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Everything in the world, aesthetic food and love, and wool cannot be disappointed.

ThisPanda takeawayWith a sincere heart, I met the food of West Village,

When the wool stalks Seattle's little tail in April and refuses to let go,

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Then you andRed panda'S story is about to begin like this~

Panda Takeaway joins hands with Seattle's three major business districts:

 DT | UW | Bellevue 

  Joint launchFull 25-10, full 50-20 Limited time activities

And all within the business district 0 shipping!


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Tea soup party, Xi'an snacks, sugar tide, meet every day...

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Huada business district 5 steps 0 shipping

(I.e. Xi'an Snack  Seattle's established reputation restaurant

 Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

Full 20-10 full 50-25

Cumin Lamb NoodlesSalty and slightly spicy,

Qishan Whistle NoodleIt's sour and spicy,

Pork with Cured SauceJuicy meaty,

Sad Hot and Sour NoodlesSplashing oil is fresh and spicy.

This is walking on the streets of Xi'an

Unconsciously follow the smell of the small pavilion stepping into the fragrance

It is also the taste of hometown that overseas travellers miss when they are hungry

Cumin Lamb Noodles

Shred the onion, mince the lamb, heat up the pan with oil, and mix with cumin

Words can’t describe the one ten thousandth flavor of cumin lamb noodles

Only the taste of Xi'an snacks in memory jumped to the tip of the tongue,


🍰 Sugar tide  Exclusive Exclusive of Rocky Salted Egg Yolk Pop Cake

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

Full 25-10 full 50-20

With super thick rock-boiled salted egg yolk cake,

This treasure dessert shop that has been silent for a long time in the great area of ​​China

Finally to be seen!

Salted egg yolk stars call crazy

And leave behind the excitement and tears of the star-chaser girl

Super thick rock roasted salted egg yolk cake

Each order is limited to one to know how popular this one is.

The cake cuts the hidden universe in one fell swoop:

The top is the scorched skin, the taro mash is inside, and the seaweed and pork floss are wrapped.

The golden salted egg yolk gurgled out along the gap,

I can’t help myself to ignite my desire for sweets in an instant,

???? ️ Shu Liuxiang  Authentic Hot Spicy Sichuan Cuisine

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

Full 25-10 full 50-20

Swipe left or right to see more

Every time I recommend Shu Liuxiang to a friend, I have to say:

He has a huge amount of food, don’t order too much~

As a Sichuan cuisine, Shu Liuxiang will really taste good and not expensive.

Clearly implemented to benefit diners

As the former site of Shandong Baozipu, Shu Liuxiang still does not forget his original aspirations.

Continue to make buns/dumplings with heart

Braised Beef Noodle (Spicy)

Soy sauce is common for beef noodles

AndSpicy beef noodlesBut you can't find it

If you are also a carnivore

So Shu Liuxiang's braised beef noodle is definitely your pick

(I.e. Dake  Focus on classic Northeastern dishes

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

Full 25-10 full 50-20

Chicken stew with mushroomsToNortheast Chaos

Tohoku Mushu MeatToDi Sanxian

AgainSixi Meatballs Wrapped Pork in Pot

Xiao Dake's Intensive Research on Various Northeastern Dishes

Has surpassed the dish itself

As a communicator of Northeast culture, it took root and sprouted in Seattle.

Chicken stew with mushrooms

Best local chicken + Northeast vermicelli with wild hazel mushrooms

Touching passion in a casserole to knock out the soul of Dongbei cuisine

The materials set off to a great extentThe freshness and tenderness of the chicken

Restored to the true and pure for the dinersHometown taste

DT business district 5 steps 0 shipping

(I.e. Good tea restaurant  

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

Full 25-10 full 50-20

Come on, come on!He is coming 🤩

The original recipe of A+ Hong Kong Kitchen's new store "Good Tea Restaurant"!Familiar taste~ 

Super rich creamy cheese baked spaghetti,

Paired with pineapple oil, a classic Hong Kong-style snack,

Worthy of being the originator of Cantonese cuisine with shrimp map💞

(I.e. Tea party  Net Red Tea Shop

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

88% off for self-collection

Enjoy another $4 shipping coupon

Seattle lined up to the darkened net red milk tea shop

Panda Takeaway Exclusive Taiwanese Good Tea You can sit and enjoy at home

So-calledGood teaNo need to apply heavy makeup,

OneMilk capIs the icing on the cake

???? ️ Old sichuan  

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

88% off for self-collection

Enjoy another $4 shipping coupon

The myth of not getting old in Seattle Sichuan cuisine~ 

Spicy and spicy enjoyment that can't be stopped with just one bite!

When you enter the store, you must eat hot and fatty intestines. The taste is tough and the mouth is full of burnt aroma.

Eat once, love once! !

Bellevue business district 5 mai 0 shipping

(I.e. Meet every day  

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

Full 25-10 full 50-20

Hand-made ramen in the north with super touching amount,

A feast of taste full of toppings and love~ 

Although it is a small noodle restaurant, the secret sauce big bone meat that meets every day must be the hometown taste that a northerner is looking for overseas. The meat is soft and glutinous, which can be called a good tool for eating!

???? Laobian dumplings  

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

Full 25-10 full 50-20

Northeastern home cooking is not only about large quantities and benefits,

There are also chicken, duck, fish and seafood,

The gluttonous feast must be arranged clearly!

Di Sanxian, liver tip, pot wrapped meat, big elbow...

Use the simplest ingredients,

Cook out a super advanced taste experience

???? Pangji  

Within 5 minutes 0 shipping

8% off with exclusive discounts

Speaking of live fish in wooden barrels,

Xiao Pang Ji Ding is a fish dish that the people of Shrimp Tu don’t forget!

Soft fish skinFresh cut live fish.

After cooking the original soup stock

Instantly locks the moisture and aroma of live fish.

After eating, I will put a bunch of sauces full of sauceSichuan style barbecue.

Very beautiful

Food benefits

Yan Tea 

Panda takeaway launched today

Limited time 8 steps 0 shipping

Looking forward to meeting, please take care


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Fill your stomach with blood

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