Summer "cold" knowledge | 12 types of ice cream commonly found in the United States, are Dairy/Gelato/Soft Serve still indistinct?

I feel that this summer is coming very fast
The temperature rises unexpectedly
I have started hoarding mineSummer essentials——Ice cream
There must be a 3456 bucket in the refrigerator
You have to eat more when you go out

I believe everyone is the same
But after eating ice cream for so many years
Do you really understand?
Ice cream is not just the difference between vanilla and chocolate
This article is for everyone to popularize scienceDifferent kinds of ice cream

Dairy Ice Cream
The most common ice cream.creamIs an essential raw material that makes ice cream specialSmooth, Dense.

Such as the most commonVanilla flavors of Haagen-Dazs.Strawberry flavor;
Most flavors of Ben & JerryIt's all this ice cream.

Different flavors just add some different ingredients, but the bases are allChange soup without changing medicine.

soft serve
This kind of "soft ice cream" is actuallyvery common, But maybe when you eatDidn't realize.It’s not available in supermarkets, generally inamusement park.CarnivalOr variousmarketIt’s very common.

McDonald's cylinderIt belongs to soft serve.Must useSpecial machine mixing in advanceThat's all right.More than ordinary ice creamSense of air.Softer.

Gelato is a relatively common ice cream, most people should know it isItalian ice cream, But do you guys know the difference? What is used in GelatomilkInstead of cream, so the taste will be better than ordinary ice creamSmoother.Lighter.Not easy to get tired.

have insideNo egg yolk added,and soThe shaping ability will be weaker, That’s why the ice cream in the gelato shop looks like pots of cream, andIt's also faster.

Its airiness is very low in all ice creams, giving people a textureDenseIt feels very delicious and one of my favorite ice cream types.The taste is also very rich, such asPistachio flavor, Can be regarded as the signature flavor of Italian ice cream.

Ice pop/population 
Usually milk orWater as a baseThe ice cream will taste like a piece of ice.The most commonly eaten in China"Old Popsicles"It is the most standard Popsicle.This isEasiest to do it at homeof.

Pour lemon soda, orange juice, grape juice and the like into a mold and freeze it into popsicles. You can also add a little fruit of your choice, such as blueberries and kiwis.Very relieved of heat, It is also very refreshing, and the fat content is also very low, you don't have to worry about calories when you eat.

Sorbet Ice Cream
Chinese also calledXue Xuan, Is completelyNo dairy productsKind of ice cream.General raw materials only include新鲜 水果.Wed,withsugar, Sometimes a little egg white is added to make the taste a little smoother.

Thanks sorbetVery refreshingMany western restaurants will use it as a "palatte cleanser" between the appetizer and the main dish to remove the taste of the previous dish left in the mouth.The production method is not difficult, and alsoCan do it at home.


In terms of taste and ingredientsAnd sorbet are very similar.Just added a little bitmilk, The content is in1%-3%between.In some places, the two may be confused, but they are actually different. Sherbet's taste willSmoother,Eat upLess grainy.

frozen yoghurt
Frozen yogurt is actually the same as ordinary ice creamThe recipe is basically the sameof,Lower fat contentSo eat itRefreshing tastea little.And yogurt is added, so it tastes like yogurt.

In the United States, it’s still very hot now. All kinds of toppings that seem to be dark by the Americans can actually be used. If you haven’t tried itGummy BearIt is recommended to try it, unexpectedly delicious.


traditionalIndian ice cream, Used a lot ofMilk and spicesHeated and stirred.There is a similarThe taste of condensed milk, The taste is very thick, and it is generally made into a shape similar to popsicles.

Ice cream

ThisTurkish ice creamIt's amazing, with orchid stem powder and foreign frankincense added in it.Orchid stalk powder is a bit similar to tapioca powder, which is used in various videos and drinks in Turkey, while foreign frankincense is a kind of resin, and both are available.ThickenThe role.

So Turkish ice creamSeems to have added marshmallowsAmong them, there is a littleSticky feeling. butNeed constant stirringIn order to maintain a good taste, so generally it can only beShopIn, orBig gatheringBuy it online.

Really mellow and fragrant,I highly recommend everyone to try.


Italian originA kind of ice cream, mainly usedWater, sugarVarious flavoring agentsconsist of.Regardless of appearance or taste, and domesticShaved iceThey all have the same tricks but the same work.The taste and texture issimpleYes, it can't be said to be amazing.

The outer layer isSoft and waxy glutinous rice skin, Inside is ice-cold ice cream.The domestic translation is "Dafu" or "Mochi", but the domestic fillings are usually cream or red bean paste and other fillings at room temperature, which are very greasy to eat.

American mochi generally refers to ice cream.Not greasy at all, Whole foods mochi for $2 apiece and Trader Joe's mini mochi are regular customers in my freezer.Black sesameThe mochi is delicious and not dark at all. I recommend everyone to try it.


This probably isAmerican favoriteOne kind.When I first arrived in the United States, I was crazy about it. I really want to thank the people who invented the ice cream sandwich.

The creamy and creamy ice cream between the two cookies is really a treat, but it is alsoReally sweet.RealThermal bomb, A luxury for people who lose weight.

What is your favorite ice cream in summer?
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