland,

The crab meat is super plump and sweet.

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Do Not Stop Eating And Laughing

There are also delicious South African lychees and Chilean cherries

You can also have off-season fruits on the Christmas table

Lychee ⬇️


What can I buy in Weee!

Seasonal fruits and vegetables.Meat seafood

Baked Pasta.Snack drinks

Beauty care.Grain and Oil Seasoning

Daily necessities.Custard Soy

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