Biden takes office today! LA riots and protests are not over yet, let's buy Korean barbecue and cheap restaurant dishes at home!

Los Angeles time this morning (1/20)

President-elect Biden and Vice President Harris

Finally came to Capitol Hill in Washington DC

Participated in the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States.

At 8:30 in the morning, Capitol Hill started

Presidential inauguration.

At 9 o'clock, the president and vice president began to take the oath.

Today, in order to ensure that the inauguration ceremony can be held normally and safely,

20000 National Guards arrived in the capital,

The venue for the event was partially blocked to ensure safety.

Although we are far away in Southern California,

But the protests about the new president did not end

Los Angeles police are ready to respond

Possible protests and riots.

After a year of home life

I'm not afraid to stay at home for a few more days

But fortunately, we still have Weee!

Don’t go out to the supermarket queuing tremblingly,

No need to carry big bags in the cold wind,

Weee is here to deliver the supermarket to your home.

The latest affordable restaurant dishes

Different from ordering

Weee can take your restaurant dishes and

Daily necessities, snacks and convenience food

Eggs, fruits and vegetables are delivered to your door!

The latest restaurant dishes

All are in the hearts of Southern Californians

Haige Datong Maocai

As an old store that everyone loves

Famous Sichuan flavor

[Haige] In addition to the most famous lo-mei and skewers

Although I can’t go to the store to eat skewers,

But Haige introduced family-friendly


Plenty of raw materials inside 

A bucket of assorted vegetables,

Enough for the whole family, it's very good!

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Steamed Spare Ribs

Steamed pork ribs is definitely a hard dish to heal the soul

The ribs are wrapped in rice noodles

Soft but chewy but slightly spicy

This is the Sichuan-style ribs I am looking forward to!

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Yao Kee Rose Milk Tea

Yao Ji has too many delicious milk teas,

Whether it’s thick stockings milk tea or fruit tea,

This time Weee! brings everyone

It's rose milk tea

With the rich fragrance of the rose, the scent is left in the mouth.

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Hemei Pasta Restaurant

Steaming, crispy multi-layered meatloaf

Whether it's served with porridge or hot soup

All super cured

Don’t you plan to keep it at home?

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Chaozhou Braised Duck Platter

Classic Teochew brine taste

Fresh and salty, with plenty of ingredients,

The little friends who have eaten say so ⬇️

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Meow Meow

The people of LA who love to eat grilled fish all know Meow Meow,

Especially their family created LA

"Chongqing gluttonous paper-wrapped fish"First of its kind.

Inside the swollen oil paper bag,

Steamed and grilled with fresh and tender Qingjiang fish and black cod.

There are also classic grilled fish in various flavors!

In Weee, you can not only buy

Classic signature grilled fish set meal

You can also buy all kinds of side dishes that are convenient to eat at home!

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Yucake 10 pieces of mixed flavors

YuCake's Mille Cake

Whether it’s sweet and sour,

Fruity strawberry Melaleuca,

Classic matcha,

Rich soy milk

Still covered with pork floss,

Salty Melaleuca with a crispy taste

Adults don't make choices

I will give you all!10 random-flavored cake mixes

What are you waiting for?

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Korean barbecue, just eat "small fresh meat"!

Just from one Korean drama after another

You can know the status of barbecue in Korean cuisine

No matter what the goddess, the moment the barbecue is baked

All are willing to become the little captives under the delicious taste

Secret seasoning, oily and elastic, and saliva flowing across the screen

All kinds of meat suitable for barbecue are here

KBBO@HOME Fresh Korean pork belly does not contain antibiotics and is only fed with barley. It tastes delicious and is an indispensable delicacy for Korean barbecue. It will sizzle on the grill for a while, and the outside is charred and the inside is tender.

KBBQ@HOME Fresh hot pot beef slices Thin slices of meat, ready to be cooked hot pot/barbecue are suitable for fresh and tender, endless aftertaste

KBBQ@HOME Fresh Boneless Beef Ribs. The beef ribs with rich snow patterns are cut into thin slices. The grilled meat will soon be cooked, and it will sizzle, and the house is full of butter, even without any seasoning. Fatty

KBBQ@HOME Fresh Asado-style beef ribs. The lean and fat beef ribs are definitely good ingredients for stewing and grilling. Meat with bones is more vigorous and rich in taste, charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and full of fragrance.

There are delicious meats waiting for you...

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In addition to the restaurant dishes mentioned above,

Weee also brings more American supermarket selections

Easy for everyone to choose

Natural hardwood smoked bacon

Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Spaghetti with Tomato Meat Sauce Sauce + Noodles

Lezhi Original Biscuit

There are more American supermarket products waiting for you to discover...

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Seeing that someone wants to ask here,

I don't like to cook,

Only love takeaway,

Don’t worry, Weee has launched

Takeaway Hot Delivery + Dessert + Daily Combo Pack!

Whether it’s hot takeaway or sweet cake baking,

Or daily necessities, Weee can help youDeliver it to your door!

What are you waiting to see here?

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In Los Angeles this hot and cold winter,

Weee pampers you

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