We finally went to the kitchen and tested it for ourselves: Is the fresh food delivered to home in Seattle "fresh"?

We finally went to the kitchen and tested it for ourselves: Is the fresh food delivered to home in Seattle "fresh"?

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Are you still going out to buy groceries today?

After the epidemic,
In the United States, a variety of online fresh food distribution, large and small, has appeared.
But everywhere in the United States,
In fact, there was a fresh website serving Asians early on
It can be ordered today in many cities on the east and west coasts of the United States.
It will be delivered tomorrow!
this Friday,EatUnited States' largest Asian fresh food websiteWeee!, Youtube/Ins Live RoomI will take you to eat and chat, and live to evaluate the products you bought on Weee!

Too much stuff on the website

Don't know what to buy?

选择You who are in difficulty,

Need to follow us to taste

I know what is really worth buying

How is the quality of the delivery?

They all say there are pictures and the truth,

We will show you live this time!

Fresh is no problem,

Let’s cook on the spot~

Watch the live broadcast and draw prizes

We are full of sincerity for live broadcast
The friends who came to watch the live broadcast,
Not only can you see what's delicious
You can also draw Weee! gift cards in the live broadcast room
Just after readingFree grocery shopping

$20 gift card x 3 people💥
$30 gift card x 1 people💥
$50 gift card x 1 people💥
Want to see what's selling on Weee!?
Place an order on the official website today and it will be delivered to your home tomorrow ⬇️
The current 5th anniversary celebration, the special price is changed every day
Good things as low as 4% off 💰
Discount entry
Discount time🕐2020.7.31~2020.08.21

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🔥 Live time 🔥
August 8 (this Friday)
🕐Start at 7:00pm (Western time)
🕐Start at 9:00pm (Central Time)
🕐Start at 10:00 pm (Eastern Time)
🔥 Live broadcast platform 🔥
Live channel ❶: Instagram

Live channel ❷: YouTube

This Friday,
Let's eat and drink together, see you or leave!

* This article is an original article on food,
It only represents the position of eating goods and does not involve any commercial interests.
It is for transmission and reference only and does not constitute any suggestion of behavior.

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