Eat Jenny cookies, pink pineapples, and have a chance to win the Hawaii two-person tour! Los Angeles' 520 is absolutely unforgettable

! ! !High energy ahead! ! !

To celebrate the arrival of 520

To become a better pet fan machine

Weee!Bringing another wave of 520 benefits

such as$3.99 to redeem the internet celebrity pink pineapple,

Jenny cookies you can buy without queuing

75% off all baked desserts and cakes

Free lottery for two people in Hawaii...

Too much, you can only feel it by yourself~

Newcomer exclusive big red envelope

 Newbies get $35 off with purchases of $10 or more! 

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You must poke this QR code to get benefits~

Valentine's Day is going to be sweet

 520 on the day 

All bakery categories are directly discounted, with special discounts starting at 75%~

Taiwan【Guo Yuanyi】Gold Award Pineapple Cake 25%OFF

25% off handmade milk dates,

25% OFF both Target Cake and MangoMango

Letao cake 15% OFF etc.! 

Valentine's Day is going to be pink

Pink pineapple that is popular in the little red book

You can redeem it for $68 with a purchase of $3.99!

Time is limited from 5/17 to 5/19

Now or never!

520 Valentine's Day to have a romantic trip for two

Memorial Day Lottery Draw

Weee! Send youHawaiiSweet two-person tour!

✈️Air ticket + hotel🏨 send!give away!give away!

Sun, beach, hula...I’m coming~

(Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash)

There is also a smart massage chair worth $3000

Zojirushi rice cooker, Sulwhasoo skin set, gift card

More than 260 prizes will be drawn

Waiting for you to get it~

Get a lottery ticket for every purchase over $59

The more odd numbers, the more chances you will participate in the lottery!

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75% off baking series

Taiwan Hesheng Royal Products Flowery Mung Bean Yellow Gift Box

Hesheng Royal Products was founded in 1974 in Taipei City.

Founder Mr. Chen Changhe followed since childhoodThe Queen's Dim Sum ChefFu Wangfu learned more than a hundred kinds of authentic and delicious snacks.

The dim sum that can only be tasted in the palace in the past is passed down to the folks-mung bean yellow, Mai Wo Wo, and Fumiao Jujube are all his signature crafts.

This flowery mung bean yellow gift box is his favorite.The signature dessert mung bean yellow is perfectly fused with modern flavors such as original mochi, Japanese matcha, cranberry, etc., each small and exquisite mung bean yellow is rubbed intoThe collision of modern and ancient cultures.

 The mung bean yellow is exquisite and lovely, and the Morandi color scheme is full of high-end sense.The taste of original mochi Q is soft and dense, the Japanese matcha has a fragrance on the lips and teeth, and the cranberry is soft and delicate with a light fruity aroma~

Each one is a fascinating taste bomb~

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520% off for 75 same-day baking 

Taiwan【Guo Yuanyi】Gold Award Pineapple Cake 

What is the taste of the golden pineapple cake?Of course it's super delicious!

Using the traditional Taiwanese method-the combination of winter melon + pineapple, perfect matching ratio, hand boiled, fillingSmooth and sweet, full of fruity aroma.

The outer layer of meringue is inIt is crispy and has a bit of toughness at the same time, With a smooth and soft filling,Bite down, sweet and delicious.

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520% off for 75 same-day baking 

Taiwan【Guo Yuanyi】Taiwan Milk Tea Biscuit

A box of two flavors: brown sugar and milk tea.

The biscuits are crispy and scum, and the sweetness is just right.Brown sugar tastes with a strong burnt aroma, full of ancient flavor.The milk tea taste is elegant and fresh with a long tea fragrance in the milky fragrance.

Put the taste of brown sugar and milk tea together in your mouth and it becomes a cupMellow and sweet brown sugar milk tea, Don’t have a taste~

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520% off for 75 same-day baking 

Handmade Cheese Berry Berry Milk Date

Weee's handmade milk dates are too top!

Cheese Berry RaspberryPink and tender, Very cute.BiteSoft and soft, With the crispness of altar wood, and rich layers.The sweet and fruity scent of strawberry, coupled with the strong aroma of milk and nuts, can't stop one bite at all!

 Poke the following two-dimensionalcode 

520% off for 75 same-day baking 

Love Me Sweet Oreo Double Cheesecake

Oreo Double Cheesecake by Love Me Sweet

My favorite~

Oreo's added in cheesecakeA touch of crispness is added to the creamy and silky texture.The sweetness has the slight bitterness of chocolate, and the milky fragrance has the unique chocolate bitterness of Oreo cookies.The taste is rich, sweet but not greasy.

Mango Mango Durian Melaleuca

useGolden Pillow DurianMake,

You can smell the strong durian smell as soon as you open it.

The puff pastry is thin, soft and tough,

Layers of cream are delicate and silky,

Light taste.

Each layer is rich in durian pulp, and you can enjoy the unique sweet milk aroma of durian in every bite~

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520% off for 75 same-day baking 

LeTAO Double Cheesecake

LeTao’s signature cakes are authentic and taste the rich milky aroma of Hokkaido cheese.

The upper layer is half-cooked cheese made of Italian soft cheese and Hokkaido fresh cream, and the lower layer is the original chiffon cake that melts in your mouth. The layers are distinct and melt in your mouth.

You can also eat it after freezing. The frozen half-cooked cheese tastes like ice cream, silky and mellow, and you can’t eat it enough.

There is also chocolate double cheesecake, not to be missed~

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520% off for 75 same-day baking 



Forest Bee Garden Changbai Mountain Purple Tilia Honey

Honey from Tilia flowers in Changbai Mountain,

Through the layers of picking, selection, filtering, etc., it comes to hands~

Put it in a long bag and you can carry it with you.

One bag is the amount of one cup of honey water

It can also be put in oatmeal porridge, it is fresh, sweet and nutritious~

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Shinya Koso Shinya Enzyme

The latest gold limited edition, can eat for 30 days

Three major functions

Inhibit sugar absorption

Burn excess energy

Adjust easy-to-lean physique

Using fresh enzyme freeze-drying technology and adding ginger, it is especially suitable for girls who are prone to cold hands and feet!

At the same time, add turmeric and active enzyme amountUp 150%.More effective than the old one!

 Poke the following two-dimensionalCode buy buy buy 

Refa caxa ray facial beauty instrument

Be calledHermes in the beauty instrument, Refa Beauty Apparatus has landed on Weee!

Using solar micro-current technology to replicate the massage and kneading techniques of professional beauticians, it can significantly reduce swelling and distortion of the fascia.Get a small V face easily~

The shape of ReFa CAXA Ray is calculated and designed by designers. No matter what kind of face shape, it can fit your facial contour, and it fits you highly.Enjoy a beauty salon-level treatment experience at home!

 Poke the following two-dimensionalCode buy buy buy 

Mysterious Beauty Spree

Mysterious beauty spree, from lotion to lip balm to facial mask,

The total value is more than $150,

You can buy it for only $29.99!

Brand products are all random, bring youSurprise like opening a blind box!

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SK-II Fairy Water Skin Care Essence Day Edition

SK-II fairy water must be familiar to everyone~

Known as You Pi's mother, I take one shot every night,

Wake up in the morning moisturized and refreshed, oil production is well controlled.

Long-term use can brighten the skin from the inside to the outside~

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Snacks are coming

Jenny Cookie Bear Cookies

The souvenirs you must bring every time you go to Hong Kong, you can now eat them in the United States!No need to line up, it will be too fragrant to be delivered to your door!

(Picture from Weee! Posting list)

A heavy box, you can smell the butter when you open the lid!

LikeWalked into a French Bakery~

The biscuits are crispy and melted as soon as you squeeze them.

The mouth is full of milk and butter!

(Picture from Weee! Posting list)

The coffee flavor is layered with a rich coffee bean aroma on the basis of the milky aroma,

You won’t get tired of eating half a box at a time!

 Poke the following two-dimensionalCode buy buy buy 

Sheng Xiangzhen Hello Kitty French Pie

The girl with pink and tender appearance is full of heart!

Perfect for Valentine's Day to please girls!

(Picture from Weee! Posting list)

The biscuits come in chocolate and strawberry flavors. They are very thin and crisp.

One bite and full of sweet aroma~

 Poke the following two-dimensionalCode buy buy buy 

Full of benefits~ Buy one get one free snacks!

Buy two pizzas get one free!Buy two get one free for Korean food!

Morning tea series buy three get one free!


About Weee!

Who are Weee?

The first stop of Chinese life Weee!

Since its establishment in 2015

Rapidly growing to become the largest in North America

Fastest growing Asian and Hispanic fresh food e-commerce

A leader in the proper industry

Fruits and vegetables picked early in the morning

Send it straight to Weee!Distribution center

Delivered to your home that afternoon

The reserve price of the whole network,

Every day there is a bug price spike

There are lottery, redemption and other value-added activities

Keep your wool stalking

And reliable and fast logistics services

Disinfection and masks must not be missing

Order on the same day and the next day

Delivered every day, seven days a week!

In Weee!Only you can't think of

Without you can't buy it!

 · Weee! · 

ps: The full text picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product




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