Chicago Cantonese Cuisine Inventory | Morning Tea&Roasted Meat&Wonton Noodles&Cantonese Seafood, all available online!

Chicago Cantonese Cuisine Inventory | Morning Tea&Roasted Meat&Wonton Noodles&Cantonese Seafood, all available online!

It is said that food is in Guangdong, so what is the secret of Cantonese cuisine that can quickly capture the stomach and heart of foodies? First, let's take a look at what Cantonese cuisine is.

Cantonese cuisine consists of three local flavors: Cantonese cuisine, Chaoshan cuisine and Hakka cuisine. The Cantonese cuisine in Chicago is almost all Cantonese cuisine. The most important point of the essence of Cantonese cuisine is fresh ingredients. On this basis, the original taste of the ingredients is expressed as much as possible. It tastes fresh, tender, crisp, smooth and crisp.

However, in Chicago restaurants, the level of Cantonese cuisine is largely limited by local ingredients and chefs. The overall level of Cantonese cuisine here is naturally not on par with domestic ones.

But, do you want to eat Cantonese food and have to fly back to China? In Fengcheng, there are also authentic Cantonese restaurants. And, let me tell you quietly, not all delicious Cantonese restaurants are in Chinatown~

Come and see how many Cantonese restaurants have been found in Benqian.


China Town


 MingHin Cuisine 

Comfortable environment and authentic taste

In addition to the main store in Chinatown, there are also three branches in the northwestern suburbs and Millennium Park

However, the editors of Goose think that the overall standard in Millennium Park is higher

Chinatown head office address: 2168 S ARCHER AVE / 312-808-1999

Millennium Park branch address: 333 E BENTON PL / 312-228-1333

Suburban Naperville branch address: 1633 N Naper Blvd, Naperville, IL 60563 / 


Suburban Rolling Meadows branch address: 1440 Golf Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 / (847) 640-7999

 Great Sangen 

 Triple Crown Restaurant 

Good quality and cheap variety

The decoration style of the old-fashioned tea house and the hand-push dim sum cart are full of retro nostalgia

3040 S Halsted St / 312-567-0088


 Cai Die Xuan 


It is also a representative of good quality and low price

In the highly competitive city of Zhicheng, Caidiexuan still has a high popularity

Speaking of Cantonese food and dim sum restaurants in Chicago, no one will miss this one

2100 S Archer Ave/312-326-6888


 Wanhao Restaurant (formerly known as Wanshou Palace)

 Phoenix Restaurant 

Their quicksand bags have always been my favorite in Windy City

Salty and fragrant sand mortar with soft waxy skin

In one bite, it's full of fragrance and aftertaste

2131 S Archer Ave/815-513-8271


 Dole Restaurant 

 Dolo Restaurant 

New Cantonese cuisine in Chinatown

Can be called the best service brother in Chinatown

And spicy! small! Dragon! shrimp!

2222 S Archer Ave/331-481-6879


 Li Ronghua 

 Lee Wing Wah Restaurant 

Fengcheng Old Cantonese Seafood

Great place for family dinner

The boss comes with two plates of typhoon shrimp

2147 S China Pl/312-808-1628


 Great Wall Roast 

 Great Wall Restaurant 

The main roast meat box lunch also comes with a soup

The amount of roast meat is sufficient and the price is good.

A great second canteen when one does not want to cook

2127 S China Pl / (312) 808-9686



 Tai Ho Yee Food Company 

This is a very humble shop that only sells roasted meat

Because it’s narrow, it’s fine

By the way, he still has duck tongue~

2422 S Wentworth Ave/312-225-9828



 Bbq King House 

Three dishes and one soup roast duck set meal is more cost-effective than Beicheng Xinhua roasted meat

Although the roast duck is not as good as Xinhua, the barbecued pork and roast pork are good

 The environment is simple but clean and tidy

2148 S Archer Ave/312-326-1219


 Get together 

 Go 4 Food 

Recommended by Michelin for three consecutive years

It's a legacy in the old Chinatown

The store is not big, but it produces fine Cantonese cuisine

212 W 23rd St / (312) 842-8688


 Golden Bull Court 

 Golden Bull Restaurant 

The claypot rice and seafood here are among the best in the wind city

It’s enough to relieve homesickness even if you don’t come here when you want to eat

242 W Cermak Rd / 312-808-1668


 Mong Kok Kitchen 

 Chi Cafe 

bright and clean

Quite authentic Hong Kong style tea restaurant

West Toast Rice Roll and Stocking Milk Tea!

2160 S Archer Ave / (312) 842-9993



 Seven Treasures Cuisine 

Urban dictionary also has an entry about his famous "554"

Two omelettes, char siu soy sauce and rice form a five-knife "554"

Five dollars, you can't buy it, you lose money, you can't buy it, you are fooled!

2312 S Wentworth Ave / (312) 225-2668


 Typhoon shelter 

 Seafood Harbor 

Mainly fresh seafood except typhoon shelter seafood

There are also Chaozhou delicacies such as Chaozhou cold porridge and cold crab, and casserole side stove

Tsk tusk saliva straight down

2131 S Archer Ave / (312) 225-1888


 Regent Seafood Restaurant 

 Emperor's Choice Restaurant 

I can't say how unique it is

I've written it down every family


2238 S Wentworth Ave / (312) 225-8800


 Fat Noodle House 

 Yummy Yummy Noodles 

There are always a few days a month I want to eat Cantonese egg noodles and pho with soup

And my favorite wonton beef tendon brisket

Finally found a pasta specialty store dedicated to gluttons

2334 S Wentworth Unit 105 / (312) 842-9880


 Qiang Kee Restaurant 

 Ken Kee Restaurant 

An old Hong Kong style tea restaurant

Congee, noodles and rice are all proficient

2129 S China Pl / (312) 326-2088



 Three Happiness Original Restaurant 

Ordinary Cantonese restaurant and morning tea shop

I just remembered it when I saw it, so there is such a shop

209 W Cermak Rd / (312) 842-1964


 Dacheng Xiaoju 

 My Place Mae salong Hotel,  

Lunch set is a great deal

Fast food stir-fry is OK, plus long business hours

It's a good choice for supper

2022 S Archer Ave / (312) 225-8282


 Sugar tide 

 Sweet Station 

Open at XNUMX and recommend his breakfast set

Fried rice noodles with fried rice noodles and egg tarts

Satisfy your three wishes at once

2101 S China Pl / (312) 842-2228


 Yummy House 

 Gourmet Food 

Soy milk! Youtiao! Tofu fa (flower)! Chinese savior crepe! Pull the bowels!

For the sake of these earlier

I can only forgive this place for being cramped and shabby

210 W 23rd St / (312) 842-3366


 Have a meal 

 China Café 

Private kitchen restaurant newly opened this year

But the goose has been suspended once

2300 S Wentworth Ave / Phone number (312) 808-0202


Around Chinatown


 New Furama Restaurant 

It seems that every city has a Cantonese restaurant "Fulima", which shows that Lao Guang has a soft spot for the name of Fulihua

Furama to the south continues the old-fashioned restaurant decoration and trolley style, a large restaurant for catering

There are not many adults in the venue, most of the time there is no need to wait for a seat, a good choice for drinking tea

2828 S Wentworth Ave / 312-225-6888


 Garden Restaurant 

 Tang's Garden 

A very secret classic Cantonese teahouse

Old-fashioned decoration style produced authentic

1826 S Canal St / (312) 226-1826


 Koufu Court 

 Grand Palace 

The internal canteen of the small branch

The most homely Cantonese restaurant

Basically no mine can boldly order

225 W 26rd St / (312) 225-3888


 Some steamed products 

 Dim dim 

Although the menu only has one sheet

But the dim sum is freshly steamed, fresh and cheap, so you can feast on it

There are also takeaway packages

2820 S Wentworth Ave / (312) 842-2822



 Silver Crystal Seafood Restaurant 

 Silver Seafood Restaurant 

What is it to go to Uptown for fried crab balls?

Besides, there are fried clams, sweet and sour fish, steamed sea bass...

4829 N Broadway St / 773-784-0668



 Sun Wah Bar-B-Que 

Roast Duck Three Eats Old Peking Duck Fried Rice and Old Duck Soup

Although it is eaten with bun rolls instead of authentic roast duck cakes

But it wins because it’s delicious and affordable

5039 N Broadway St / 773-769-1254


 Han Ji 

 Hon Kee Restaurant 

The editor suspects that this honey sauce is the pork in "God Eater"

Roasting whole pigs and pipa duck is also a rare taste in the city

Also recommend the Wantan Noodle

1064 W Argyle St / 773-878-6650


other areas

 Tsui Wah Court 

 Jade Court 

You can find the best Cantonese restaurants in UIC Little Italy and nearby areas. 🇮🇹

626 S Racine Ave / Phone number (312) 929-4828


 Cantonese flavor 

 Taste Of Canton 

Homely taste to relieve homesickness

The hands of the cooking women/husbands are liberated

When the local folks don’t want to cook, they finally don’t have to go to the restaurant in Chinatown.

3324 South Archer Ave / (773) 801-1186


I wonder if your friends have eaten and heard of these restaurants?

Please leave a message and tell us which restaurant you like the most~

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