Los Angeles shopping mall supermarket reopens for outdoor dining, how to feel at ease to shop for rice dumplings, and get red envelopes for the entire table for the Dragon Boat Festival dinner?

Los Angeles shopping mall supermarket reopens for outdoor dining, how to feel at ease to shop for rice dumplings, and get red envelopes for the entire table for the Dragon Boat Festival dinner?

California Governor Newson’s resumption plan,
California has now entered the third stage of resumption.
Including gym, bar, campsite, etc.,
As long as you are prepared for preventive measures,
Both will open one after another this week.
The restaurant's outdoor dining is also gradually open,
Many cities have launched a "shared space" plan
"Shared Space Program",
Many cities modify relevant policies,
Encourage enterprises to apply for the use of sidewalks
Streets or other nearby parks and plazas.
Carry out roadside meals and pickups,
There is also an outdoor dining area.
Major companies have gradually introduced programs to stimulate the economy,
The epidemic prevention equipment in the drugstore is complete,
The takeaway platform gives users rich order subsidies,
Supermarkets have also launched various promotional activities.
Hope that the preferential policies can make the economy recover,
Our lives are back on track,
After all, during this time,
The Dragon Boat Festival is coming,
First eat a few dumplings to suppress the shock.
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Tsai thought about it carefully,
This weekend, I will buy some rice dumplings and glutinous rice.
Then carry a few bottles of red wine home.
Call a few friends,
Pack a zongzi together,
If you don’t have enough food, order takeout.
If you take the lead and draw a prize,
Medium 888+2020,Beautiful!
Due to recent social events,
When the friends went out to hide,
Still need to pay attention to safety,
Bring epidemic prevention supplies,
Wash hands frequently to maintain social distance!

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It does not represent the position of eating goods, it is only for transmission and reference,
Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

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