Today, we went to the legendary Houston lamb skewers, the most authentic Xinjiang lamb skewers, grilled buns, large plate chicken, Xinjiang milk tea...

Today we went to the legendary Houston’s most authentic Xinjiang lamb skewers, grilled buns, large plate chicken, Xinjiang milk tea...


The weather in Houston is gradually getting colder. In the fall, we are used to changing our taste preference from light to light.Heavy mouth. Several people gathered around the table, and there was a steaming pot on the table.Warm and happyof.

Thanks to everyone’s sharing, this time the team tried this and was praised by everyone"Authentic taste"Xinjiang specialty restaurant – Avanti.


Xinjiang cuisine belongs to the Northwest cuisine, pay attention toColor and fragrance. It is also mainly halal, with a rich combination of ingredients. I like to cook beef, mutton, chicken, vegetables, fruits, and pasta together, and use unique natural spices to roast, shabu, saute, and grill.Love meatThe welfare of foodies. 


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The restaurant is located next to the Wellcome Supermarket, and the facade design of many restaurants is not conspicuous.

To be honest, this trip to the store was rather rugged. We arrived early and there was only one table of guests who were leaving.

After ordering a few dishes recommended by the boss and Ding Ding special fried noodles recommended by other friends (not on the menu, but pictures are posted at the door), I startedLong waiting journey...


  / Xinjiang Yogurt /  

$ 2.99

The first course is Xinjiang yogurt, the texture of yogurt isThickerThe kind, like the old domestic yogurt.

The top is sprinkled with black sesame seeds.Sweet but not greasyThe milky flavor is mixed with the crispy black sesame seeds, and the taste is good, but it seems to lack the original sourness of yogurt.


  / Xinjiang Milk Tea /  

$ 3.49

Xinjiang milk tea should be usedFu Brick TeaAfter boiling the tea, add fresh milk to blend, and finally add salt. So unlike milk tea in other places, Xinjiang milk tea only hasHot salty mouthof. The hot milk tea was served in a large wooden bowl, smelling but looking rather runny.

The boss said that everyone has a different taste, so no salt was added. As expected, there is almost no taste in the mouth.Milk and tea are very weak.

Xinjiang people use milk tea to aid digestion and dry food, just like tea, and use it in winterRepel cold, So sometimes white pepper is even added for spicy. It is not recommended for those who like traditional milk tea with rich milk flavor.


  / Kebab /  

2 bunches $6.99

The mutton is skewered with silver skewers, seven or eight yuan each,Fat and thin.Shiny, Roasted until browned and covered with red chili powder and yellow cumin powder, sprinkled with chopped green onion and onion, looks good.

One or two pieces in one bite, the taste is slightly spicy,Fresh tasteThe taste of salt and pepper is greater than that of cumin. There is no obvious mutton smell, but occasionally a few pieces of fat mutton are greasy and look a little greasy.

We ordered small portions without naan, but I heardServed with Naan, Will be more delicious.


  / Baked Buns /  

$ 4.99

The traditional Xinjiang roasted buns are stuffed with diced mutton stir-fried with mutton oil and diced onions. This restaurant usesBeef minced meat.

The dough at the bottom of the bun is thicker, and it becomesBurnt. The top skin is relatively thin, and the warm fire bulges the dough, and then forces the wheat fragrance inside.

The minced beef is very minced, rubbed with diced onion, seasoned with white pepper and cumin, the gravy minced meat is mixed with rich spices and served with the skin.Delicious and not greasy.

But unfortunately,The filling is obviously insufficient, After eating a few bites, the middle of the bun was empty.


  / Dry pot seafood /  

$ 19.99

I don't know much about the taste of Xinjiang dry pot, but I am really impressed by this dish. Compared with the spicy flavor of traditional dry pot, this dish pays more attention toSpicy and dry.

The entrance is delicious, and then the strong spicy flavor lingers in the mouth, which is very enjoyable. Of this dishFull portion, The materials are also very rich, and each chopstick picks up differently.

Large chunks of potatoes, lotus root slices, fish tofu and fish balls, glutinous rice cakes, tasty prawns, tofu skin, broccoli, greens, lettuce. The spicy sauce is so long that you can't stop mouthful after mouthful. Highly recommended toSpicyFoodies.



  / Xinjiang Liangpi /  

$ 6.99

It is said that Xinjiang’s traditional Liangpi soup has more juice but a lighter taste than Shaanxi’s Liangpi soup.

Rather than calling it a cold dish, it's more like a staple of noodle soup. The soup has a variety of flavors, ranging from sweet and sour to spicy. After eating the cold skin, drink the soup again. The taste is endless.

But the Xinjiang Liangpi here is not much soup, the red oil base is just enough to mix the coldpi and cucumber.

Relative tastesingleI got a little bit, just look at the large slices of chopped red pepper, you knowSpicyThe.

After the spicyLong-lasting numbnessIn addition, the saltiness and sourness are obviously insufficient.


  / Large plate chicken /  

$ 23.99

The essence of authentic Xinjiang large plate chicken is just two words.Rough. As the name suggests, not only the plate needs to be big, but also the bulk of the ingredients. This dish here can be said to capture the essence.

The chicken pieces were chopped wildly,Chunks of thick meatTo the bone. The half-palm-sized potato chips are more than half a centimeter, and they are cooked until they are half crisp and half crisp, and the green peppers are also large.

In addition, look at this full plate of rich sauce and whole dried chili skin, thick red oil, cumin and sesame pepper flavors, you can also see that the seasoning spices are enough.

The finishing touch is the sauceBeer tasteThe scent of wine is boiled away and a hint of wine is retained in the gravy, which is wonderful. Another major feature of Xinjiang large plate chicken is that it is placed under the chickenPull the belt noodles, Mixed with gravy as a staple food.

The fly in the ointment is that although the noodles in this plate are thick enough, but the width is ordinary, and it is not clear whether it is raw or pasted.Lack of strength.


In general, the dishes are very good, and the service attitude is really sincere. It’s a pity that the efficiency of serving dishes is too low. We are the first guests to arrive at the table and we have been waitingTwo and a half hours, Dapanji was first given the takeaway order by mistake, but the most anticipated Ding Ding fried noodles was forgotten... 

There are only five or six tables for the guests, and there may only be two chefs in the back kitchen.

But delicious is still delicious, want to eatWarm meat dishesFoodies, take a leisurely time to try it (also try Ding Ding fried noodles for us)!



🏠Store Name | Avanti Xinjiang Restaurant

(I.e.Address | 9126 Bellaire Blvd, 

Houston, TX 77036

Phone | (281) 974-2785

Business hours | Mon to Sun: 11 am – 9 pm,

Tue Closed. 

$Per capita | $11 – $30 

Parking | Parking Lots


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