Every time I go to Kent, I only know IKEA and Dahua? The roast duck + dishes at the Summer Palace have been upgraded again!

Every time I go to Kent, I only know IKEA and Dahua? The roast duck + dishes at the Summer Palace have been upgraded again!

There is a Summer Palace in Beijing,

Seattle also has a Summer Palace.

The former is a royal garden,

The latter is a gourmet restaurant,

People who know this restaurant mostly because of its roast duck.

Indeed, nothing beats the name

More with Peking duck,

There is nothing like roast duck

It’s even more exciting-if so,

Then it can only be other than roast duckA variety of new dishes.

That's right,

The Summer Palace next to Nandahua Supermarket.

During this summer and autumn when dine-in is started,

 Brought to everyone in one breath

 A table of new flavors.

It is managed by the former chef Mr. Chow, who is famous for Chinese cuisine in the United States,

The variety of dishes is diversified, and the taste has been upgraded!


Osmanthus Roast Duck

The Peking duck in the Summer Palace is one of the few and one of the few reliable roast ducks in Greater Seattle.More than 700 can be sold out every month.

Summer palace

Osmanthus Roast Duck

What's the taste? Everyone knows that after eating it, the traditional oven roasting method is delicious enough, and now the sweet-scented osmanthus roast duck is added.The golden sweet-scented osmanthus is sprinkled on the plate, as if the roast duck also reveals a fairy atmosphere, Each piece of duck meat is very evenly sliced,Even the belt is fleshy, thin and not broken.

Served with freshly steamed lotus leaf cake, fresh green onion strips and sweet noodle sauce, and eat it in one bite.The satisfaction that bursts between lips and teeth, Just like the fragrance of osmanthus in August drifting by.


Salted Egg Yolk Squid Strips

yummy yummy

Have eaten sizzling squid and grilled squid skewers, but have you tried the squid strips blessed with salted egg yolk?

Two seemingly unrelated ingredients have a magical chemical reaction in moderate frying.Snow white squid is wrapped in golden sand-like salted egg yolk, slightly salty and crispy.

Summer palace


This is a fresh and creative new dish, a bolder way of eating, you can start directly, and the taste is perfect with beer.


Pepper Ma Mouth Chicken

We originally thought that this was a common dish of saliva chicken. The saliva chicken is spicy and heavy. What's so special about it? However, the chef insisted that he must focus on trying, and the photos must be beautiful.

With this suspicion of eating food, I took a chopstick, and instantly understood the chef's painstaking efforts, and finally understood what a "slobber chicken" is, because it can indeed make people salivate.The bone-in chicken is tender, spicy and refreshing.

The finishing touch is the specially-tuned sesame sauce that is added to the red oil. After eating it, I absolutely believe that it is famous in Bashu and its flavor is Jiangnan.Be sure to order this chicken when ordering, Maybe after eating, you will find that the saliva chicken you have eaten before may be eaten for nothing.


Large lobster and crayfish

Both have their own merits, but both are worth eating carefully. The big one, from the recipe to the taste, is the same style of Los Angeles net red lobster.

The scallion and ginger enhance the flavor, the sauce is rich, and the lobster meat is also extraordinarily plump. Stir-fried directly, just the portion is rich and powerful.

The rare thing about crayfish is the flavor, but I did it here.The salty and spicy flavor penetrates into the shrimp meat through the cracks of the shrimp shell, which is more potent than the roadside stall.

Everyone loves lobsters, it's up to everyone to choose the big or small.


Bamboo Skewer Lamb

Mini lamb skewers, There is no smell of smell, only the outer coke and inner tender. It's very similar to the cooking method of spicy chicken, but there will never be a joke about looking for chicken in the spicy chicken. The lamb is rich in oil, and the moment it is served, it smells good.

Bamboo skewers are actually a very interesting way to eat. They are smaller than ordinary mutton skewers and can taste the unique flavor of mutton. It is suitable for both wine and meal.


Cantonese dim sum

Dim sums don’t have to spend more time and money. The signature morning tea of ​​the Summer Palace is glutinous rice chicken, yuba roll, siu mai, and shrimp dumplings., Each cage is full and freshly steamed.

My favorite is the taro bun, with a deep-fried oily skin on the outside. The ice flower is as beautiful and crispy as the ice flower; the filling is full, the color is slightly purple, and it is absolutely full.

Come and serve a few baskets at brunch, and the supper will fill your stomach, simple and delicious. It was noon when we came to the store. The Chinese and American customers who dine-in had different snacks on the table, which showed that they were very popular.


Peach Gum Ice Powder

The brand-new dessert peach gum ice powder is especially suitable for the autumn weather these days.The ice powder is refreshing and the peach gum nourishes you. After eating fragrant and spicy, come to a bowl, the entrance is cold and comfortable.

The meaning of ice powder is that it is versatile, whether you like sweetness or lightness, you can find your favorite balance in it.

Open dine-in at the Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is now open for dine-in.

Also greatly updated the menu.

It is not so much that the epidemic has caused temporary closure,

It is better to say that the restaurant has taken this to a higher level.

The chef who came specifically from California,

Combining the skills of Cantonese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine to perfection,

Two different cuisines can be authentic without conflict.

This is impressive.

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Seeing that the autumn wind will start next,


Now start to post some autumn fat?


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