Hoarding food on weekends, Meizhou Dongpo sausage, Guxiang crab sauce, pepper and hemp noodles, noodle chef Wuhan hot dry noodles, Taiwan taro egg yolk flow heart crisp!

Hoarding food on weekends, Meizhou Dongpo sausage, Guxiang crab sauce, pepper and hemp noodles, noodle chef Wuhan hot dry noodles, Taiwan taro egg yolk flow heart crisp!

The commissary sells new products recently!

Crab sauce, Wei Ya recommends pepper and sesame noodles
Noodle Chef Wuhan Hot Dry Noodle
Taiwan Dajiashi Egg Yolk Cake!
All are popular in the domestic ticket circle Taobao Internet celebrity
Let you be in North America, so you don’t have to envy other friends~
Tips for the boss lady:
Recently I have received many private messages asking if XXX can replenish the goods,
Most of the new shops are seasonal products
No replenishment will be made soon after sold out. If you like to eat, you must start quickly!
Want to make an order? Anti-epidemic mask + disinfectant hand sanitizer price cut
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(Recently due to the delay of usps logistics pickup,The logistics update time limit may be extended after shipment,During the epidemic, please understand the uncontrollable factors)

Noodle Chef Wuhan Hot Dry Noodle
With the restart of Wuhan, domesticA wave of "hot dry noodles".
We in North America can finally arrange it!
The bosses specially purchased
BeThe squad is forced to push by members of WuhanOf
Noodle Chef Wuhan Hot Dry Noodle.White sesameMiscellaneous sauceTwo flavors
No matter the sauce or the ingredients, the noodle chef has achieved the ultimate
Opt forAlkaline noodles for hot dry noodles.
thickStrong and flexible, The taste really has nothing to say!
Sesame sauce made from ancient stone.
Neither dry nor thin, not to mention anything mixed,
JustPure sesame fragrance~
It tastes like domestic handmade products~
Fermented in the old altar and fried in a small potSour bean.
Sour and crunchy.
It tastes like capers made by my mother of chef!

Anyone who likes spicy food must pour its oily pepper

Secretly made of more than ten kinds of spices,Not only is it spicy but also very layered!

The taste of white sesame sauce is the most classic and authentic.
Crayfish from Wuhan squad forced to push
This time the team also purchased a small amountMixed sauce
Added to the classicPork Belly Bun, More satisfied~
Interested friends may wish to try it!
There are not many miscellaneous sauces in stock at present, I want to eat it quickly!

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Taiwan Dajiashi Egg Yolk Cake
Taiwanese Taro Pastry
It can be said that the taro is used to the extreme
ThisDajiashi Taro Flow Heart Crisp.
Known as the best flavored snack of the year,
Is also the hottest in the past two yearsTaiwan souvenirs!
This oneMaterial selection is very particular!
Select fresh Dajia betel nut taro,
Hand-made with premium ingredients such as New Zealand anhydrous butter~
The puff pastry is soft and creamy
InvaginatedTaro sticks and sticks.
Strong taro flavor,Just good and sweet~
The egg yolk is oily and has a light salty fragrance,
Take a sip,Rich tasteI'm absolutely satisfied
Boss has a big brain once again
Refer to Liuxin Mooncake, this one bites for 15 seconds in a microwave oven
Will it be a new level of fairy taste?

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Xiaobai feels soft

Xiaobai feels so hot as soon as she puts on the shelves
The small pockets of yellow peach and lactic acid flavors are currently sold out
There is also a small amount of sea salt cheese sandwich toast
Friends who want to eat should hurry up
Sea salt cheese sandwich toastAlso soft fufu~
Meet the tastes of domestic partners,Cheese flavor is not too strong
But that slightly saltyMilky fragrance is very attractive.
I can’t help but taste one bite after another,
Just like my love for sea salt cheese milk gai
This match is very sultry~
A whole box of 420g, there are about 10, more affordable.
Whether it’s staying home or going out to work/play,
I’m hungry and weary, it’s delicious and anti-hungry~
(The boss’s tip: The shelf life of this product is only 60 days.
Due to transportation reasons, this batch of Xiaobai feels that the shelf life is nearer
The sea salt cheese flavor expires in 7.28,Special price $14.99 a box
Please consume as soon as you receive)
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Gu Xiang Crab Sauce

It's coming to the crab season in the late summer and early autumn

A few days ago, the proprietress's friends from Jiangsu and Zhejiang came to ask

Where can I buy the bald butter she misses?

Thinking of the crab paste and crab yellow noodles I have eaten before traveling,

The boss lady is also greedy...

Tuyuan Flavor

Fresh bald butter is still a bit difficult

However, this new product

The store has arranged for youGu Xiang Crab Sauce~

Featured crabs from deep sea fishing

The full crab yolk is freshly processed!

Canned Crab SauceIt's super easy to eat

Bibimbap, Bibimbap, sushi rolls, pasta

Or use cooking skills to comeCrab Tofu, All delicious!

productThe main ingredient is crab yellow.Seafood taste is relatively heavy

Friends who love this bite must love

Not suitable for friends with seafood allergies

(Remember to put in the refrigerator after opening the lid!)

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With you, pepper and sesame noodles

Bring the Queen Queen recommended

I have you net red noodles

Arrival of the storeShallot oilRefreshing pepperTwo flavors

The highlight of this noodle is the noodle cake

In addition to flour + water + saltNo addition

Handmade noodles, naturally proof

Plus dried noodles made from 8 hours of sun

Zero frying is healthier,

At the same timePreserve the taste of noodles~

Refreshing hot pepper and spicy noodles

Fairy combination of sesame paste + vine pepper oil

A second to save the house's taste buds

Scallion and pepper noodles

Suitable for non-spicy friends

Melted chives oil + special soy sauce package

Just cook for 5-8 minutes

You can eat delicious~

(The arrival of the shop is new packaging, the following picture shall prevail)

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Meizhou Dongpo Sausage Salty

Canteen Meizhou Dongpo Sausage Replenishment
Very appropriateThe proportion of fat and lean,Neither wood nor greasy.
throughSpecial fermentation process, Fat is especiallyFragrant
When you are too lazy to cook, just heat the sausage and slice it,
Yard is on the plateWonderful cold cutsLah ~

Special share with the bossFavorite way to eat.

Spread sausage slices on steamed rice,
Top it with light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, white pepper,
Salt, sugar, sesame oil, a little purified water
SauceSimmer for 20 minutes
With braised egg and lightly cooked vegetables,
A bowl of strong and fragrantQuick claypot riceIt's finished
See you here!
Don’t hesitate, prepare snacks/fast food for yourself,
Start a wonderful summer with eating and drinking~
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Other delicious food

In addition to these, the shop has other delicious food to order!Wei Long Shredded Vegetarian Meat, Recover your childhood feel in an instant;Taitung Qingze Salted Egg Yolk Rolls, Classic collocation, not much stock to start quickly; Sabulei volcanoSandwich Cookies; XiaohetaoFresh smooth noodles; The most authentic all over the webFamous butter hot pot base, Help your home eat and drink!
Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,
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Inventory of protective masks + alcohol hand sanitizer
Price reduction!

ThisChangzhou JiayiLivingMasks.
Three layers of protection, qualified quality inspection
To support everyone's return to work,
Reduced price of 50 protective masks in the canteen
Was $ 49,right nowOnly $ 29.90

Alcohol disinfectant hand sanitizer

(100ml / 500ml)


500 mlPack a large bottle suitable for home use

Single bottleOriginal price $ 29.99 Current priceFor $ 15.99

3 bottleBuy together,Original Price $ 77.91 Current priceFor $ 41.99

Need quick hoarding, also suitable for standing together at home~

Holding a mobile computer and strolling to the store,
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(Regarding the mailing of all products: due to epidemic reasons, the shipping staff has been reduced for security reasons, and the usps pickup time is unstable, and the tracking status update is slower than usual. After the package shows the shipment, if there is no tracking update for a long time, Please wait patiently, delivery during isolation,Please understand the uncontrollable factors.
Delivery timeliness of pure flavor and lomei: in the current special period, it is expected to be sent out within 3-4 working days after the order is placed. The final receipt date is subject to the information of the postal company. Please inquire in time.If you have an urgent order, you can also email to consult the self-pay postage service.If there are any product quality problems caused during transportation, please contact customer service info@chunweius.com)
Please scan the code and pay attention to the public number of the store
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