Guxiang Crab Roast Sauce is on sale! And Wei Ya recommends net red pepper and sesame noodles + spring onion noodles to solve summer house eating and drinking!

Guxiang Crab Roast Sauce is on sale! And Wei Ya recommends net red pepper and sesame noodles + spring onion noodles to solve summer house eating and drinking!

The store is new!
The last issue of the new product net red shrimp slices, popping cookies, nostalgic cookies
The limited quantity of inventory, the small partner who wants to eat,
Can takeNew product
Noodles + Crab SauceStart with speed~
Tips for the boss lady:
Recently, I have received many private messages from my friends asking if XXX can restock,
Most of the new shops are seasonal products
It will not be replenished in the near future, and you must start quickly when you see what you like to eat!

Want to close the order? 50 price masks for epidemic prevention
Was $ 49, Only for the current price$ 29.90, Don't miss it!
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(Recently due to the delay of usps logistics pickup,The logistics update time limit may be extended after shipment,During the epidemic, please understand the uncontrollable factors)

Gu Xiang Crab Sauce

It's coming to the crab season in the late summer and early autumn

A few days ago, the proprietress's friends from Jiangsu and Zhejiang came to ask

Where can I buy the bald butter she misses?

Thinking of the crab paste and crab yellow noodles I have eaten before traveling,

The boss lady is also greedy...

Tuyuan Flavor

Fresh bald butter is still a bit difficult

However, this new product

The store has arranged for youGu Xiang Crab Sauce~

Featured crabs from deep sea fishing

The full crab yolk is freshly processed!

Canned Crab SauceIt's super easy to eat

Bibimbap, Bibimbap, sushi rolls, pasta

Or use cooking skills to comeCrab Tofu, All delicious!

productThe main ingredient is crab yellow.Seafood taste is relatively heavy

Friends who love this bite must love

Not suitable for friends with seafood allergies

(Remember to put in the refrigerator after opening the lid!)

I have you hand-made noodles

Bring the Queen Queen recommended

I have you net red noodles

Arrival of the storeShallot oilRefreshing pepperTwo flavors

The highlight of this noodle is the noodle cake

In addition to flour + water + saltNo addition

Handmade noodles, naturally proof

Plus dried noodles made from 8 hours of sun

Zero frying is healthier,

At the same timePreserve the taste of noodles~

Refreshing hot pepper and spicy noodles

Fairy combination of sesame paste + vine pepper oil

A second to save the house's taste buds

Scallion and pepper noodles

Suitable for non-spicy friends

Melted chives oil + special soy sauce package

Just cook for 5-8 minutes

You can eat delicious~

(The arrival of the shop is new packaging, the following picture shall prevail)

Portable BBQ + Weilong/Old Changsha Stinky Tofu

The proprietress of the canteen last weekendPro test
This barbecue grill is easy to install, simple and convenient
The barbecue meat is full, the charcoal fire is still hot,
So, the boss lady looked at the warehouseStinky Tofu
Evil little hand outstretched

Weilong stinky tofu is salty and fresh, cumin has a strong aroma
After roasting, Really greedy the kid next door!
Old Changsha smelly tofu is relatively light
The beans have a strong flavor and chewy
After baking, I silently brushed a layer of sauce
momentRestore roadside stalls! Happy!

Safe to use oven, Suitable for playing with the whole family~
(Poke link to see grill details)
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Le Jifu Hip-Hop Shrimp

First, let everyone feelThis packaging

As big as my pillow,

It's so cool to hug in the arms while chasing the drama

Opening is tangyStrong fragrance "sea flavour".

36% containing shrimpIt is a shrimp slice that can taste the taste of real shrimp!

It’s just one piececan not stop

the most important isOverdose.

Also designed intimatelyRepeat opening and closingsealing strip

👇 Scan the QR code to place a shrimp slice as big as a pillow👇

Sabre Volcano Cookies

Skin slightlyShortening, Invaded and wetsoft

You can taste every biteThick and sweet~

Independent small package don't worry about opening is not fresh

Mango cranberry flavor

Just the right fruity aroma and soft taste,

sour and sweetIs the little fairy's favorite

Egg milk coconut flavor

My favorite is that soft and delicateSweet taste.

👇Scan the QR code to place a fairy cookie👇

Xiaohe Amoy Fresh Noodle Series

useHandmade semi-fresh noodles.

Tastes better than regular instant noodlesSmooth ribsMuch~

Spicy seafood flavorIt's just four words, fresh and spicy!

If you have time, cut some crab sticks and ham sausages in.

A bowl of "fresh" instant noodles can also be super satisfying

Spicy vine pepperThe one you missed for a long timeAuthentic Sichuan flavor

Hot and sourSesame and ground peanuts in the package

Plus a packSoul balsamic vinegar, Sour and enjoyable

I was hungry at noon/night for a bowl of this hot noodle soup,

The happiness of the house comes naturally!

👇Scan QR code to get the freshest instant noodles👇

Dingdong Bear Grassland Fresh Milk Cake

The taste of childhood memories, Li Jiaqi's live broadcast burst

Use fresh nutrition within 24 hoursPrairie Fresh Milk.

Without water and flavor, pure milk flavor + wheat flavor

The taste is crunchy and thick, The sweetness is just right~

A full mention of 800g (about 30 packets)

Wake up with milk in the morning, it is both full and delicious!

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Zhenghong Rich Natto Enzyme Biscuit

Specially addedNatto Enzyme, High nutritional value,

RichCelluloseIngredients can enhance gastrointestinal function,

Its natto component can help regulate blood sugar,

Is aHealthy and deliciousSnacks

👇Scan QR code to get healthy enzyme breakfast cake👇

Other delicious food

In addition to these, the shop has other delicious food to order!Green Ridge hand peeled roasted walnuts, Healthy low-calorie snacks~Wei Long Shredded Vegetarian Meat, Recover your childhood feel in an instant;Taitung Qingze Salted Egg Yolk Rolls, Classic collocation, low-speed inventory to start; and net redVietnamese Lipo Egg Breakfast Cookies;Jianghu hot and sour powder; The most authentic all over the webFamous butter hot pot base, Help your home eat and drink!
Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,
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There is sufficient stock of protective masks in the canteen + price reduction!

ThisChangzhou JiayiLivingMasks.
Three layers of protection, qualified quality inspection
To support everyone's return to work,
Reduced price of 50 protective masks in the canteen
Was $ 49,right nowOnly $ 29.90
Need quick hoarding, also suitable for standing together at home~
Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,
👇Scan the QR code to wait for you to store food and goods 👇
(Regarding the mailing of all products: due to epidemic reasons, the shipping staff has been reduced for security reasons, and the usps pickup time is unstable, and the tracking status update is slower than usual. After the package shows the shipment, if there is no tracking update for a long time, Please wait patiently, delivery during isolation,Please understand the uncontrollable factors.
Delivery timeliness of pure flavor and lomei: in the current special period, it is expected to be sent out within 3-4 working days after the order is placed. The final receipt date is subject to the information of the postal company. Please inquire in time.If you have an urgent order, you can also email to consult the self-pay postage service.If there are any product quality problems caused during transportation, please contact customer service
Please scan the code and pay attention to the public number of the store
👇We will inform you as soon as it is new 第一
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