Bay Area | Sichuan Spicy and Spicy Empire Department-Eat Fragrant and Spicy

Bay Area | Sichuan Spicy and Spicy Empire Department-Eat Fragrant and Spicy

The vast area of ​​the Bay Area cuisine is extremely scattered. The spicy empire department (a spicy product, spicy and spicy, spicy empire) is a Sichuan restaurant with a high evaluation in the Bay Area. Fortunately, eating fragrant and spicy is the eater of the spicy star and her roommate's cafeteria. This time, the food lover in Los Angeles, North Bay District, must take her to visit.

Boiled fish

The taste is relatively balanced, and it is not expected to be too spicy in the Bay Area. The taste is just salty, so that the ingredients and soup base can be synchronized into one, to avoid some spicy Sichuan food restaurants. awkward. Although it is less spicy, it is also delicious. The LA partner thinks that there should be more peppercorns, so that the fragrance will be more lively.

Konjac Roasted Duck

There is a characteristic of eating fragrant and spicy. Many dishes like winter bamboo shoots and fungus. They are usually soft and tasty. LA friends think it is quite rare! It does not affect the taste of the main ingredients, so I love it.

Although these side dishes are usually not often found in authentic recipes, there are not many places where you can eat konjac in the Bay Area, and there are even fewer home-cooked Sichuan konjac roast duck on the menu. It can’t be said to be authentic, but the taste is good. The konjac Q bomb has tenacity. Although the duck is slightly smaller, it has a strong flavor.

The fly in the ointment is that the duck is relatively small and there is not much meat left immediately, which makes LA foodie who lacks meat in the five elements very regrettable. . .

Hot pot meat

LA's little companion is a carnivorous star. I think it tastes good. The back-boiled meat is thin and not greasy. It is accompanied by the flavor of tempeh, oily aroma and dried radish. It is soft and crispy when combined, and has a good taste. But the whole dish was still a little oily.

White garlic

The cold dish of a Sichuan cuisine can be seen from the husband and wife lung slices and garlic white meat. The slices are thin and full of garlic flavor. A friend in Los Angeles said that compared to the high-quality Sichuan cuisine in Shanji Village, the disadvantage here is that the taste is not rich enough.

The soup of garlic and white meat is always taken back by me to make cold noodles by DIY. A low-priced cold dish has an extraordinary value.

Sichuan-style grilled steak

This dish is the first time LA friends have eaten, and the evaluation is quite high. The ribs are very crispy, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The seasonings are also very rich, with a hint of cumin flavor. The whole ribs are very flavorful, the meat is tough, and it tastes good when bitten.

Spicy Empire Series Sichuan Food:

Eating delicious and spicy Newark Cafe:35201 A Newark Blvd, Newark, CA 94560

Spicy Empire: 105 West 25th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

hempThe Pot Sticker: 150 Waverly Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108

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