Cantonese-style rice noodles, beef brisket noodles, Hong Kong-style milk tea | $10 can satisfy your Cantonese stomach that has nowhere to stay in LA

Cantonese-style rice noodles, beef brisket noodles, Hong Kong-style milk tea | $10 can satisfy your Cantonese stomach that has nowhere to stay in LA

As far as food is concerned,

All know one of the most important foraging secrets:

Walking through alleys and alleys,

Those onesHidden in the cityWuming XiaoguanEasier

There are folk delicacies that can awaken the taste buds.

This is located in Monterey Park

A small Cantonese style store operating rice rolls.

The boss is quite knowledgeable about making Cantonese snacks,

A native of Guangzhou.

The store has just opened for less than a month,

There are only thirteen or four chairs.

In addition to the mainMilk teaSteamed Vermicelli Roll.

They still haveNoodles (noodles) and fish balls, fried chickenWait

Special Cantonese dishes.

Food tip: all use in the storeDisposable paper tableware, Although it looks a little rudimentary, there are also street shops and even street stalls feel~

🌟Shrimp Intestine Noodles🌟

Cantonese classic snacks that are smooth but not greasy

Since it is the main dish, all kinds of rice rolls with special characteristics are indispensable.Shrimp rice noodles, sirloin rice noodles, zhai rice noodlesWait up to9 kinds of rice rolls. These rice rolls are made to order by customers, so the taste and presentation are quite good.

As a northerner, I was not used to the smooth and greasy taste of Hong Kong rice rolls, butGuangzhou rice rollIt is still very different from Hong Kong rice rolls. ItSlippery but not greasy, And the Q bomb is refreshing, let me, a northerner, have a new understanding of rice rolls.ShrimpIt is a common ingredient in Cantonese cuisine. Cantonese people are also quite experienced in making shrimp, so shrimp rice rolls are worth a try.

The rice rolls here are made of rice milk, using several kinds of rice, including native American rice. When asked which kinds of rice are available, the boss smiled mysteriously and proudly: "This is a trade secret!" 

The rice rolls served on the table are crystal clear,Pink shrimpGreen chivesIt makes it look a little less dull and a little more enchanting. Drizzle someBalsamic vinegarsoy sauce, Or drop onA few drops of red chili oil, The taste buds have already begun to restless!

The thin rice rolls are soft and smooth in the mouth, and the fragrance of rice permeates the mouth. With the flavor of condiments, it can be said to be distinct.Rice rolls can also be added with eggsThe rice noodles with egg, in addition to the fragrance of rice, it also incorporates the fragrance of eggs. This is not a simple superposition of ingredients, but the icing on the cake.

🌟Beef Brisket Noodle🌟

As a Cantonese noodle, there is a range of Japanese ramen

Various noodles (noodles) such as sirloin noodles are also very special dishes in the store. There are a total ofBeef brisket noodles, pork noodlesWait for four kinds of noodles. Although the faceuseCantonese cuisine, But it has the style of Japanese ramen.

The soup and side dishes are made from Cantonese noodles.I chose real Japanese ramen. So, if you only eat noodles, you might even think that this is a bowl of authentic Japanese ramen, but it doesn't have the heavy flavors that Ri La usually has.But the noodles here are not as salty as Japanese ramen, they are only fresh, and with the light soup, they can better bring out the flavor of the noodles.

The sirloin noodles in the store, except for the side dishesAffordable beef brisket,and alsovegetablesBean Bubble, They neutralize the smoothness of sirloin, making the taste more balanced and complementary. The sirloin stew is just right, but compared to the northern beef ramen, this sirloinSlightly sweet, Which makes people believe that this is indeed a southern style restaurant.

It’s worth mentioning that here andNo wanton common in Cantonese restaurants, Friends who like wantan noodles may be disappointed. However, it is quite satisfying to be able to eat such a bowl of noodles in the United States with the taste and taste that are still authentic!

🌟Shanghai Tangtang Xiaolongbao🌟

A wonderful flower hidden in Cantonese cuisine

As a Cantonese restaurant, it actually appeared on the menuShanghai soup dumplingsIt’s really shocking, after all, the difference between Shanghai cuisine and Cantonese cuisine is still obvious.

There are eight soup dumplings per serving, Each exquisite bun is individually placed in a silver metal cup. At first glance it looks a bit funny-it is obviously a soup dumpling, but it isDisguised as a cupcake~

However, when you pick up a steamed bun and take a bite, the overflowing soup will immediately overflow in your mouth.The deliciousness of the soup and the tenacity of the pork fillingWill immediately convince you that this is indeed an out-and-out soup bag.

This strange flower hidden on the menu is completely different from the style of Cantonese cuisine. If you use itWith those rice rolls and noodlesIt is a unique attempt.

🌟Curry fish balls🌟

The sense of sight of eating night market food

In addition to the main rice rolls and noodles, some side dishes must also be mentioned.Salted chicken, chicken wings, fried squidThere is a lot of waiting, and there are naturally many types of fish balls.

There are many ways to make fish balls, this one hasFried fish ballsCurry Fish BallTwo kinds, I tried curry fish balls. It didn’t attract my attention when it was just served. A small paper cup contained approximately 9 golden fish balls, The bottom of the bowl is some curry-colored soup, and the full night market fish balls is a visual sense.

Pick up one and put it in your mouth,The curry taste is not very strong, The fish balls should be purchased from the supermarketHot Pot Fish Ball, The characteristics are not obvious. Because the fish balls are firm in meat, they are not easy to taste during cooking. The curry fish balls can taste some curry and salt flavors, and the taste of the fish balls itself is quite satisfactory. But there is no difference between the fish balls sold in the night market.

🌟Hong Kong style milk tea🌟

Without big breasts, it's still a good cup of milk tea

There is only one kind of milk tea hereHong Kong style milk tea, The rest of the drinks are mainlyGreen tea, lemon tea and soda.

The taste and color of ice Hong Kong milk tea are more authentic. After the traditional Hong Kong-style milk tea is imported, there is a smellSlight bitter taste, But the taste is as smooth as coffee, followed by a mellow and rich flavor of milk and tea.

Hong Kong style milk tea,Maintain the unique tea fragrance of black tea, Milk makes the taste more silky. In Los Angeles in the early summer, it can be said that it is a kind of happiness to drink a glass of authentic Hong Kong-style milk tea that is cool and smooth.

This "Speaking of Drinks and Food" restaurant,Located next to the Great China Supermarket in Monterey Park. The small storefront hides the taste of Guangzhou city.You can eat 10 dollars for one person.

Poke me for more store information👇

After shopping in the supermarket, it is a good choice to go around the corner to drink a cup of milk tea and order rice rolls by the way to feel the comfort of Cantonese style~

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