Just now, Trump announced that the H-1b visa will not be affected, and the newly approved green card abroad cannot enter the country for 60 days?

Just now, Trump announced that the H-1b visa will not be affected, and the newly approved green card abroad cannot enter the country for 60 days?

Trump sent a tweet last night, which made most North American Chinese not calm...

Trump stated that "in order to protect American employment under the new crown epidemic, immigration will be suspended: "In view of the attacks of the invisible enemy (referring to the new crown virus) and the need to protect our great American citizens, I will sign a Executive order to terminate immigration to the United States! "
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Just now (Tuesday 2pm) Trump finally explained the executive order that puzzled countless people yesterday!

Trump also said that his upcoming administrative order was only for green cards, andLasts 60 days(60-day pause on the issuance of green cards) No impact on people holding work visas.

the purpose is toAlleviating the epidemic caused unemployment in the United StatesTo reduce competition in market positions. According to the Washington Post,The executive order will limit the time limit to 60 days, prohibiting new overseas green card holders from entering the United States.Non-immigrant work visa (H-1B)Temporary workers can enter the country normally.(The original text is as follows)
Domestic applications are not affected temporarily.

The specific executive order is expected to be officially released on Wednesday.

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Against the backdrop of the new coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has been trying to advance the strictest policy: to prevent asylum seekers from entering. In addition, during the "New Corona Virus Pandemic", the road to "immigration" has become increasingly difficult. The resettlement project has been suspended, the immigration office has been closed, and the citizenship oath has also been suspended.
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Although Trump did not provide any explanation for his tweet, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany emphasized the impact of the suspension of the immigration plan on employment: "When we face unprecedented difficulties, President Trump is committed Protect the health and economic well-being of American citizens. As President Trump said, 'Decades of immigration records show that immigration brings lower wages and higher unemployment rates, which affects our citizens, especially African Americans. Americans and Hispanic workers. 'When the United States tries to restore the economy, we must take action. "
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The executive order is still in the drafting stage, probably TrumpIn order to appease a large number of local unemployed people, An extraordinary means for the outbreak,I hope my friends will not be overly nervous, everything will be subject to the administrative order after it is formally issued.





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