Ontario is reopening soon, I want to take you to check in these privately-owned long-established foods

Ontario is reopening soon, I want to take you to check in these privately-owned long-established foods

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in Toronto,Long-established restaurantHidden in every corner of the city.

Most of them rely on a certain dish, stunning four seats, conquer the appetite of foodies.


Without publicity, the guests are getting richer every day, relying on the stability and down-to-earth of the years. 

Hey, old man, dine-in food in Ontario will be open immediately, you have to hold on.After the epidemic, I will go to visit them one by one.


A typical Hong Kong shop: selling tender beef, mud carp balls, and wonton.

The beef is tender, the mud carp is silky, and the ping-pong wonton is full of delicious spring teeth of shrimp.

The most worth mentioning is their chili sauce, which was once rated as "one of the six most authentic chili oils in Hong Kong". Every visit must bring a bottle home.

📍Address|270 West Beaver Creek Rd,

Richmond Hill, ONL4B3Z1

☎️Phone| (905)881-8778

🌟Fu Lai Kitchen🌟

Whenever, Fulai'sWalking henhouseAlways warm the appetite.

The hot medicinal chicken soup is delicious and sweet, and the chicken nuggets are dipped in special chili and dipped in water for a special taste.

And this oneClaypot Claypot, Is the best staple food with henhouse every time.

The rice is filled with the smell of cured meat. The favorite is a thin layer of rice at the bottom, which will not stick to your teeth and be crunchy; you must eat it while it is hot.

📍Address| 343 Spadina Ave,

Toronto, ON M5T 2G3

☎️ Phone | (416) 591-2188

🌟Lu Yu Seafood Restaurant🌟

This waySticky rice stuffed chickenIt is "you have me and nothing", the existence of multiple villages.

Remove all the bones from the chicken cavity and chicken thighs, and stuff them into the pre-fried glutinous rice, seal them, color them, hang them, and finally oil them.

The crispy chicken skin and steaming glutinous rice make people eat it all the time.

Winter Melon Cup Salt and Pepper Eel Slices

Braised Beef Brisket with Bamboo Sticks 

His little stir-fried and claypot dishes don't step on the mine at all, just order.

📍Address| 4227 Sheppard Ave E,

Scarborough, ON M1S 5H5

☎️ Phone | (416) 297-1438

⏱ Business hours | 11:30 – 11:00 (open all week)


Hidden in the small dining hall in Aberdeen Admiralty City, all kinds of Hong Kong and Cantonese snacks are:AuthenticEgg skinCrepe,BurntYellow on both sides,And the boss can do it with your own handsEcstasy and omelet.

It can be customized in winterCantonese Edger: Geoduck, Blue Cod, Hong Kong Style Fish Skin Dumplings & Gassho Melon Wanton,Seasonal side dishes by head, Is the secret of the warm up of the editorial department in winter.

📍Address | G108 3250 Midland Avenue

Scarborough, ON M1V 0C4

⏱Business hours | Mon – Sun 12:00 – 00:00


🌟Dong Kee Seafood Restaurant🌟

In Toronto, Dong Kee’s name is approximately equal to “Eel rice"It's--a bowl comes in the winter and relieves all worries.

The eel meat is embedded in the rice, so that every spoonful of diners can eat the rich flavor of eel and the unique flavor of claypot rice.

Garlic boneIt is also highly recommended. "Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside", let alone the bite, the thick garlic-flavored pork juice burst out in the mouth.

Other Cantonese stir-fries: Jianjiao Chicken Kidney, Roast Goose... Close your eyes and don't step on thunder.

📍Address | 3838 Midland Ave, 

Scarborough, ON M1V 5K5

🌟Hua Xing Restaurant🌟

Huaxing is one of our private restaurants:"Phoenix reborn" pork belly wrapped chicken, Jinsha fresh squid,Five-flavored duck, chaise chicken,Yellow eel rice is a must.

Their homeEel riceMost like eating in Taishan.

The material is atmospheric, and the visible eels are spread on the surface of the rice;

Even after mixing well, you can eat the texture of big piece of eel meat in every bite.

Fresh squid is tender and tender, wrapped in a thin flour paste and crispy, and then coated with a layer of fresh fried salted mayonnaise that can not be shaken. This wayFresh Sand Squid: Salty -> Fragrant -> Crisp -> Tender -> Fresh, all five feelings are in this cholesterol bomb.

📍Address | 9021 Leslie St #5,

 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0B2

🌟Silver Star Kitchen🌟

Silver Star is most concerned about the one covered with iceIced gourd meatIt's sour and sweet, and the 30-degree day in Toronto is the most memorable.

Google @Sabastian Lai

Curry Fried Beef BrisketIt is also a silver star exclusive treasure dish of "You Have Me Nothing".

Stewed the sirloin meat, let it cool, pat it with thin flour, and deep-fry it until the surface is golden. When you eat it, you can dip it with curry sauce according to your preference... Just want to call it crazy.

📍Address | 10909 Yonge St, 

Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4M6

🌟Shantou Little Foodie🌟

The boss is proud to say that its fried noodles dominate Spadina,From snacksDry Fried BeefCantonese, certified, this dish is really authentic.

📍Address|309 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON, M5T 1H1

☎️Phone| 416-977-0601

⏰Business hours: 11AM-2AM 7Days

🌟Man Tingfang🌟

What impressed me most was Man TingfangRoast goose, Only sells three months of summer a year; now is the golden age of ta.

Come to the dish roast duck rice, a bowl of soup, to complete today's supper.

📍Address| 484 Dundas St w, Toronto, ON, M5T 1H1

☎️Phone| 416-640-0103

⏰Business hours: Sunday-Thursday 8AM-2AM, Friday and Saturday to 4AM

🌟Chicken Emperor Store🌟

This shopShredded chickenOne must be; it has been open for many years, and it is still a two-store shop, all based on word of mouth from regular customers.

There are other chickens, such asQueen Chicken, Baked Chicken with Salt.As you can see from the name, this shop is really confident about Zuo Chicken.

📍Address|4186 Finch Ave East 21,

Scarborough, ON, M1S 3V1

☎️Phone| 416-298-3889

🌟Xinhongfa Food Restaurant🌟

One of the most inconspicuous shops deep in the alleys of Chinatown is the treasure roast shop I really miss.

Double-bread, The most extravagant dish of the roast meat shop.

Soy sauce chicken legs + roasted duck legs are the smoothest and most tender parts, plus a large dumpling of water and tender and sweet fried cabbage, and also give a soup, a portion is really worth it, only 10 knives after tax.

If you have a good relationship with your boss, you can get the freshly baked ones, which are more delicious than one or two.

📍Address | 443 Dundas St W,

 Toronto, ON M5T 1G6

The authentic taste of these authentic dishes,I hope you can overcome this difficulty, you must hold it!

When Ontario is reopened, we will meet again.

What are the old-fashioned foods you have hidden, and please leave a message to tell us 🙋

Written | Rebecca

Pictures | The editorial team of the detachment, and some pictures are from public online resources

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