Is sugar the source of all evil? Star bloggers sought after "broken sugar", lost 3 pounds in 34 months, 10 years younger?

Is sugar the source of all evil? Star bloggers sought after "broken sugar", lost 3 pounds in 34 months, 10 years younger?

I do n’t know when, we often hear"Broken sugar"this phrase.
A few years later, Zhang Shaohan made a stunning appearance in "I'm a Singer". She has a slender skin and white and tender skin. It doesn't change much from the "Princess Princess" we remember!

It is estimated that under the crazy private letters of netizens, Zhang Shaohan tweeted and shared his secrets. In summary:She doesn't eat any processed sugar.
Luo Zhixiang cut off the braised pilaf with beef noodles and mung bean paste(Want to eat), 在Lost 42kg in 8 days

In the photo of Po when Hsu Chi participated in the "Chinese Restaurant", the 42-year-old was still very girlish, and her secret was to abstain from sugar, she would personally bake cakes and make desserts for others to eat, and she would not eat a bite...Goddess Shu is bad bad.

"Broken sugar" has formed a wave among the stars. There are also numerous bloggers and ordinary people on Xiaohongshu and Youtube. Through personal experience, experience the changes brought by "broken sugar" to their bodies;

The most obvious are weight and skin condition, what3 pounds in 34 months.10 years youngerMake people shout magic!

Sugar, which we eat every day, is called by more and more experts and scholars "legal drug", Also"sugar is evil".

Some friends may say that I rarely eat sugar, and some sweet desserts abroad are not my love, but fat is still lingering, if you really wantQuit sugarMaybe start with these foods you usually eat!

Surprise, it turns out that sugar lurks in so much food!

Except the well-known cake drink ice cream is high sugar food, how much sugar is in the so-called "healthy food"?Let's take a closer look with a real-life case from Damon Gameau.
Australian director and actor Damon Gameau shoots a documentaryThat Sugar Film. In the video, Damon insists firstTwo months of healthy eating: 50% fat, 26% protein, 24% carbohydrate, do not eat added sugar at all.
Then Damon, in the next 60 days,A total of 40 teaspoons of sugar are consumed dailyfood.
To highlight the dangers of sugar, Damon deliberately avoided sodas, candies, and other obvious sugary foods; instead, he ate what people usually think"Healthy Food,such asLow-fat yogurt, fruit juices, healthy energy bars, and oatmeal; And ingested during the testTotal calories as before.
Two and a half cups of mixed dried oatmeal + a cup of yogurt + a cup of juice = 20 scoops of sugar.
This will be the case every day. Two months down, hisHealth status lights up red.
First, the change is most obviously hisliver. A hormone called ALT is an important criterion for judging liver health. In the first month alone, his ALT index fell from the healthiest 20% to the worst 10%.

Triglyceride test in Damon bloodFat content, Also rose from a healthy 0.08 to 1.5.
Physically, his weightAdded 8.5 kg, Total body fat content increased by 7%, waist circumference 10 cm.

The high consumption of sugar also disrupted Damon's metabolism, and soon his face becameAcne developed.
While DamonMood is unstable, After eating sweets, I feel good, and when not eating, I feel depressed.

Through Damon's experiments, we found that these are even called healthy foods, such asLow-fat yogurt, muesli, apple bananaThere are also a lot of sugar puffs in it.Aren't these foodsOften appear on our list of weight loss and weight loss.


(Picture from zimlink,The amount of cube sugar in the lower right corner represents "sugar content")

Take a few examples of foods that can be easily mistaken for health:
Comprehensive fruit juice: 27.7g / 220ml is approximately equal to 6.2 cube sugar
Energy drink: 25.5g / 150ml is about 5.7 cube sugar
Fruit and vegetable oatmeal: 18.5g / 100g is approximately equal to 4.1 cube sugar
Fruit and vegetable cereals have a lot of sugar, not to mention our daily favorite rice noodles in Asia.Staple food!

Daily staple food sugary table

The so-called whole wheat breads on the market, in order to make the taste better, most of them are added a lot of sugar oil salt;

The sugar content of a certain brand of yogurt is twice as much as that of cola ... If you want a healthy snack, you can make it at home!

In addition to excessive sugar intake, in addition to gaining weight and increasing fat, our most obvious physical changes, there are actually other hazards hidden in it!

Sweet sugar sweet sugar makes people hurt

Eating sugar can hurt your heart:
According to a study published by Dr. Hu in JAMA Internal Medicine in 2014, a high-sugar diet andDeath from heart diseaseThere is a positive correlation between them.

In Dr. Hu's 15-year study, it was found that people who received 17% -21% of their calorie intake from added sugars suffered from cardiovascular disease than those who received 8% from added sugars. The risk of death is 38% higher. simply put,The more sugar you eat, the higher your risk of heart disease.
Studies have shown that the American Heart Association recommends that adult men get no more than 150 calories per day from added sugar, or 9 teaspoons or 36g. Excess sugar (24 teaspoons of sugar) makesLiver overload, Which may lead to fatty liver; adding sugar will also makeHigh blood pressureIncreaseChronic inflammationThe chance.
Gain weight:
A literature review published by Morenga in 2013, combining previous papers, demonstrated that excessive sugar intake will lead to weight gain. Shapiro used mice as test subjects and found that a high-fat, high-sugar diet could causeLeptin resistanceThat is, leptin's biological function is ineffective; reducing sugar from the diet will effectively alleviate this situation.

Simple and crude calculations, if weEat 5 more sugars a day, Equivalent to an intake of nearly 100 kcal of calories and weightCan grow 100 grams per week. Since everyone's constitution is different, the real-life case can refer to the Demon above.
Make skin age faster:
A high-sugar diet causes the body to undergo a glycation reaction, which causes the combination of blood sugar and protein to produce a protein calledAGEsThe substance that causes collagen to change and lose its elasticity, so that the skin will accelerate to yellowing and aging.
👆The picture shows the skin changes of netizens for 7 days.
Skin problems such as acne swelling have improved significantly
Image from Marie Claire
Let the mood ride on a roller coaster:
Idol dramas and dessert ads say that eating sweets can make people happy; after eating cake ice cream, we do have this feeling.That's because after eating sweets, the brain releases a large amount of dopamine that makes people happy.

However, in order to maintain this happiness, you must continue to consume high sugar until you fall into a vicious cycle of dependence on "sweet".
Damage to teeth:
Eating sugar can cause dental caries. After eating sugar, bacteria in the mouth will form a thin layer of plaque on the outside of the teeth, which will produce a kind ofAcids that cause tooth damage.
👆 Pictured in the Damon movie,
The teeth of a boy who drinks 12 cans of soda a day on average.
In the short term, the body can repair itself, but long-term excessive sugar consumption will cause permanent damage to the teeth.

However, many scientists still don't think it is necessary to "smell sugar."

Regarding whether sugar directly causes heart disease or diabetes, Luc Tappy, a professor at the University of Lausanne, believes that the cause of diabetes, obesity, and hypertension is excessive calorie intake, andSugar is just one of them.

"Regardless of the diet, long-term energy intake beyond what is required will lead to fat accumulation, insulin resistance and fatty liver," he said. "People who match their energy intake and expenditure, even on a high-sugar diet."


A 2017 article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine cited experiments in mice suggesting that sugar had a similar effect to cocaine and that sugar was linked to addiction.

But this paper wasBroad accusations have misinterpreted the evidence. The main criticism is that mice can only eat sugar for 2 hours a day; if they can get sugar at any time, like humans, they will not have this addictive behavior.

After reading the analysis above, is it necessary for the little-performing partner to change the recipe from tomorrow morning? Do n’t worry, do n’t worry, there is a degree of broken sugar!

The myth of `` broken sugar ''

We have learned in biology class that large polysaccharides can be written in the form of carbohydrates, that is, carbohydrates and sugars are synonyms. So, "broken sugar", is it equal to breaking carbohydrates?
Let's start with the conclusion that long-term carbohydrate breaks are not feasible.
Some netizens broke the news that they used to completely lose weight and lose weight. They did not eat any carbohydrates and fruits, but it caused a few days later.KetoacidosisThat is, breathing hard, dizziness and nausea, and life is threatened in severe cases.
Sugar is one of the three major nutrients that the body must have and should be taken in evenly. Natural cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc. contain natural sugars, and what really needs to be restricted is"Add sugar"That is, sugar that is not contained in food itself.
The most common added sugars in life are: white sugar, granulated sugar, sucrose, fructose, glucose, dextrin, maltodextrin, starch syrup, fructose syrup, maltose, and corn syrup.

According to the World Health Organization, the daily energy supply of sugar in foods for adults should not exceed 10% of the total energy;If an adult's daily sugar intake is controlled below 5% of total energy, that is about6 teaspoons (25 grams) per dayWill be more beneficial to the body.

By comparison, a cola has 10 spoons of sugar. 

Some popular "broken sugar" methods

Breaking sugar is to make us healthy, so that we can enjoy life better. If "breaking sugar" is too extreme, it is worth the damage to our body. Psychologically pushing yourself too tightly is also prone to some problems such as overeating and vomiting.
Is there any effective "broken sugar" method for some netizens?

Curtis Brown

Proposed by weight loss specialist Dr. Curtis Brown: For some time,Give up seven foods at the same time: Bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, sugar, caffeine and milk. Eat only meat and vegetables and drink about 1.9 liters of water a day. High-sugar fruits, including apples, grapes, oranges, and bananas cannot be eaten. Only blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are OK.

Arianna Davis, editor of Oprah Magazine, said that on day 3.4, she felt like a zombie with headaches, but then she felt very relaxed. Ten days later she lost 6.2 pounds.
Dr. Curtis Brown's recommended frequency on his personal website is: once a quarter, every 3 to 5 days; then every ten days.

——Selected from the public account of Pomegranate Po

2. Zhang Shaohan's Broken Sugar Method

To sum it up:
Quit sugar(According to the example she cited, do not drink sugary drinks, do not eat desserts, and eat particularly sweet yogurt and fruits, which should refer to added sugar);

Refusing refined white rice noodles, Or use a gluten-free diet instead (the white rice noodles are all starch, and whole grains can be used as a staple food);

③ Eat more super foodSuperfoods generally refer to natural foods with particularly high nutritional value, significant antioxidant effects, and low calories.For example, quinoa, kale, blueberries, avocados, linseeds, etc. are used for anti-aging diet.

Ketogenic diet

Requires less daily carbohydrate intake, the better, daily intakeNo more than 50g of purified carbohydrate(Ideally, you can only consume less than 20g of carbohydrate per day), that is, reject all sweet foods, including staple food such as rice noodle bread.

Foods in the ketogenic diet advice pictureEat more on the left.Eat less on the right, Do not eat food that does not appear in the picture.

每个 ️ Each body constitution is different. The above methods are for reference only. They are not suitable for children, athletes, women during pregnancy and lactation, and friends who have physical problems.


Important words +1 times. The discussion of sugar breaking with you today is to let us better understand the human body mechanism, so that we can find a suitable diet and enjoy life better. It is not a one-size-fits-all encouragement to everyone in this life with sugar and carbohydrates. Goodbye! !!
If you also want to try the intermittent "broken sugar plan" in the article, welcome to find friends in the message area to urge each other to check in; if you have also tried"Broken sugar", Welcome to write down your experience in the message area to share with everyone!

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