"Only Thirty" "Hai Drift" Wang Manni returned to her hometown to make people cry, how bitter are we who are still floating in the United States?

"Thirty Only" "Hai Diao" Wang Manni returned to her hometown to make people cry, and how bitter are we who are still floating in the United States?

Recently the whole network is chasing"Thirty Only"

The finale is finally coming.

Hot search in the sky does not say

The heroes and heroines in the play are also really on fire

The plot will be ignored,

The heroines, but so cute

Independent 30-year-old woman with good sisters by her side

Everything on your own

It is exactly how many Chinese girls in the United States live.

I didn't expect such a play,

It made me cry in the United States for many years.

Not because at that timeWang Manni who wandered in Shanghai for 8 years

She told the reason why she was going back to her hometown at the age of 30.

Although I have never floated in Shanghai,
But after many years of wandering in the United States, I can feel the same.
People have been abroad for many years, far away from home
The domestic relatives look beautiful,
But only I know how hard it is.
When I first came to the United States,
Caught up1 USD for 8 RMBExchange rate
At that time, the family was not rich,
My parents gritted their teeth to remit money, fearing that I would suffer outside.

When renting a house in California,
For the sake of cheapness, a house is packed with 8 people to rent together.
In order to save money, I have also lived in the basement and living room.
During studying abroad,
I usually don’t want to spend money on meals, so I save money
And the same students studying in the United StatesPoison Horn show same
A $5 roast chicken can make 6 dishes
Supported several meals.
(The picture is taken from the poison corner show youtube)

I finally got the status and started to work two jobs
After 8 hours of serving during the day, I will deliver food to the restaurant at night
Or open online car-hailing to subsidize the family,
I just don't want the service at home to work hard and worry about it.

Thinking back,Spent so many years in America
I haven't seen my family once a year,
I saw Mani’s mother counting how many times she had been home over the years
It's really like myself floating in America

Tears fell unconvincingly.

This year is even worse, parents can’t fly over to reunite,
I can't fly back to see them
Seeing Manny having a long street feast for her birthday in her hometown
Envy in my heart, but homesick.

When can I go home for a birthday, a year?

The only thing I can do this year is to send some money to my parents
Let them know that I'm doing well in America
It also made them feel that all these years of hard work were not in vain
I am independent in the United States and can live well,
Can also support them.

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