There will be no one who hasn't bought clothes at Costco, right?

I believe that friends in the Bay Area are no strangers to Costco, and "shopping once a week" may even have become a living habit of many people.

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How fragrant is Costco?

4.99 knives of online celebrity roast chicken that never rises in price, kitchen paper wrapped higher than people, always cheap gasoline, and 1.5 knives of hot dogs for each person in the rest area...Super large amount of packaging and outrageously low price, stock up Two or three purchases can be worth the one-year membership price.

Costco's membership-based operating model has been very successful

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Costco has contracted many people's daily groceries and daily necessities, but if you think you can only buy these at Costco, you will look down on it.Like... have you ever bought clothes at Costco?

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In addition to its own brand Kirkland, Costco's clothing section can also find products from well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Champion.Most of the clothes are folded and stacked together, and sometimes they are turned into a mess, making it difficult to stop and stop like when passing by a retail store window.

Last year, Costco re-stocked the Hunter rain boots, and they were quickly sold out.

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Many people, like Kelly Davis, have never stopped in the piled clothes section of Costco.She said in an interview with The Washington Post that she "used to think that this was something mothers would do."But in the end, a Jessica dress for only $13 opened the door to her new world.

Costco's clothing shelves (source USA Today)

An undeniable fact is that more and more people choose to buy clothes at Costco.According to the Washington Post report, in 2019 alone, Costco's clothing and shoes turnover exceeded 70 billion, far surpassing Old Navy, Ralph Lauren and other well-known clothing brands, and has become the eighth largest clothing retailer in the United States.

"I am proud to say that for a while all the clothes on my body came from Costco!" Terrence Yang made a wave of "hard advertising" in response to questions from Quora netizens about Costco. Reddit is also starting to see more and more discussions about buying clothes at Costco.

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On Tiktok, nearly 20 fans will wait for @CostcoCouture's latest Amway, and the search keyword "Costco clothing finds" has also exceeded XNUMX billion views.The Chinese friends are naturally not far behind—opening the little red book, the bloggers are showing off the jackets and hoodies they bought from Costco, and they are gathering at the "end of fashion".

An Amway video of home slippers has been played more than 40 times

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What makes people look at Costco's clothing shelves?

Various factors have pushed Costco to the forefront of the fashion industry, but the most attractive thing is definitely the approachable price.According to data provided by the Washington Post, Costco strictly controls clothing profits below 15%.

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Compared with the CK and Tommy Hilfiger flagship stores, where a single product costs hundreds of dollars, the price of Costco will undoubtedly be acceptable to more people.Generally, tops and pants are around 20 dollars, and jackets and down jackets rarely exceed XNUMX dollars, and there are often promotions and membership benefits.

It’s hard not to be tempted by the low price (picture source Today)

Such a price has caused many shoppers to inadvertently lower their psychological expectations for the clothes themselves, and they have "really fragrant" after a purchase.With an inflation rate close to 9%, many people have begun to spend more money on their lives.

In addition to being cheap, the convenience of one-stop shopping is also a magic weapon for Costco to attract customers. Yen Pang also once refused to buy clothes at Costco, but this idea gradually changed with the birth of her daughter. "It's really convenient to solve shopping needs in one place," she told the reporter of refinery29, "and you can also buy good quality and cheap clothes here."

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The new crown epidemic has also quietly affected all of this-as home office has become a continuation of life mode, Costco has also been able to take advantage of its convenient online shopping and loose return policy.In addition, working from home also means that people's demand for clothing has turned more to comfort and practicality.Buying affordable branded clothing at Costco has naturally become the choice of many people.

Do you also dress like this when you work from home?

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Despite all the convenience, negative reviews about buying clothes at Costco have never been less.Netizen Mark Brown complained that the clothes he bought at Costco often didn't fit.Netizen FinalBlackberry also commented on the Reddit community that Costco's size labels "seem to be different from normal clothing stores forever", and pointed out that even the smallest size is sometimes too large for girls.

These complaints are partly due to the fact that Costco does not provide a fitting room. If you only choose the size based on experience, there is a probability of "stepping on thunder".In addition, even if they are both CK or Tommy Hilfiger, Costco's supply is not the same as that of the directly-operated store, and the quality will be slightly worse.If you do not check carefully when purchasing, you may encounter quality problems, and it will take time and effort to return or exchange.

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Although there are recommendations for Costco clothing items on all major platforms, it does not mean that everyone can repurchase the same products.As Jennifer Maldonado, founder of the TikTok channel @CostcoCoutur, mentioned, she sometimes gets nothing because it all depends on what's available that day.Netizen Woody20164 also complained in his comments: "If you find the right one, you must buy more, because it will disappear next time you go!" In a sense, going to Costco to buy clothes has become an "adventure". There is a certain probability that people will be disappointed.

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While there are pros and cons, shopping for clothing at Costco may have crept into a possible option.If you have also had the experience of enriching your wardrobe at Costco, please leave a message in the comment area and share with everyone~

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