It's all 2020. Which one is more difficult to take off and buy a house?

It's all 2020. Which one is more difficult to take off and buy a house?

As the saying goes,
passLabaNew Year's Eve is New Year's Eve!
People in Seattle,
More sad than not being able to go home for the New Year! What! What!
Did your mom force you to find someone?

Do n’t think people are abroad,
I can escape the seven aunts and eight aunts.Serial killer.
The following real scene to see whichPierce your heartThe.

Most afraid of your momSuddenly concerned.
Most afraid of your fatherSuddenly asked.
You also need to kill yourself from time to time to interrogate your relationship.

How to explain to your mom,
"Same in the United States" does not mean "must get together",
There are so many American foreigners / Chinese,
I could find it soon!
Added the blind date that your mother introduced,
A few words of greetings found that the other side is the sameBarely + awkward.

Your mother's blind date advantage
Pick one hundred miles, know the roots, the door is right,
Blind date in reality
The strong twisted melon looks at each other, and the strangeness frequently appears,
Let's take a look at the blind date of the blind date!
From Zhihu "What is the experience of meeting each other strangely?"
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The biggest pain for the text workers,
The score is unclear... Typos are flying!
In the advanced stage of straight male cancer,
You are okay.
How to falsely report height? 👇

It's not my fault to grow old.
But it's not your right to call him uncle ??

Okay, I know the size

For the small circle of work and school,
I like to stay at home again on weekends,
Where do I get to know a blind date?

Deleted the dating app on the phone,
Markedno hookup,
For Americans, applause for love and then talk about love is not very tasty.
Went a few first dates, 
Can't figure out what Americans who are seeking freedom want.
As an ordinary asian girl,
Want a caring
Give me my boyfriend
Develop a good period
serious relationship,
Is it so difficult? ? ? !! !!

For Asian males at the lowest end of the dating pyramid in the United States,
Odds of finding true love in this dating software
even moreLow plus low.

forget it,
How many weekends are you still at home
Make a coffee, walk the cat, and watch the show.
Unconsciously, I was single again for two or three years.

until one day
I met a girl I like at a friend's party,
The girl was kindly invited to come and watch the movie tortoise cat.

Christmas tree, small lantern, scented candle, projector, goblet
I am all ready!
The girl came and really liked the little atmosphere I prepared.

After drinking three rounds, the girl stopped talking on the sofa.
Does the person I secretly love just happens to like me?
Can't the girl confess?

As my little heart beats,
The girl spoke.
"Such a good house is expensive when you buy it!?"
I can only laugh awkwardly, and then speak to her silently
I rent

Although I have been working for several years,
I have a little savings, but I always feel too far away from buying a house,
I do n’t think it ’s too much trouble
So it has never been on the agenda.
Just when I was looking for a good excuse and girl
Explain that when my house was rented,
The girl took out her phone and showed meSuch a company.
And by the way invite meListen to a lecture?
Flyhomes is a tech real estate startup,Provide intermediary services for house buying and selling, committed to using technology and data to provide customers with a saving and worrying house buying and selling experience. It currently operates in five cities: Seattle, South Canada, North Canada, Portland and Boston.

Flyhomes is a technology real estate startup company that provides intermediary services for home buying and selling. It is committed to using technology and data to provide customers with a cost-effective home buying and selling experience.

It currently operates in five cities: Seattle, South Canada, North Canada, Portland and Boston. 

During the event, you will learn:
  • The process of buying a house is a detailed explanation of whether it is a good time to buy a house at the beginning of the year. What is the response strategy? 
  • Housing price trends and buying cases in various areas of Seattle
  • How to enhance offer competitiveness? Can grab a good house without paying the highest price
  • How does FlyHomes make you a mortgage buyer into an all-cash All Cash Offer to enhance competitiveness?
[Event specific information] 
Seattle Downtown 
Thursday, January 1, 9:6 – 30:8pm 
Thursday, January 1, 16:6 – 30:8pm 
Thursday, January 1, 23:6 – 30:8pm 
Bellevue downtown 
Saturday, January 1, 11:2 – 30:4pm 
Wednesday, January 1, 22:6 – 30:8p 
The specific address will be notified uniformly after registration!
[Registration method] 

Please poke the QR code below,
 Reply to lecture time + number of people,
Such as "1.22, 1 person" 
Sign up and book delicious food👇

There are a limited number of lectures. Please register as soon as possible. There are also delicious snacks and milk tea at the event.

Flyhomes was founded in Seattle in 2015 and has helped thousands of customers buy and sell homes within four years. The house transaction value exceeds one billion, and 4+ five-star positive reviews on Yelp! 

Flyhomes' unique business model: 

【team cooperation】

Unlike traditional intermediary companies, where a broker is responsible for a client, Flyhomes breaks the tradition and dismantles the entire process of buying a house. apart fromIn addition to the main client consultants, there is a strong team support from Research, Operation to Closing behind each link. Improved efficiency while achieving precise service. 

[All Cash Offer] 

Flyhomes can turn you into the most popular cash offer offered by sellers. The all-cash offer has an advantage when robbing a house, or it is a "bargaining artifact". Transfer speed is faster, while greatly enhancing competitiveness and negotiating status. 

Even if you only have a 5% down payment, you can use Flyhomes funds to buy a house in full cash. After getting the loan, buy the house from Flyhomes at the original price. So don't worry about missing your favorite house!

[Trade Up] 

Trade in old ones in one step. Will Flyhomes use your own funds to help you buy a new house before selling it to you? This not only saves the trouble of moving multiple times, but also reduces the replacement cost! very good! 

What are you waiting for, sign up for a free event!

ways of registration: 

Scan the QR code below to reply to the lecture time and number of people, such as "1.11, 1 person", you can register to participate! The specific address of the event will be notified uniformly after registration!

Scan the QR code below,
Follow the Flyhomes public account,
Learn more about buying a home in Seattle!

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