In Seattle during the epidemic, you can go to these parks, beaches, and lakes to relax...

In Seattle during the epidemic, you can go to these parks, beaches, lakes to relax...

Like to be outdoors during the epidemic?

Seattle's outdoor parks and trails

Is the best place to escape from reality and relax

Summer is here, and the weather is more sunny

Has your photo album become like this? ⬇️

This weekend, continue to breathe outdoors, maybe you can harvest the comet you saw in 6000 in the evening!

Part 1: Half-day tour

After eating, I want to find a place not too far away to help digestion and stroll around, or the dead fat house one day I want to go out in the sun and I don’t want to be too far away from home, or I’m tired of having a meal and want to go with me. Your best friend and family will have a refreshing and natural picnic. Please keep a small notebook for the following places. You can have it in a half-hour drive from the city:

No 1: Alki Beach

Friendly reminder: The team leader went to Alki beach to find the comet this evening. He found that there were still many people in the evening and the restaurant was full. Please choose whether to travel or not.

The sandy beach of Archie Beach is not the best among all the candidates. The sand is coarse and there are a lot of kelp, but the sea view restaurants on the coastal streets are impressive. The overall style will make people feel whether they have reached a certain enthusiastic high-end version of the South American seaside town, which is full of vitality.

Alki Beach is very suitable to find a sea view restaurant for two drinks after hanging out on the beach in the afternoon. In addition, the reason why Archie Beach won the championship is the unique view of this beach: you can see the whole city of the shrimp map. At the same time, the nearby Hamilton Viewpoint Park and Luna Park are excellent locations for a bird's-eye view of the city. There are both sea and city. In my eyes, the view here even exceeds Kerry Park.

No 2: Golden Gardens Park

Living near UW, one day I wanted to go for a walk after a meal, so I picked it up on the map with my male god. I bought two cups of Star Daddy and a bit of snacks on the road. It happened to be midnight when the sun was a little bit west. Sitting on the dry tree trunks in the beach, eating snacks and singing songs, accompanied by the sunset and the vast sea. The damp and salty sea breeze, lively beaches, various sailing and marine sports are lively and calm, and it feels beautiful.

The reason why I recommend it here is that you can see such a vast sea so close to the city, reflecting the sunset and the beautiful and changeable clouds of shrimp pictures, and the sea view is first-rate! ! Secondly, the quality of the beach is finer than the other beaches around the shrimp map that we have been to, and there is no kelp and sea smell. Then there is the sunset! ! The most beautiful sunset of the shrimp picture in my heart is here~~

Looking at the beauty of these few people on the picture, are you tempted to go out and let go? The scenery is so beautiful, it is a good opportunity to shoot "big films" and smash the circle of friends!

Every time I go out to play, I find that there are a lot of friends who play photography, but the photos they take are so difficult. Then, I found out,The captain recently went out for a trip, and the effect was like this⬇️



I thought she was a master after playing for a long time, annoyingly, these are the captainsI just bought a DJI drone for 3 days!

Xiaobai, a novice like me, is always full of fear for this kind of machinery, thinking that the drone will be very difficult to get started, it takes a long time to shoot a large film, I really did not expectThe drone is so smart now~

She told me that many videos can be produced by pressing a button on the phone. For example, you can take a big scene without lying down ⬇️

Or sweep a beautiful scenery on the road ⬇️

Take selfies with your friends, no longer need to ask passersby ⬇️

Imagine,The camera "holding" behind this photo is your DJI drone. Is it a thief? !

The captain also shared the treasures of travel photography here with everyone, she used themDJI's entry-level drone Mavic Mini photographed these beautiful sceneries.

(Drones are not allowed in all national parks, this is taken outside the national park)

Her drone was found on Amazon at the time by an overwhelmingly acclaimed DJI store, named Vancity UAV, which is the official designated dealer of DJI.

The captain thinks it's worth buying. The scene of giving Amway crazy in the editorial group a few days ago doesn't need to be reviewed...

After two weeks of Amway, the team found out,
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The captain said she couldn’t eat alone.
"People's Welfare Disease" attacks, cheeky
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No 3: Luther Burbank Park

I found this place because of its unique geographical location. One day, the male god suddenly saw the small island in the middle of Lake Washington on the map. He suggested that we go around, and then found this secret and quiet small park on Mercer Island. .

I recommend this small park because of its geographical location. The shrimp map can be seen in several areas, and there are very few people, the grass quality is excellent, there is also a house that is super suitable for taking pictures, and a dog park where many puppies go into the water. . If you want to choose a quiet place to sit and chat quietly, or if you are a senior shoveling officer going out and walking your dog, and want to unlock more of the prawn map, you might as well come here.

Half-day tour of the other finalists: probably because I am used to seeing big twisted waists, messy and small parks, many of the city parks in Daxiatu make me love it. In addition to the recommendations above, the Magnuson Park, Gasworks Park, and the seaside parks in Kirkland and Edmonds near uw are very good. The fat houses move, go and unlock them one by one!

Part 2: One day trip

Want to take a walk-and-go trip, but have to go home obediently at night? You have to feel like a serious trip, and don’t leave your own warm bed. The following places are enough for a day trip:

No 1: Deception Pass State Park

If you have not been to Highway XNUMX, please come here! The scenery of the deception pass bridge is completely comparable to Big Sur, the core attraction of Highway One! ! The difference is that the coastline here is more "mild". There are not so many boulders on the coastline near Highway XNUMX, which are basically covered by green plants.

If you have been to Highway XNUMX, please come here too! Because there is also a state park with lakes and beaches, the trenches can also drag (rent) yachts to go out to sea to catch fish and bask in the sun, which is more warm than Highway One, which can only be viewed from a distance and cannot be "played close". The most quintessential scenic spot here is actually the bridge. Walking on this towering bridge, shivering and taking pictures, it can be regarded as a feeling of "deer crashing". Those who are afraid of heights do not recommend going to the bridge. The wind is very strong and it will shake! ! It’s great to just look around~

No 2: Snoqualmie Falls

The first outing that my male god took me to is probably the most suitable day trip destination for family travel.

The waterfall itself is considered to be relatively large near the shrimp picture, but the real finishing touch is the "old castle" on the waterfall, which has a European atmosphere. When we went there happened to be someone taking a "court style" wedding dress. Photo.

In addition, if you have time, it is recommended to book in advance the restaurant of the hotel Salish Lodge & Spa next to the window, where you can see the waterfall, and come to a beautiful "European royal style" brunch, skr skr~ Another advantage here is that the track is very short , Our normal pace seems to be done within 20 minutes, so we can take the elderly and children together to see the scenery and climb hills.

No 3: Skykomish

A large part of the reason I like this place is really because of the perfect sky haus experience, so it seems to be beyond the scope of a day trip, which is a bit off topic.But as far as the surrounding core scenic spots are concerned, a day trip is enough.

The main thing here is to look at the mountains, the streams, the abandoned railroad tracks, the hot springs, and another ski in winter. It is suitable for those who are tired of watching the sea and prefer mountains. The air quality is very good, and people are relatively rare. Basically, you can only hear the sounds of birds and streams. There are many tracks of different lengths. You can choose according to your physical strength. In addition, don't miss some abandoned railroad tracks in the mountains and forests here, and feel the traces of the past prosperity and years. It is very suitable to take a few literary photos by the way. There is also a natural hot spring in the mountains, but it seems that you need to make an appointment in advance, because we can soak in the cabin, so we didn't go. Finally, it is highly recommended that four or five people join hands to experience the cabin! You can make a fire in the backyard for barbecue, and there is a small private hot spring in the front yard. Manually like it

Other finalists for a day trip: For a day trip, you can also consider the European town style of Langley and the cultural tour tacoma car museum, which are actually very good~

Part 3: Weekend trip

I heard that you want to go out for a holiday? Please save the air ticket, there are absolutely value-for-money attractions around the shrimp map! ?

No 1: Mountain Rainier

Needless to say, Mt. Rainier has the feeling of a mountain god in the water and soil in the shrimp map. Not only is the unique climate benefited from Mt. Rainier, but at the same time it can be seen inadvertently in many corners of the city. For each The people of Xiatu are both familiar and unfamiliar.

The characteristic is naturally snow-capped mountains that do not change in all seasons. The difference is that in Mt. rainier national park, you can also have a very close contact with snow-capped mountains. Even in July, the track up the mountain is basically half way and half snow. The official recommended journey can be completed in about XNUMX minutes, and then you can feel the snow and mountains in July on the top of the mountain, and there is a part of the snow on the top of the mountain. There are also a lot of Mr. Beaver and Chipmunk who are not afraid of people taking pictures casually. If you are interested, you can bring a little bread.

But don't be fooled by the silent rainier outside, here is the largest active volcano in North America. In addition to the snow-capped mountains, the waterfalls and lakes in the park are also at the level of a national park. It is highly recommended to stay for one night and visit slowly~

No 2: Olympic Peninsula/National Park

This is the favorite of my male god. I drove there four times in half a year, but he still said that he hadn't made enough.

Lavender in July has arrived, remember to search Lavendar farm directly, you will find a lot.

The bustling commercial Port Angeles, the sea with the skyline, the crystal clear lake, the lavender manor with rich style, the small farm zoo where you can interact with the alpaca deer, and the modern casino with complete facilities are all worth looking forward to.

Sia's favorite is Lake Crescent, the lake is really clear! ! through! !

A clear green at the pictorial level. Sitting on the shore, eating melons, reading a book, or playing in the water, are all enjoyable. In addition, there is the scenery along the way. You need to take a ferry to drive there. The sea view along the way is very good. After you get to the island, you can feel the changes in the scenery all the way.

No 3: San Juan Islands

There are dozens of islands, large and small, around Seattle. It would be a waste of this unique geographical advantage not to spend a vacation on the islands.

San Juan Island is the destination I chose after careful comparison. It is very suitable for summer trips!

In addition to the normal island style, whale watching is definitely a major feature. There are many options for whale watching here, you can take a boat, kayak, sit on the shore...

We tried two kinds of boat rides and waiting. We saw killer whales. The first time we saw it, it was a little excited. But don’t expect to get close to each other. The first principle of all whale watching projects here is not to disturb them. Normal life. In addition, there are farms in the middle of the island, and the large farms are also very scenic. There are also some special projects such as lavender and alpaca farms to experience. The shore of Friday Harbor on the island is also very beautiful. There are many sea view restaurants and hotels, and it is very comfortable to stay for a while.

Other weekend tour finalists include: duty-free shopping and food cart paradise Portland, characteristic German town!

After watching so much, when the blue sky reappears,

Keep going out and have fun!

Writing, photos | Sia classmate

Edit | Captain

Thank you Sia for your contribution 

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It does not represent the position of eating goods, it is only for transmission and reference,
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