2020 latest Bay Area dumplings evaluation, fresh meat dumplings, bean paste dumplings, sweet date dumplings, chestnut salted egg yolk, and spicy crayfish flavor...?

2020 Latest Bay Area Zongzi Evaluation, Fresh Meat Zong, Bean Paste Zong, Candied Date Zong, Chestnut Salted Egg Yolk, and Spicy Crayfish Flavor...?

Dragon Boat Festival,

There is no other meaning to eating goods, just eating dumplings.

The team will also introduce to you every year

What restaurants are available to order zongzi,

Because of the special circumstances this year, no one likes to go out,

The restaurants have also started "WeChang",

Therefore, the evaluation list is slightly different for the reference of foodies.

(Trial eating experience is based on personal taste,The ranking is in order, for reference only)


Wufang pork dumplings

Sampler: Rou Bao

Wufangzhai is not very big, but every bite is the essence,

Glutinous rice is soft and sticky, with a strong aroma of rice dumplings and pork;

Pork belly is not much, but glutinous rice is delicious enough,

It doesn't taste monotonous.

It's even more icing on the meat if you bite it.

During this time, the food shop also put on Wufangzhai pork dumplings

Only a small amount of meat dumplings left in stock, I want to eat fast grab!


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Order Wufangzhai Zongzi~

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Fine Sand Dumpling + Fresh Meat Dumpling + Crayfish Dumpling

Sampler: Crayfish
Zhiweiguan is an old Chinese brand
I was a little excited when I knew that his family can also buy it in the US (the URL is below!)

Zhiweiguan Zongzi is vacuum-packed

Steam it in the pan for about 20 minutes,

Glutinous rice is very soft and glutinous, the grains are oily and delicious

Fine sand dumplings:

The stuffed red bean paste is sweet but not greasy,

The taste of bean paste is delicate, and the scent of rice dumplings is strong,

The aftertaste is long and I haven't eaten bean paste for a long time.

Fresh dumplings:

The salty and fresh flavor, the light scent of rice dumplings and glutinous rice blend into one,

Large chunks of fresh meat are fat and thin, and the gravy wraps glutinous rice,

Very tasty, pro-test is the fresh meat dumplings I love.

Spicy crayfish flavor:

The squad crayfish students know that everyone wants to watch,

So help you test it!

Turn on the flavor of crayfish from the dumpling leaves,

It's just salty and spicy (yes, it's really spicy, without shell)

The steamed lobster meat in the dumplings tastes like fresh meat after being steamed

But I have to say, crayfish with rice dumplings is indeed a bit subtle

Recommended for early adoptersCuriousFriends...

Good things to share, poke the QR code below to buy

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Buy Zhiwei Guan Zongzi

(Go to the website and search for "Knowledge")


Lingxi Rice Dumpling + Chestnut Yolk Meat Dumpling

Tester: A Chu
I tried seafood in salty before, and also tried his family's
Lingxi Big Meat Dumpling + Lingxi Chestnut Egg Yolk Meat Brown

Zongzi isVacuum packaging, A pack of two

Are all "uncontrollable"Huge size.
Glutinous rice is sticky and chewy
Soaked with gravy, just salty, Hin meet in one bite

Salted rice dumplingsThere are really two pieces of meat.
Chestnut salted egg yolk dumplingsIt tastes more solid than pure brown
The egg yolk is slightly hard for me, but bite itXianxiang
It is layered with sticky glutinous rice

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Salted Egg Yolk Meat/ Bean Paste/ Red Date Brown

Sampler: Tangerine Peel and Red Bean Paste

Pro-test delivery service is good, delivered directly to the door.

The packaging is clean and the sealed bag is very safe.

Salted egg yolk dumplingsBig

It contains a complete egg yolk and meat

The meat is not a whole piece, but is distributed in the dumplings

It doesn’t feel like firewood~

Glutinous rice is very chewy, the taste is relatively light,

Lovers who want to eat dumplings but are afraid of being fat, low sugar and low salt can enter.

Bean Pastesmells good

It's filled with whole red beans, not fine bean paste

It tastes more layered and will not be too sweet

It is a favorite of orange peel red bean paste.

Red Date ZongziThere are two candied dates in it,

The taste is also light,

Sweet lovers, this is a classic way of eating: dipped in sugar


Combined with the price is indeed a bargain.

I thought about addiction during the Dragon Boat Festival, and greedy during the fat loss period,

Suitable for ordering with meals, there are many delicious food delivered to your door

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Buy Nextdish Zongzi


????The following are all by the team????
"Zongzi fanatics" meat treasure personal test
Roubao loves to eat big zongzi/yolk zongzi with a taste of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai

   Allah Shanghai

4 for $16, available at Grubmarket or group buying group.

The size is large, and the glutinous rice and meat are also sufficient.

Soy sauce flavor and zongzi flavor are just right,

The texture of meat and rice is also very good,

It feels related to fresh production,No fault can be picked.

   Imperial Family Banquet

The abalone Sibao meat dumplings from Millbrae Peninsula,

Special fancy models, including abalone/scallop/peanut/mung bean/salted egg yolk/roasted meat/mushroom/sausage... 

One can eat for 3-4 people!

It's like "Yancheng Family Banquet"!

Buy one can be a Father's Day gift!

There are also ordinary dumplings

Such as egg yolk dumplings, bean paste dumplings and jujube dumplings

   Cindy Private Kitchen

Fresh meat and egg yolk dumplings $5

A private chef in East Bay,I started selling dumplings early,

I have long missed this bite

It also ran from the peninsula to the East Bay pick up.

His dumplings will start at five, if you want to buy several,

It is estimated that it will be a summer.

I bought the egg yolk fresh dumplings, she wrapped the triangular dumplings;

Glutinous rice, egg yolk, and meat are slightly separated,

It’s just that the fire hasn’t reached a state where it is fully integrated,

Especially the egg yolk is relatively marginal... but the egg yolk is honest,

Pork belly is thin, and the flavor is still strong.


4 big dumplings from hometown $16

If you order in advance every week, you can send it to the Peninsula,

The ravioli at his house is delicious, but the glutinous rice is harder for the dumplings,

Pork belly sauce has enough fragrance, as far as my personal standards are concerned

The smell of fat meat is still a bit less.

   Supermarket e-commerce has sales

Venus Meat Dumpling @Weee

2 only around $6  

The pork belly was thin, and the dumplings broke up with a light touch.

Feel the viscosity is not enough.

Jin Yang@Yonghe Supermarket

2 only around $6  

Fatty one to one, I like it,

Those who don't like fatty meat will feel tired.

Glutinous rice is also easier to loosen, but the viscosity is enough,

For my taste, the taste is much better than that of Venus.

The team used a limited stomach capacity to personally test these

If you also eat delicious dumplings

Please leave a message to share with us~

Both sweet and salty! Don't argue, it's delicious!

Also welcome this year

Shops that can take out dumplings recommend themselves

All the friends eat and drink well~

Health and safety is another year of Dragon Boat Festival.

Sampler | Achu Chenpi Red Bean Paste Pork Crayfish

Edit | A Chu


This article is an original article about foodie,Does not involve business interests,

There are personal taste differences for trial eating, for reference only

❤️ Hope everyone is healthy
Eat and drink well at the Dragon Boat Festival????
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