Where is the strong summer hiking in Seattle? Quickly accept these classic routes!

Where is the strong summer hiking in Seattle? Quickly accept these classic routes!

Washington State is rich in dazzling hiking routes

There is no need to mention the team anymore,

It has been suffocated recently, don't you want to go out when the weather is warm?

The hardcore outdoor party has long been in action.

Even if you are not hiking at all,

It is also difficult to avoid being dragged out of the door by friends around to climb the mountain on the weekend.

Today the squad will take stock for everyone

Eight classic summer hiking routes in Seattle

1. Discovery Park Loop Trail

Area: Downtown Seattle

Round trip distance: 2.6 miles

Altitude: 0 to 350 feet

Tickets: Free

Address: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd, Seattle, WA 98199-1029

Difficulty: Not at all difficult

Discovery Park is in the northwest corner of Magnolia in downtown Seattle. It is a walking place in the city that is too close. It takes 15 minutes by car from the city center.

As early as the end of the twentieth century, it was a military base established by the Ministry of Defense to prevent naval invasion. It was not officially opened as a park until 1973, and it is also currentlySeattle's largestPark.

The Loop Trail hiking route starts at the visitor center. Full length 2.6mile, veryLeisureA hiking route, the landscape is very diverse. Small woods, large lawns and sea views are all there. A relaxing route for outdoor hiking.

In the summer, you will see a lot of ripe wild blackberries on the roadside, which are said to be edible, but it is better to be careful when eating food.Eating wild fruits is refreshing...

According to statistics, there are more than two hundred species of birds living in the park, and there are occasional cubs and coyotes at night.

Follow the road to the end of the sea, you can see the Mount Rainer standing in the distance. In summer with good weather, you can see the snowy mountains in the distance. On the beach, there may be encounters with marine mammals.

The scenery on the west side of the park isBest, Except for Mount Olympia in the distance, the mostNet red'S landmark isWest Point Lighthouse Lookout.

This red and white lighthouse was built in 1800, it is a historical site in Seattle, and it also symbolizesThe westernmost point of the city.

Everyday in the parkOpening hoursFrom4am to 11pm.

The evening scenery is also very charming, if you travel after the sun sets, remember to bring a thick coat.

2.Twin Falls

Region: Snoqualmie Region

Round trip distance: 2.6 miles

Altitude: 500 ft.

Tickets: Discover Pass

Address: 47600 SE 159th Street, North Bend, WA 98045

Difficulty: Entry level

Twin Falls is located in Olallie State Park, about a 45-minute drive from downtown Seattle. At the foot of the mountain is a small river. Many people choose to have a picnic by the river.

This is another rhythmic and easy walking route. It has just been repaired in 2016 and is very friendly to junior players. The round-trip distance is only 2.6mile, which is suitable for all ages. It is almost impossible to get lost as long as you follow the road and the crowd. On the way, there will be many families of three generations who come to climb the mountain together.

The mountain road is very smooth, and has been accompanied by the current. Less than a mile on foot, the first waterfall will appear.

Along the way, there will be many naturally formed small ponds, you can sit by the pond to play with water and eat lunch. In the hot summer, many people will also swim in these small ponds.

The end of the trail is a wooden bridge. The background of the wooden bridge is a waterfall. Many people will take pictures with the waterfall at this location. In addition, you can follow the nearby sidewalk,There are many angles to view the waterfall, and it is not worse than the viewing position on the bridge.

This walking route is also very popular with dog parties, and small dogs can also be easily controlled and climb to the end in one breath, without being tired.

The only problem with this trail isThe parking lot is too smallIf you go too late, you need to hear the car a little further away and walk to the entrance. Be sure to remember to bring the Discover Pass, if not, you can buy a $10 Day Pass.

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3. Rattlesnake Ledge

Region: Snoqualmie Region

Round trip distance: 4.0 miles

Altitude: 1160 ft.

Tickets: Free

Address: Rattlesnake Ridge Trail, WA, 98045

Difficulty: Entry level

45 minutes drive from downtown, follow I-90 Seattle direction until exit 32, and then go about 3 miles to reach the destination. Because it is close to the city and has a good view, it is very popular.

Weekends, especially Saturday will be very lively. It is recommended to leave before 9 a.m. and avoid the noon with the most people. If the parking lot is full, it is necessary to park the car on both sides of the nearby road, and then walk to the entrance.

The whole trail is well planned, no difficulty at all, just climb along the road. Mostly the common rocky roads and bare tree roots in Seattle. Be careful not to trip over bare roots. (Don't ask me why I know it).

There are as many dogs as people on the road. It can also be regarded as a good place to watch piao dogs in Seattle on weekends.

It may take about one and a half hours to climb to the top of the mountain, and it is almost lunchtime to reach the top of the mountain. Sit on a rock and eat a bento while admiring the green lake like jasper, overlooking the pine forest.

After a short break, you are ready to go down the mountain. There are a lot of steps down the mountain, so take care to protect your knees.

4. Lake 22

Area: North Cascades

Round trip distance: 5.4mile 

Altitude: 1350 ft.

Tickets: Northwest Forest Pass

Address: 33515 Mountain Loop Hwy, Granite Falls, WA 98252

Difficulty: Intermediate

About an hour’s drive from Seattle.

It is difficult to verify the origin of the name of the 22 Lake. One of the most widely spoken is the label of the source of the stream on the railway map of the 19th century, and 22lake is named after it. Rainforest, wetlands, ancient trees, mountains and lakes are the perfect combination of trails, which are the hearts of many photographers.

Beginning in 1947, this is a natural research base. Lake22 after logging stopped, the lush growth of cedar and hemlock, forming a lush forest, so that we can have the honor to enjoy such beautiful scenery more than half a century later.

The abundant water resources of 22lake plus abundant rainfall, the entire trail of moss and ferns is gratifying. At the beginning, part of the road surface was well maintained, but gradually deeper into the rainforest, there were small streams everywhere along the way,Water trails frequently appear throughout the trail.

The low-lying place is directly crossed by the stream. It is recommended to rest for a while at Twentytwo Creek Bridge at 0.6mile. The next road is almost accompanied by water. It is difficult not to wet your shoes, soBe sure to wear waterproof shoes.

At 1.5 miles, temporarily say goodbye to the previous wetland forest path, followed by a winding rock road, but it is not difficult. In summer with good weather, the valley scenery along the road is very charming.

After passing through a forest of waterways, hold on again and you will reach the end. You will be amazed by the beauty in front of you. The cliffs of Phichuck Mountain in May have unsettled snow, and the mountains and blue pine trees are reflected in the lake water. Calm and beautiful.

5. Diablo Lake

Area: North Cascades

Round trip distance: 7.5 miles, roundtrip

Altitude: 1160 ft.

Tickets: Free

Address: Hwy 20, Mile Marker 132, North Cascades National Park, WA

Difficulty: Intermediate

Diablo Lake is located in the North Cascade Mountains in North Washington State, between Ross Lake and Gorge Lake. It is a quiet blue artificial lake like a gem.

Driving along the trail like a mountain top, in the North Cascade National Park, Diable is a rare perennial hiking route.

The real hiking route starts at the North Cascades Institute parking lot. Tourists cross the Sourdough Creek trail and enter the forest path. The road is winding and winding. It is recommended to walk slowly and pay attention to the road at the foot. After 1.5 miles, climb up a bit and you can look down on the valley. Along the way, you will see charming waterfalls, the magnificent canyon views of Davis peaks and Jake mountains.

Keep going, you can enjoy it along the wayBlue to the soulLake view. After crossing a slide, the front road will be blocked by a steep slope. If you go further, the road will be more difficult. For most friends who have no experience in climbing cliffs, it is recommended to stop here.

Surrounded by several mountain peaks, the scenery is excellent, where you can completely overlook the entire dam landscape.

Be sure to allow enough time for the return trip to ensure that you return to the mountain before dark.

6. Mountain Si

Region: North Bend

Round trip distance: 8 miles 

Altitude: 3,150 feet

Tickets: Discover Pass

Address: Mount Si Trail, Washington 98045

Difficulty: Moderate

From downtown Seattle, follow I-90 and drive for about 45 minutes. Mountian Si is considered to be one of the best classic hiking spots in Seattle. The kids who grew up in Seattle have never been to Mountain Si and are embarrassed to go out and say hello.

Mount Si was the filming location of the Twin Peaks TV series in the 90s, and became famous afterwards. Although very popular, it does not mean that Mountain Si is a simple trial.

Mountain Si 8miles back and forth, 8mile is too painful, you can choose the simple version of Little Si, 4miles to get back and forth. However, as a mountain climbing weak chicken player, certain Swiss still strongly recommends the view of Mountain Si finish line is really worth climbing up to see and fight.

Starting from the foot of the mountain, follow the "Mt. Si Trailhead" sign and walk slowly. If you go there at noon, just follow the flow of people.The mountain road is not very steep, and the grind stone road will not appear until the top of the mountain.There is about 3-4 mile distance and will continue to travel in the forest until it is almost the end point.The vegetation is lush and the content of negative oxygen ions is high.Breathe as much as you like~


Soon after walking out of the forest, he reached the top of the mountain.

The scenery at the top of the mountain is very, very beautiful, there are two directions, one can overlook Mount Rainer from a distance. The snoqualmie canyon landscape can be seen in the other direction. For those who want to continue exploring, they can walk up the slope and climb up to about 150 feet to see the north view.

As the old saying goes, mountain climbing really needs to start early. The parking lot before XNUMX o'clock in the morning is still very empty. The temperature in the morning is not very high, and the sun will not be too hot. Slowly climb to the top of the mountain for about three hours.

When going down the mountain, be sure to follow the planned route.

7. Mountain Rainer Summerland

Region: Mt. Rainier National Park—White River 

Round trip distance: 8.4 miles 

Altitude: 3,150 feet

Tickets: National Park Pass

Address: Ashford, WA 98304

Difficulty: Moderate

Mountain rainner’s summerland is even more famous for its classic hiking routes. From downtown Seattle, drive for two and a half hours.

After entering the park, follow the signs on the mountain road and continue through the intersection of the White River, about 3 miles further to the parking lot near the Fryingpan Creek Bridge.

The parking lot is very limited, because it is too popular. The official website advises the later tourists to directly retreat, it is recommended to consider other hiking routes. So, children, start early, sincerely.

On the official website, this route will be completely cleared after July.The best hike is from July to September every year. This route is also Mount Rainer's most popular hiking route. It takes about 6-7 hours to go back and forth.

People who have been to this place are full of praise for the scenery of this route. Mt. Fuji is more than scum. In the summer, the wildflowers of the trail are all blooming, and the red, white, blue, purple and yellow are beyond count, and the vegetation is lush.

Follow the route upwards, cross a few miles of forest road, and you will enter the valley road upstream of Fryingpan Creek. This is the best location to appreciate Mount Rainer.

Follow the small waterfall, continue trekking through the creek, and climb up 0.5 miles, is the famous Summerland meadow. You can see some wild goats with expressionless and calm eating grass, completely ignoring hikers who have never seen the world.

The most touching thing is that there are good bathrooms on the top of the mountain! Add points for summerland again! Students who want to camp can also consider camping with camping equipment on the top of the mountain for a night.

Before departure, be sure to check the route on the Mount.Rainer website, the link is as follows:


8. Mailbox Peak

Region: North Bend

Round trip distance: 9.6 miles

Altitude: 4,000 feet

Tickets: Discover Pass

Address: Mailbox Peak Trail, WA 98045

Difficulty: difficult

Another classic hiking option in North Bend.

Very difficult but still countless Mailbox Peak fans.

It's unclear how the mysterious mailbox on the mountaintop came, but it was taken as an outdoor punching landmark by ins net red.

Mailbox Peak is suitable for intermediate players, hardcore outdoor gangsters and young people who want to challenge themselves.Friends who do not have exercise habits usually choose carefully, To be psychologically prepared for abuse.

After May, it's a great time to climb Mailbox.

Mailbox Peak has two trails. The old trail is shorter than the new trail, but it is more difficult, most people will chooseUphill from the old trail, downhill from the new trail. Old veteran players also lamented that this hiking route is really steep and is really inclimbmountain.

The highlight of the hike is the moment of difficult climbing and finally standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the beauty. The hilltop beauty of Mailbox Peak is also impeccable. 360-degree panoramic view of North cascades.

After sharing eight classic routes,

Here are some tips on hiking for hiking:

1: It is best to wear professional hiking shoes

2: With a jacket, the mountain top temperature difference is large

3: Bring enough water, energy bars, chocolate, lunch

4: Do what you can, don't have peer pressure

5: Pay attention to control the speed down the mountain, adjust the pace to protect the knees

6: spare medicine pack to prevent scratches, heat stroke and other conditions

7: Pay attention to sun protection

More and more professional hiking information,

Refer to the Washington Trails Association (https://www.wta.org)

The official website has the most detailed and up-to-date information and suggestions on all hiking routes in Huazhou.

I wish you all a happy summer~

Author | Wild Rui

Pictures from the Internet,Copyright belongs to the photographer

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