Musk, who has bloodbathed on Twitter: Nearly half of the employees will not come this Friday

Last week, Musk completed the official acquisition of Twitter.

In himWhile smiling and entering the building, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal) was fired on the spot and hurried out of Twitter’s headquarters building…  



Fire up Twitter executives

On his first day as CEO, Musk fired the top Twitter executives.


These include Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ned Segal, who joined Twitter in 2017, Vijaya Gadde, head of legal, policy and trust, and Sean Edgett, who has served as Twitter's general counsel since 2012.

According to Reuters, the three who were "fired" were given "golden parachute" clauses, and they could receive almost $2 million in "severance payments."


The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) website also released information on the same day that Twitter will be delisted at the end of the month.

The proud Musk entered Twitter, but it made employees panic.Many people are guessing himWhat will happen next "Big Earthquake".




Twitter layoffs are like "bloodbath"

Received "Death Mail" with a cool job

And just yesterday, the personnel "earthquake" really came...

go viral online,"Day of Suffering" for Twitter employees begins today, Friday, November 11th….

Pictures from netizens contributed

And this news has also been confirmed by the American media.

A lot of news posted that Twitter is about to lay off 50% of the workforce, and this tsunami of layoffs will begin this Friday...

Twitter employees will receive two different emails, according to what has been sent out internally.

AndThe way you receive the email can decide whether to stay or not.


1. Employees who keep their jobs will receive an email from theirwork email,

2. Those who have a cold job will receive an email informing them from theirPersonal Mailbox.

This exciting way is simply the same asSquid gamesame.

I'm too scared to touch my computer....

Some employees immediately said that they could no longer log in to their mailboxes.

Does this mean that layoffs have begun?

Of course, many netizens also said that this method is really "capitalist"

-Netizen: This Thanksgiving is so "thankful"

-Netizen: Life is really exciting...

-Netizen: Musk is really a ruthless person...

Dear friends, what do you think, have you been "bloodbathed" in this layoff?

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