The store is new! Lanfangyuan Hong Kong style milk tea, Weilong super hot konjac, and these delicious foods to accompany you for the weekend

The store is new! Lanfangyuan Hong Kong style milk tea, Weilong super hot konjac, and these delicious foods to accompany you for the weekend

The store is new! This time we bring you a single product that is very popular with foodies:Weilong Konjac(Spicy + spicy flavor), andLanfangyuan Milk Tea(Classic original flavor + mandarin duck milk tea). Don't miss the friends who want to eat and drink~

Worried about not getting enough orders? The canteen supplies masks and disinfectants for a long time to help your home stay safe from epidemics!

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Lanfangyuan Milk Tea

Every time I go to the tea restaurant, the first thing is
Order a glass of iced harbor milk or mandarin duck!
Especially in summer,
Holding a glass that is cooler than the air conditioner,
Stirring the ice cubes and glasses to strike a good rhythm,
Drink a sipSmooth Hong Kong-style milk tea with a hint of tea.
The spirit of the whole person is awakened,
A bite of coolnessInstantly dispelled half a day of sleepiness
And the hot summer heat
The weather is getting warmer Summer is coming again
The proprietress put the shelves to the friends
Hong Kong Lanfangyuan Classic Stocking Milk Tea + Hong Kong Style Mandarin Duck
Drink at home anytime, anywhere~

Lanfangyuan Stocking Milk Tea

Lanfang GardenThis canned milk teaHigh degree of reduction hin
Pure taste, smooth tea flavored milk~
And the boss lady personally tested,
ultra! mention! God!
The first bite is a thick tea fragrance,
Then the silky mouthfeel flows between the teeth,
ReallyMouthful, Although sweet butNot bored at all.
Can't help but take another big mouthful
BossPro test reminder
This stocking milk tea is reallySuper refreshing
Suitable for drinking in the morning or noon,One dayFull of energy
Friends who are sensitive to tea and can’t sleep
Remember not to drink at night(Of course you drink it all night)
Hong Kong style mandarin duck milk tea
Because the famousArabica coffee beans.
The refreshing effect is also good,The taste is also richerThere are layers,
The richness of coffee and the smoothness of milk tea blend perfectly.
I have never tasted it~
Friends who like mandarin duck milk tea must collect
In the sleepy summer afternoon of WFH, have a drink,
Instantly refresh the state of the whole person, full of blood and fight the afternoon work

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In addition to super delicious drinks,
The boss lady in this issueDelicious snacks!
Weilong konjac cool · spicy/spicy

KonjacIt can be described as the head of the Weilong family.
Two new flavors were added this time,Spicy and spicy

Both taste and taste are great,
When I just opened the package,
That kindFresh and spicy aromaEnough to provoke my taste buds~
Yes, it looks like a fur belly,
It really feels the same as Maodu,
Q is refreshing, slightly crunchy and tough.
And soaked with a unique fragranceSpicy oil.
AssociationThe more chewy the more fragrant, I can't stop it~

The spicy and spicy flavors are not much different,
The spicy flavor will have a little more pepper flavor.
Suitable for small partners who like the taste of the tongue
Relatively spicy will have less spiciness and more aftertaste,
But they are so delicious,
I can’t stop talking when I’m eating. Haha~

Also, the most important reason for giving everyone Amway Konjac is!
This "Vegetarian belly" has very low calories,
It’s the best placebo for the boss’s sudden craze late at night
I don’t have many cards for a few packs,
Delicious and enjoyable,Without guiltHahaha
And bothIndependent small package.
You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere~
Is there any afternoon tea with Jimei and the proprietress Yun,
Both milk tea and vegetarian hair belly are available~
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In addition to the new Weilong Konjac Shuang and Lanfangyuan milk tea
Don’t forget that there are other delicious and easy-to-use items in the shop.
Taitung Qingze Salted Egg Yolk Beef Tart

You can feel it with a bite
That kindNougatSalted egg yolk'S perfect collision,
Although each one isIndependent small package.
Eat one by onecan not stop~

Meizhou Dongpo Sausage

Divided into salty umami and spicy
Very appropriateThe proportion of fat and lean,Neither wood nor greasy.
When you are too lazy to cook, just heat the sausage and slice it,
Yard is on the plateWonderful cold cutsLah ~
Or a claypot rice is also beautiful!

5.29 List of the food store inventory list
Lanfangyuan Milk Tea
Nourishing Buddha jumping over the wall
Green Ridge Roasted Walnuts
Portable barbecue
Shiseido Ann Lightproof Gold Bottle
Sana Eyebrow Flying Eyebrow Pencil
Kao foam hair dye
DaniClin anti-mite spray 
Anti-mite laundry detergent
Hand sanitizer
New Zealand Manuka Honey
Wei Long Spicy Slices
Weilong Konjac
Wei Long Shredded Vegetarian Meat
Weilong Stinky Tofu
Taitung Qingze Egg Yolk Roll Cake
Lipo Egg Breakfast Cookies
Meizhou Dongpo Sausage
Famous Yang butter handmade hot pot base
Ming Xuan Zhi Powerful Crab
Jianghu hot and sour powder
Pure Meat Lotion Gift Pack
Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,
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(Pure flavor and lo flavor announcement: Due to the epidemic situation, the company's personnel has been reduced for safety reasons, and the update of the usps delivery status is slower than usual. Too many uncontrollable factors please understand.

Delivery timeliness: in the current special period, it is expected to be sent out within 3-4 working days after the order is placed. The final receipt date is subject to the information of the postal company. Please inquire in time.If you have an urgent order, you can also email to consult the self-pay postage service.If there are any product quality problems caused during transportation, please contact customer service

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