Panda Takeaway selects 40 restaurants, and the carnival begins today, with a 5% discount on selected delicacies!

Panda Takeaway selects 40 restaurants, and the carnival begins today, with a 5% discount on selected delicacies!

Whether it is hungry, tired, or idle,

Hiding at home and ordering a sumptuous takeaway,

Put a table full,

It is a little fortunate in the post-epidemic era🏝

In the matter of eating and drinking, the so-called contemporary consumption concept

Ordering can be expensive, but shipping is free -

Spend it,The province is the province🚀

But it is often hungry to open the app,

A checkout heart is cool.

Especially for me who live in remote areas,

Want to order a takeaway conveniently,

Shipping + handling fee starts at $12...?

On the way to eat food without going out,
distance is not a problem,Waiting is not a problem,
The only stumbling block isDelivery fee

While sighing

Suddenly a link was thrown out of the wool flock:

HungryPanda Panda takeaway
15mile 0 shipping rates throughout the city
More than 40 restaurants 5% off for limited time selection
New User RegistrationGet 23 red envelopes for newcomers

Lips into Panda Takeaway Red Packets
Big-name merchants can't enjoy
Panda sauce will give out red envelopes in the group every day.
Up to XNUMX% off selected packages
The whole city carnival 0 shipping
New users get 23 red envelopes for newcomers
Panda meets Seattle
If you can’t go out to the party, you can eat whatever you want! ! !
Which one to choose from more than 40 big-name restaurants?

↓↓↓Click here to add the panda sauce assistant

Enjoy the following triple benefits

Welfare one

Panda sauce is very quick to apply

Newcomer red envelopes $23 easy to get

The next takeaway will have something

Welfare II

Enter the panda takeaway red packet group↓↓

Panda sauce will send benefits in the group every day

Before lunch and dinner, don’t forget to grab a red envelope

Welfare III

Don’t worry if you live outside the delivery area.

West Seattle, Sammamish, Issaquah,

Bothell, Shoreline, Lynwood, Edmond

Can makePanda sauce pulls you into the long-distance group buying group, 
Delivery is still 0 shipping!

Sit in rows in the restaurant, you can choose what to eat

Fujiya Sauerkraut Fish 

(Shoreline) and (Redmond)

8% off package

 $39.99 Package A:Small tilapia (375g fish meat)

Side dishes: fungus, yuba, 2 rice 

7% off package

$61.99 Package B:Tilapia (750g fish meat)

Side dishes: 3 servings of fungus, yuba, rice

Laobian dumplings

2.5% off specials

Fried Crab with Ginger and Green Onion $ 14.99

5% off set meal $11.88 

Stir-fried chives with dried tofu shreds + mixed kelp shreds + soy milk + rice  

5% off set meal $66.88

Spicy Crab + Braised Pork Knuckle + Chicken Stewed Mushroom + Sauce Pork Spine + Salmon Stewed Tofu + Garlic Broccoli + 6 cups of soy milk

+ 6 bowls of rice  

Xu Liushan 

(Redmond) and (Bellevue) 

Super delicious 6.8% off set meal

Red bean balls + little balls with milk tea and coffee  $ 8.88


8% off the whole meal, add any side dishes you want!

King of Incense Pot & Furong Xiang & Changsha No.XNUMX

Special dishes

Cold cucumber  $1

Special dishes

Happy ice powder  $ 3.88

Assorted platter  $ 8.88

Special package:

Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles + Braised Pork Ears  $ 11.88

Appetizing Shredded Potatoes + Pork with Pickled Vegetables + Rice  $ 22.88

Shuang Wei Chili Mochi + Capers Minced Pork + Shredded Cabbage + 2 Rice  $ 33.88

Braised duck neck + dry pot shredded chicken + flavored crispy cucumber skin bacon + fragrant fish + shredded cabbage + 3 rice  $ 66.88


Special dishes 

Dim sum   $ 3.88

Frozen Hong Kong Style Milk Tea $ 1.88

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wing $ 6.88

Dried green beans  $ 8.88

black pepper rib  $ 11.88

Stir-fried Spaghetti with Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper  $ 9.88

(All special products are limited to one purchase per order)

75% off package:$ 33.88

Fried rice with scallop protein + ginger and spring onion chicken pot + dry stir-fried green beans  

8% off package:$ 66.88

Minced Chicken and Corn Soup + Stir-fried Cauliflower with Pork Flavour + Dry Stir-Fried Beef River + Black Pepper Cowboy Bone + Half of Open Fire Duck + Two Cages of Quicksand Buns  

Dalian Seafood BBQ

5% off spike

Roasted ham sausage, sauce spine, ground three fresh

5 offSpicy grilled fish $ 19.99

(Bean sprouts, potatoes, fungus, garlic sprouts) choose one from four

Little pepper

5% off specials  

Geleshan spicy chicken  $ 7.99

Stir-fried shredded cabbage  $ 6.50

Scrambled Eggs with Hot Peppers  $ 6.50

Fish-flavored eggplant  $ 6.50

Vivi bubble tea

Kumquat Plum Fresh Fruit Tea  1 knife spike   

One Crispy Vegetarian Spring Roll  $ 3.88

Special Package

Medium cup of red bean almond milk tea Red bean Almond MT

+ One Taiwanese BBQ sausage  $ 8.88

Longan rock sugar tea + brown sugar ginger mother pearl milk tea 

+Nine-layered salted chicken $ 11.88  

Taiwanese grilled sausage + salt and pepper octopus balls + grapefruit fresh fruit tea + mango green tea + passion fruit a lot + red mill $ 22.88

(4 medium drinks, 2 popular snacks)


Liu Yishou

65% off specials

Luxury cattle and sheep turntable $ 14.98

Guozi fried

65% off value package $ 14.99

12 crayfish + ham and lettuce pancakes


Special dishes

Today's Soup  $1

5% off specials $ 8.88 

Mixed chicken rack/fried chicken rack

Dionysus in summer

Special Package

Beef fried rice + Mapo tofu + special cold dish + soup $ 22.88

Pot Pork + Ground Sanxian + Special Cold Dishes + Rice (2 servings)

+ Example soup (2 servings)  $ 33.88

Pork in pot + sauerkraut and white meat + spicy chicken + stir-fried green beans + rice (4 servings) + large portion of cold dishes + large portion of soup $ 66.88

mango mango dessert

Full glass of fruit green  $ 3.88

Special Package

Mango Pancake + Multi-Mango White Snow Red Beans + Yang Zhi Jin Lao $ 18.88

Qin Xian

Tea egg $ 1.00

Braised Pig Ears $ 3.88

Saliva chicken $ 8.88

Special Package

Large plate chicken + Lanzhou noodles  $ 33.88

Lanzhou Ramen Noodles + Pork Dumplings + Jiaduobao  $ 11.88

Lanzhou Ramen Noodles + Pork Dumplings

+ Oily BiangBiang noodles + cold skin  $ 22.88

(Large plate chicken + noodles) + lamb skewers*5 skewers + crayfish + braised pork ears$ 66.88

Fire feast hot pot

(bellevue) and (shoreline)

Special package

Spicy Butter + Fat Beef + 4 Head Shrimp + Luncheon Meat + Beef Tripe + Kelp Knot + Yuba + Enoki Mushroom + White Rice *2+

Fruit ice powder * 2  $ 26.88

Butter Spicy Hot Pot + Fat Beef + Yuba + Quail Egg + Small Bamboo Shoots + Beef Shutters + Chinese Cabbage + Luncheon Meat + Rice+

Fruit ice powder * 2  $ 26.88

1 set of butter pot base + 2 portions of beef beef + 2 portions of New Zealand spring lamb + 5 garnishes (Enoki mushroom, Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, frozen tofu, Wulong wide noodles) + 5 garnish meats (longli fish, 4 shrimps, beef louver, bezoar throat, luncheon meat)

Sesame oil, coriander, shallots, oyster sauce, tahini sauce,sesame oil

Six kinds of four servings   $ 66.88


Cloud furnace

Coconut pudding $2 spike

Special package 88% off

Braised pork rice noodles + 1 serving of rice sauce  $ 12.45

Braised chicken rice noodles + rice sauce 1 serving  $ 12.45

88% off special meals for two

Main bridge rice noodles/Tomato bridge rice noodles total 2 copies 

+ 1 serving of spicy diced pork + 2 servings of rice sauce $ 35 


Young Tea

A medium cup of fairy grass and winter melon dew with the order


Swipe to view more offers

Little Chengdu

Special dishes

Sweet and sour pork ribs  $ 3.88

Saute beef tongue  $ 8.88

Special Package

Spicy Chicken + Husband's Lung Slices + Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables+ Two rice  $ 33.88

Fresh Pepper Rabbit + Boiled Fish + Saliva Chicken + Stir-fried Vegetables + Rice*4 $ 66.88

Meet every day

Special dishes

Cold potato shreds/cold kelp shreds/chicken yuba $1

Braised Eggplant or Nine Layers Eggplant $ 8.88

Special Package

Sesame sauce noodles or Beijing fried sauce noodles + cold potato shreds $ 11.88

Xinjiang large plate chicken + wide noodles + shredded cabbage $ 33.88

Large plate chicken or grilled chicken + cumin lamb + pickled cabbage fish or large bone in sauce + shredded cabbage + cold vegetable dish + handmade pork and green onion dumplings + 4 rice $ 66.88

China First

The first Sichuan cuisine in China

Choose one of four  $ 8.88

Spicy beef tendon

Fried chicken wings (8pc)

Boiled fish

Hot pot meat

Friendly guest

Full gift

Full$ 59.99

Free lemon pickled chicken feet

Full$ 99.99

Free sweet and sour/spicy fried chicken stand

Full$ 249.99

Send 2 people across the ocean to see you

Lane XNUMX Hotpot

Special dishes

Fried oyster spike $ 3.88

Spicy crayfish (two servings)$ 33.88

Set meal spicy $ 11.88

(Lamb set meal, beef beef set meal, chicken set meal)

Shu Liuxiang

Choose one of the following dishes if you are over 45

Spicy crayfish

Salt and pepper chicken wings (8pc)

Beef with vine pepper

Fried shrimp

Spicy Fish Fillet

Farm's Small Fried Meat

Pleurotus eryngii in abalone sauce

Floss Crab Yellow Tofu

Choose one free dish for over 100

Fried Crab with Ginger and Green Onion

Special spicy crab (including 3 side dishes)

Baked Crab with Salted Egg Yolk

Braised Lamb

Spicy hot pot (for 4 people)



Free Knife Whirlwind Potatoes with the order

Spiceup Red House

Special dishes

Couple lungs  $ 8.95

North Sichuan Jelly  $ 6.95

Fresh pepper fungus  $ 5.95

Good kitchen


Any kind of baked rice or spaghetti with a drink $14.95

(Smooth and pint add $1.5)

New Star Restaurant

Special dishes

Chicken pot paste  $ 5.48

Xi'an cuisine

Miah's Kitchen

Special dishes

Homemade sour plum soup (12oz cup)$ 1.0

One portion of red oil cold skin  $ 3.88

Da You Po Spicy Noodle  $ 8.88

Special Package

Large plate chicken + noodles  $ 33.88 

Braised chicken with rice + spicy noodles + egg curd glutinous rice *2  $ 22.88

Pork with gravy sauce / cumin beef with steamed bun + garlic broccoli $ 10.88

Mao's Braised Pork + Stir-fried Bacon with Garlic + Laoganma Braised Pig's Trotter + Eggplant with Green Pepper and Preserved Egg + Stir-fried Broccoli with Garlic + Shredded Potatoes + 5 Bowls of Rice  $ 66.88


Tea Chitose

Minced pork shells (6 pieces) $ 13.99

Four Seasons Spring Milk Tea Cup  $ 13.99

Little Pepper Kitchen

A Bite Of Sichuan

Special dishes

Tomato and Egg Soup $ 1.00

Couple lungs  $ 8.88

Special Package

Ya'an noodles + cold kelp shreds + tomato and egg soup  $ 11.88

Supreme Dumplings + Mapo Tofu + Cold Seaweed Shreds + Tomato Egg Soup$ 22.88

Signature Bang Bang Chicken + Steamed Pork Ribs + Boiled Vegetables + Rice (2 servings) + Tomato and Egg Soup (2 servings)  $ 33.88

Chili Signature Pickled Fish + Husband and Wife Lung Slices + Mapo Tofu + Stir-fried French Beans + Tomato and Egg Soup + Rice (4 servings)  $ 66.88

Big bowl lasagna

8.5% off specials

Sauerkraut Fish $13.66

Pickled fish + any fruit tea $16.99

Two QR codes, no worries about eating and drinking

One more reminder

Delivery to home with zero freight

Only the following two small steps are required:

App QR code, Panda sauce QR code

Panda Takeaway APP

Add a small assistant | take a red envelope 

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Does not constitute a recommendation for any behavior.

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