Teach you how to roast turkey, and a guide to Wal-Mart’s $20 Thanksgiving set meal

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Alright, let’s move on to the topic below. The team has brought a basic guide for roast turkey recipes this time. It’s time for the beautiful chefs to show their power!
Making turkey
Ingredients preparation
1. A turkey. Fresh refrigeration is best, Costco has. If you can only buy frozen turkey, many people recommend ButterBall.
Sea salt
3. 2 lemons
4. 2-3 onions
5. 1 orange
6. 1 pinch of celery
7. 1-2 pieces of butter
8. 5 rosemary
9. Black pepper
Production steps
1. Thaw
If it is frozen turkey, put it in the refrigerator three days in advance. In theory, the defrosting time in the refrigerator is determined by the weight of the turkey. Generally speaking, every 5 pounds takes 24 hours, so a 15-pound turkey takes 3 full days.
If you need to defrost quickly, it is best to leave a full day. Soak the frozen turkey in cold water (without opening the bag) and change the water every 30 minutes, about 0.5 hours per pound.
2. Pickled
For a behemoth like turkey, if you want the turkey meat to be delicious and juicy, marinating it is a very important step. Here are two methods:
(1) Wet salt method
Simply put, it is to submerge the turkey in salt water to allow it to absorb the salt. First, find the container for the turkey and completely submerge the turkey, then pour it in salt water, seal it with a lid or plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours.
The proportion of salt water is 1 quart (4 cups) corresponding to 4 teaspoons (tablespoons) salt. If you want more flavor, you can also add some ginger, or lemon, a small sprig of rosemary or thyme. For Chinese taste, adding pepper is also very delicious, let your imagination run wild!

In this step, the most difficult thing should be to find a large enough container! If the turkey is not big, you can consider using a rice cooker liner. I bought a slow cooker at my home, and the size is very suitable. If you don’t have a large container at home, please see the dry salt method below!
(2) Pickled by dry salt method
Take out the refrigerated turkey and dry it with kitchen paper. Spread the turkey with coarse salt both inside and outside. Generally, 5 teaspoon (tablesppon) of coarse salt is required for every 1 pounds of meat. Many people will first stir-fry coarse sea salt and pepper to make pepper salt, which has a more delicious flavor!
Use salt and peppercorns in equal parts and fry them on low heat to make slightly yellow, then filter out the peppercorns with a sieve, leaving sea salt to coat the whole turkey. Those who are not afraid of trouble may wish to try it. After spreading the salt in this way, wrap the turkey in tin foil or plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days to let it taste completely.
3. Roasted Turkey
Disassemble the wrapping paper on the turkey and let it dry in the refrigerator. The coarse salt on the surface is absorbed into the turkey skin.
4. Fill in butter and spices
Use 1-2 pieces of butter (you can also switch to unsalted butter with flower pepper salt), soften at room temperature, add thick black pepper, fresh rosemary and a little olive oil, etc., stir well.
Separate the chicken skin from the chicken by hand, spread the butter into the chicken skin, and slowly push the butter until it is even. Chicken legs and wings can spread butter evenly on the skin.
5. Filler
Cut the onion, celery into cubes, whole garlic, lemon, orange, etc. into the turkey. Among them, lemon and orange need to be poked with a fork to make it smell.
6. baking
(1) Place the grill 1/3 from the bottom and preheat the oven to 450F.
(2) Pour 2 Cup of water into the baking dish. Place the marinated roast chicken on a baking sheet with the chicken breasts facing up. Reduce oven temperature to 350F. If it wasn't marinated, it would be fine to apply coarse salt to the whole turkey.
(3) Wrap the roast chicken with tin foil. If it is a grill, it is as shown below. In the case of a baking pan, you need to wrap the baking pan with the turkey.
(5) Take out the turkey every 45 minutes, and brush the surface of the turkey with the juice (don’t lose the last turkey juice, this is the raw material for the delicious turkey sauce). This can slow down the roasting speed, so that the temperature of the chicken legs and wings is basically the same as the temperature of the chicken breast.
(6) In the last half hour, remove the foil and roast the turkey until golden and crispy.
(7) To confirm that the turkey is roasted, you need to test that the temperature of the three turkeys is not less than 165F: chicken breast, chicken thigh outside and chicken thigh inside. (See picture) If it is lower than this temperature, it should be baked for another 20 minutes, and other baked parts should be covered with tin foil to avoid over-baking.

(8) Take out the turkey. You can lift the turkey at an angle and let the juice cover the chicken again.
Turkey cutting
Move the turkey to the cutting pan. Cut the chicken wings and thighs first, then the chicken breasts.

Tips: If the turkey cannot be eaten at a time and needs to be refrigerated, please put it in the refrigerator within two hours of baking.
Make turkey sauce
The turkey is done, then the next step is to make the delicious turkey sauce Gravy! There are actually many ways to make traditional turkey sauce, here is one of the simplest and most convenient quick methods.
1. 1/4 cup of turkey juice top slick (a little)
2. 1 cup all-purpose flour
3. 1-2 cups of broth or water
4. Salt and pepper
5. Other ingredients can also include: a little sherry or red wine, a teaspoon of rosemary or sage (all kinds of spices you like and add what)
1. Pour the turkey juice left in the pan into a bowl and let cool for a while.
2. Remove most of the oil slick above. Take these juices and boil over high heat. Add some water or other broth as appropriate. Add 1/4 cup of flour (the ratio of flour to water is 1: 8), turn to low heat, and stir to blend.
3. When the sauce is thick, add black pepper. If you feel salty, add some salt.
4. The perfect sauce with turkey is done.
Recipe information and pictures are organized from the Internet
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